Article:Taking the Pulse of the LCS - Summer Split - Onward to Week 7

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Taking the Pulse of the LCS - Summer Split - Onward to Week 7

I am Adel Chouadria, aka: Hype Algerian - a passionate Frenchman who is on a mission. My passion is for anything connected with League of Legends: the game, the tournament scene, the name it. My mission, and I choose to accept it, is to elevate the heart rates of my fellow LoL fans by dishing out the skinny, the dirt, and the hype on last week’s fait accompli and this week’s fates in the balance of the North American and European LCS.

Week 6: LCS Mini-Report

The Season 3 European LCS Summer Split is three weeks of action away from meeting its end. However, the playoff picture is still very unclear. In most competitions, you would have a few “elite” teams followed by a crowd of teams scrapping for a playoff seed and the bottom teams doing what they can. In the EU LCS, however, there is only one heterogeneous block, with seven of the eight teams within two games of each other at most. Even the eighth team, MeetYourMakers, is three games away from first place.

This is a sharp contrast to the NA rankings picture, where all three blocks are readily visible. The skies are clear for Cloud 9 and Team Vulcun. Behind them is a busy crowd of five teams eyeing one of the four remaining playoff spots, all one game away from each other. Velocity eSports, the last place, is on a two-game winning spree and is displaying signs of rebirth that may put the pack in notice, provided it doesn’t scatter to pieces.

Competitive League of Legends: The League of Burnout?

It started earlier this year with Brunch Ü’s sudden decision to retire at the end of the Spring Split. The rigors of weekly LCS, combined with all the pregame work that comes along with that, accumulated a situation where he started disliking the game. Back then, it was considered an isolated case. What the audience failed to recognize was that this decision was a harbinger for things to come.

HotshotGG chose to bench himself to allow players who wanted to invest their time into the game to flourish, and to move on to the management side of eSports. He would set his team for future success before doing so, selecting Nien as his heir in the top lane. Competitive gaming took a toll on the organization and the team ever since Counter Logic Gaming’s journey to Korea. The LCS schedule – coupled with fan reaction – only made it worse.

For Elementz, however, it was the atmosphere within that accelerated his decision to be a free agent – and then turn into a coach for Team Coast. His measures as Coast’s coach go ways beyond what words could express as he openly stated he privileges a good atmosphere within a team as opposed to the need for results, and this may be driven by his own past experiences.

This is the same need for results that led I Will Dominate to unplug his keyboard from competitive play. Dominate was the former Dignitas Jungler who remains mostly known for being the first player suspended from competitive play. Since then, he went the extra mile to do a complete U-turn on his toxic ways and easily found his way into the Challenger scene. However, the lack of high-profile results from Curse Academy led him to retire and switch to analysis.

Sometimes, it is the pressure that is put over one player that makes them collapse. Enter Toyz, an integral component of the Taipei Assassins squad that went on to conquer the Season 2 World Championship. Since then, however, things took a turn for the most daunting: Not only did he have to assume the leader role within the squad (as MiSTakE went to foster the development of the Taipei Snipers), he also had to deal with other teams putting an enormous amount of pressure on him – so much that he was forced to play a style that went opposite to his own.

Sometimes, however, it is just the desire to move on, as the drive to keep playing comes up short in regards to other life prospects. Such is the case of the most recent casualty of the League of Burnout, Extinkt.

Teams of the Week

  • Evil Geniuseslogo std.png Evil Geniuses (2-1): Changes pay immediate dividends as Shacker gets recognition despite the lost game vs team ALTERNATE. The Korean style of subbing was implemented successfully as Snoopeh played the last EG game at Tenerife. More importantly, life seems to be back in EG as displayed through the intensity of their victory celebrations.
  • Velocity eSportslogo std.png Velocity eSports (2-0): Velocity is finally hitting a good stride with this roster iteration. This happening has prompted a more definite roster change that incorporates sliding Ecco to the starting lineup, Vileroze as starter up top and Cris as a reserve. Everyone is set in the gaming house now and they have started clicking, proof of which is maplestreet’s scorching stat line this week (10.7 KDA to the tune of 22 kills and 10 assists, and 426 GPM).
  • Cloud9logo std.png Cloud9 (2-0): Still going strong, nothing out of the ordinary to see here. The fact that Cloud 9’s winning ways in the North American scene is starting to become the norm prompted Riot Games to pitch in their two cents on the matter. In addition, C9’s very own LemonNation had to send a warning call to fellow NA teams to join in the world meta (as opposed to just focusing on beating Cloud 9).

Casualties of the Week

  • MeetYourMakerslogo std.png MeetYourMakers (1-2): This week was not that bad for them, but it is the accumulation of weeks that is weighing heavily as they have gone 2W-10L since Week 1. They are in the process of falling out of contention for the playoffs. Here is to hoping they can work around the clock (and their busy travel schedule) to turn themselves back to the team that went 4W-1L at DreamHack.
  • Team ALTERNATElogo std.png Team ALTERNATE (1-2): They were the solid top seed just a few weeks ago. Creaton and his KDA of 8 are direly missed by a group that built themselves around setups for him to thrive. Whiteknight is no slouch, but his style of play is very different from the one AD carry he is replacing. On the good side of things, however, he has been showing loads of promise (and why he can be counted on to fill in for virtually anyone in the team).
  • Team Coastlogo std.png Team Coast (0-2): They chose the worst moment to stumble. The Jungle Lua error in Module:Champion_names at line 264: attempt to perform arithmetic on global 'yuumi' (a nil value). pick did contribute to the team’s strong early game versus Curse Gaming, but their game plan faltered later on. As for their game against Team SoloMid, they were essentially in the passenger seat and were slowly driven to their second defeat of the week. They now sit in a very uncomfortable seventh position, losing the tiebreaker to the resurging Team Curse.
  • Counter Logic Gaminglogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming (0-2): After piling solid showing after solid showing, here they are after missing the chance to set themselves apart from the crowd of teams shooting for third. This is a team still finding an identity, even though bigfatlp has already showed what he can do given the right situation.

I'm Feeling

  • A lawyer who is heavily involved in the Fighting Game Community has unveiled the true meaning of LoLeSports getting professional credentials in the USA regarding the law.
  • EG’s postgame celebration vs Fnatic
  • That was definitely a great move there, Riot Games.
  • The move is finally official: Counter Logic Gaming add MonteCristo to their coaching roster. This change should allow HotshotGG to focus on his brand as well as the challenger team he wants to shape.
  • SK ocelote just made me a better player. Thank you for the tip!

Not feeling

Comedy spotlight

Under the Spotlight

  • Ninjas in Pyjamas: Without extinkt in the lineup, NiP will be hard-pressed to find a suitable replacement that would allow them to go for the same triple-threat lineup that allowed them to emerge into contention for first place despite a shaky start.
  • Velocity eSports: They have finally managed to crack the code that prevented them from accessing their winning ways. Will they emerge as contenders for a sixth-place playoff seed or will they fade back to non-contention?

Written by Adel Chouadria - @hypealgerian
Edited by Irena Pencheva - @curlychan

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