Boots of Speed

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Boots of Speed
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Passive:Enhanced Movement: +25 Movement Speed
Sell Value:227g

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Boots of Speed is a basic item available in Classic and Dominion mode.


  • Many champions will buy Boots of Speed early in the game as the enhanced movement speed is invaluable and can often save a champion trying to escape from a fight. However, with the increase in the base movement speed of most champions, buying Boots of Speed at the start of a game is not always the best investment.
  • Boots are usually bought alongside inexpensive consumables like Health Potions or Sight Wards for additional early survivability.
  • Some champions such as  Janna may have enough passive movement speed boosts to wait until later in the game to purchase boots.
  • If a team plans to invade the enemy jungle at the beginning of the game, it is common to see most of the team purchase boots and Health Potions. Some champions who require high mobility (such as  Caitlyn or  Singed may start with boots and potions even if their team does not invade.


  1. Movement > Boots

Builds Into


  • It is only possible to own one Boots of Speed at a time.
  • The movement speed bonus of Boots of Speed and anything that it builds into does not stack.
  • Boots of Speed is the only basic item which grants a unique passive.
  • Boots of Speed is the only basic item which increases your movement speed.

Patch History


TOTAL cost : 325 gold 300 gold


  • Cost reduced to 325 from 350
  • Items that build out of Boots of Speed have had their recipe costs increased by 25


  • Limited to 1 Boots item at a time


  • Unique Passive changed to "Enhanced Movement: +25 Movement Speed"


May 15, 2009 Patch

  • Cost increased to 350 from 250

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