Brazilian Challenger Circuit

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Brazilian Challenger Circuit
CDLOL 2015 logo.png
League Information
OrganizerRiot Games
Event TypeOnline/Offline
CountryBrazil Brazil

The Brazilian Challenger Circuit (pt-br: Circuito Desafiante) is the second-tier Brazilian league, which qualifies teams to the CBLOL..



Installed in 2015, the Brazilian Challenger Circuit has been created to be a "second division" for the CBLOL, with teams competing in third-party tournaments for a chance to compete against CBLOL teams in a Promotion Series, to qualify themselves to the next split of the CBLOL.

Starting from the 2016 season, Riot changed the rules, with 6 qualified teams competing in a round-robin league, with the champion auto-qualifying to the next CBLOL split, while second and third place play in the Promotion Series.[1]

Point System

Point System in the 2015 season was distributed as follows:

Place Points
1st 125 points
2nd 75 points
3rd 50 points
4th 35 points
5th 25 points
6th 20 points
7th 15 points
8th 10 points

2015 Season Qualified Teams

2016 Season Qualified Teams

Winter Season

Place Team
AQ Blanklogo std.png TBD
Q Blanklogo std.png TBD
Blanklogo std.png TBD