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Team Information
LocationNorth America
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Dadslammers were created in November 2013. They went on to place 1st in the Mobafire Cup in December 2013 and played in the Challenger Series before being acquired by compLexity Gaming

In 2015 they reformed with a new roster of Challenger players to try and qualify again and compete in League One Powered by D!ngIt, where they came in 2nd


In December 2013, the original Dadslammers roster was formed, consisting of former LCS players Nk Inc and Evaniskus, and new comers Jezie, Goldenglue and Impactful. The teams first competitive tournament was the Mobafire Cup, which they placed 1st in in late 2013. With the announcement of Riot's North American Challenger Series, the team quickly ascended the Ranked 5's ladder, finishing 16th and qualifying for the 1st NA Spring Series Play-In. During their ranked 5's ladder grind, they became the first team in North America to take a game off of LMQ. In the first Play-In, the team changed their name to "Skyline" due to a ruling by Riot, which forced the team to change their name. Playing under the Skyline name, the team was able to defeat Team LoLPro and Tint Gaming to advance to the quarter-finals, where they shockingly 2-0'd Cloud 9 Tempest to advance to a Semi-Final showdown with LMQ. Before their match vs. LMQ, the team was picked up by compLexity Gaming, becoming compLexity Red and ending the first era of the Dadslammers.

2015 Season

Original roster member Impactful alongside former Coach Kublai "Kubz" Barlas resurrected the team, beginning tryouts a the start of the month. Mabrey eventually left, citing burn out as his main cause, leaving the new team with 0 active players from their original run. After several weeks of scrimming, the team officially announced their revival publicly on March 4th on twitter, revealing their current active roster, consisting of Akaadian, ShorterACE, DezX, xPecake and Lohpally.

On April 10th the team announced it would disband after playing the grand finals in League One Powered by D!ngIt whether they won or lost.





Player Roster



|- |Canada | Kubz |Kublai Barlas |Owner & Head Coach

|- |USA | |Ana Xjor |Manager

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2014-02-16 CS NA logo.png A33rd 2014 NA Spring Challenger Series #1 2 : 1 COGnitive Gaminglogo std.png COGnitive Gaming $ 3,000
In Minor, Monthly, and Weekly Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2015-03-09 A22nd League One Powered by D!ngIt 0 : 3 Cloud9 Tempestlogo std.png Cloud9 Tempest $ 1000
2013-12-16 A11st MOBAFire Community Cup NA December 1 : 0 Logo std2.png Bronzies OP $ 150