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Europe LCS Week One Power Rankings

With nine weeks of the regular season round robin matches remaining, teams will have ample opportunities to create, practice, and showcase counter-strategies. Dynamics between challengers will undoubtedly fluctuate wildly, and we here at Leaguepedia are banding together each week to decipher their cryptic power struggle. Welcome to the Leaguepedia LCS Week One EU Power Rankings.

1. Evil GeniusesEvil Geniuseslogo std.png 
Evil Geniuses closed out week one 2-1 with their trademark slow-siege style. Gambit Gaming was the first victim of EG’s turtle as they decisively demonstrated the inherent dangers of gifting EG Maokai and Anivia. Froggen, Snoopeh, and Wickd all boasted zero deaths at the end of the 50 minute game. The Copenhagen Wolves managed to take a small early advantage against EG, but EG’s team fights and map control caged the Wolves’ pressure. EG’s one loss came when EG showcased an uncharacteristically aggressive playstyle against SK Gaming. EG's early game lead netted them a brisk tower and first blood, but they could not keep the pedal to the metal. SK was able to normalize the pace of the game and take the win. EG’s two confident wins and innovation earn them the number one spot after week one.

2. SK GamingSK Gaminglogo std.png 
SK Gaming ended week one 2-1, scrambling back from a depressing loss to put forth two dauntless wins. SK’s kryptonite seems to be called Fnatic; they were, yet again, unable to shut down Fnatic in the late game. SK's comeback began with Copenhagen Wolves. This game was a comprehensive and systematic win for SK as they set the pace, winning every lane. The confidence boost from the Wolves win was sorely needed and allowed them to confidently face EG. Their match against EG began with a quick EG first blood and tower, but SK stayed calm and kept the game close. Kev1n was SK’s star player of the match; his Olaf racked up eight kills by the 30 minute mark. Kev1n changed the momentum of the game and sealed the win for SK. SK hurdled their weak late game obstacle and won against EG after the 40 minute mark.

3. FnaticFnaticlogo std.png 
xPeke was the main event in Fnatic’s 2-1 week one showing, earning him the title of MVP for the first day of EU competition. His mid lane Caitlyn spent the majority the first game in the front line driving Fnatic to triumph over SK Gaming. xPeke’s AP Nidalee impressed against GIANTS!, turning the hapless opponents away from the dragon with deadly javelin tosses. The reason Fnatic are ranked 3rd and not first is that they fell behind early in all of their games. Fnatic were able to draw their two wins out to take victory but they spend much of the game playing catch up. More than once each game, members of Fnatic were caught out by the opposing team unnecessarily due to over-extending and a lack of vision on the map. Their loss to Gambit Gaming was due to Fnatic’s lack of performance in the early game and inability to extend into the late game.

4. Gambit GamingGambit Gaminglogo std.png 
Gambit Gaming took the dragon at the four minute mark in their match versus Evil Geniuses. Yes, four minutes. GG like to push the meta in new directions, and the tanking and killing of an extremely early dragon by Diamondprox’s Udyr definitely gave summoners around the world something to contemplate. Diamondprox’s selection of Volibear was an interesting and unexpected jungle champion choice for GG’s matches against GIANTS! and Fnatic. His quirky Volibear was especially convincing in their win over Fnatic. However, if the game had been prolonged, Diamondprox would have likely become increasingly irrelevant. GG dropped two games: GIANTS! and EG. They did not look polished or prepared to play during either game. Expect to see GG learn from their mistakes and rise in the rankings this next week.

5. GIANTS! GamingGiants Gaminglogo std.png 
Day two’s MVP, JimB0wnz’s Kennen was the talk of the town as he led GIANTS! in their giant killing upset against Gambit Gaming. GIANTS! snagged an early gold lead and never allowed GG the opportunity to recover. The match was over when Samux baited all of GG to the bottom lane while the rest of GIANTS! clobbered Baron. Everything seemed to go right for GIANTS! in their match against GG, but the same cannot be said for their match against Fnatic. GIANTS! began with a small lead, but Fnatic took the win by setting the pace to force GIANTS! to play a responsive game and extending the match into the late game to capitalize on GIANTS!' lack of late game experience. For these underdogs starting 1-1 is a great beginning to their season. Expect GIANTS! to move up in the rankings if they can reliably fit their playstyle to their composition.

6. Copenhagen WolvesCopenhagen Wolveslogo std.png 
The Copenhagen Wolves could not find a win in week one, finishing 0-2. Against SK, they were out-played, plain and simple. The Wolves fell behind early in the creep score and gave up the first blood. Small errors like a wasted flash due to misclicking and insufficient warding cost the Wolves the match. In their game against Evil Geniuses, the Wolves asserted an early advantage, taking the first turret and first two kills. However, after the lane phase ended, the Wolves took a page out of Hamlet’s book and displayed apparent indecision regarding their next steps. This allowed EG to take the advantage and finish the game. No win this week for Wolves, but still a good showing from this new team. Expect them to move up in the rankings after February 21st, when the Wolves’ star player, Bjergsen, rejoins the fray after celebrating his birthday.

Unranked: against All authorityAgainst All authoritylogo std.png  and DragonBornsDragonBornslogo std.png 
These two teams did not compete in week one, so they remain unranked until after their first games.

Written by Chris Bocchicchio
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo
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