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DIW Charlie.jpg
Background Information
NameCameron Thompson
Country of BirthAustralia
Peak LeagueDiamond
Social Media
Team History
TeamStart DateEnd DateRole
LWlogo std.png LW0/20132/2014
[[File:|link=|38px]] d OCE3/20144/2014
[[File:|link=|38px]] Crs OCE4/20145/2014
DWlogo std.png DW8/20140/2014

Cameron "Charlie101" Thompson was the support player for Dire Wolves


Introduced to League of Legends through Call of Duty friends, Charlie switched games in 2010 and hasn't stopped. Deciding to pursue competitive League of Legends, he started a Certificate 3 Engineering Fabrication apprecentiship while trying to balance his professional life, he quit in order to follow his dream of gaming. Playing for notable teams such as Curse OCE and Little Wraith, Charlie also spent time as a Dignitas OCE sub and analyst for ex-Team Immunity, now Chiefs. Describing himself as an intelligent player, rather than mechanically driven, Charlie's impact arises through shot-calling, macro improvements and coordinating draft phase. He currently is looking to work in the field of physiotherapy whilst playing competitively, now the starting a new role as an analyst / sub.


  • Went to 10 Different schools.
  • Played Softball at state level in QLD
  • Loves Chicken parmigiana
  • Self-proclaimed sexiest support
  • Holds extremely high win rates on supports but not on other roles Averaging out at 73%




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