Clutch Arena 2

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Clutch Arena 2
League Information
Event TypeOffline
Event ServerNA
CountryUSA USA
Prize Pool$10/entrant (minimum $300)


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Location: Clutch Gaming Arena & Energy Bar, 11651 West 64th Ave, Arvada, CO 80004

Register at

10:00am Registration and Open Practice Time

12:00pm Tournament Starts - Matches Streamed Live on Giant HD Screen

6-7:00pm Tournament Semifinals (live casting begins)

8-9:00pm Tournament Finals and Prizes Awarded

Raffle After Finals (1 ticket included) - Prizes such as electronics, t shirts, day passes, etc.

Optional: Bring Headset, Keyboard, Mouse, or Laptop $20 entry includes tournament and 14 hours of unlimited gaming computer rental from 10am-midnight

Prize ​Pool: Now will increase based on the # of entrants. 50% of entries go towards prize pool. (ie: 6 entries = $300 prize pool, 16 entries = $800 prize pool)


5v5 Double Elimination Bracket. Single Elim Rounds - Best of 3 Finals.

Prize Pool

$10/entrant (minimum $300) is spread among the teams as seen below:

Place Prize Team
1st 60% Logo std2.png Nice Work Top Lane
2nd 30% Logo std2.png Rice Boys
3rd 10% Logo std2.png Gaming Kings
4th $20 Energy Bar Tab Logo std2.png Buddhas Buddies


Logo std2.png Rice Boys Logo std2.png Forged in the Fires of Solo Queue
Logo std2.png Mile High League Logo std2.png Gaming Kings
Logo std2.png Buddhas Buddies Logo std2.png Nice Work Top Lane
Logo std2.png CGAA Logo std2.png Super Sonics
Logo std2.png Imperial Fox Logo std2.png Alpha Q



Winners Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  Rice Boys
  Gaming Kingz
  Buddhas Buddies L
  Gaming Kingz W
  Gaming Kingz W
  Imperial Fox L
  Super Sonics L
  Imperial Fox W
  Nice Work Top Lane W
  Alpha Q L
  Nice Work Top Lane W
  Nice Work Top Lane W
  Mile High League L
  Mile High League W

Losers Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
  SuperSonics L
  Rice Boys W
  Rice Boys W   Rice Boys W
  Alpha Q L   Mile High League L
  Buddhas Buddies L
  Rice Boys W
  Buddhas Buddies W
  Buddhas Buddies W
     Imperial Fox L
  Buddhas Buddies W

Final Bracket

From Winners Bracket
Grand Final
  Gaming Kings L
  Nice Work Top Lane 1 N/A
  Nice Work Top Lane W
  Rice Boys 0 N/A
  Gaming Kings L
From Losers Bracket
  Rice Boys W
  Rice Boys W
  Buddhas Buddies L

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