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Europe LCS Week Five Power Rankings

What a change seven days can bring. Twenty matches of ferocious LCS action have given underdogs new hope. At the same time, old stars have fallen from grace. And a few fan favorites have finally “clicked” once more. Super Week in the EU LCS is over, and the competitive landscape has shifted once again.

1.Gambit Gaminglogo std.png Gambit Gaming (Previously #4) Current Record: 9W-2L
All hail the conquering hero! Gambit Gaming finally decided to stop squirreling around and win some games. Fans were thrilled to see Gambit taking the LCS seriously. Whatever the reason may be, the change in play was stark. Rising to the challenge of a grueling Super Week schedule, Gambit went 5W-0L. Their victories were more than just underdog blowouts - Gambit took down previous leaders Fnatic, Evil Geniuses, and SK Gaming. Gambit rounded out their flawless week by beating DragonBorns and against All authority.

So just how strong was the Week 4 Gambit squad? Alex Ich alone went 33/13/26 while sending 1,352 minions to wee minion heaven. EDward assisted in 59 kills. That was seven more than his closest competitor - who, coincidentally, was Diamondprox, also of Gambit. And for your trivia night, yes Alex Ich did get a triple kill with one  Kassadin Force Pulse. Ouch. Gambit have a bye in Week 5, which is a real shame. The EU LCS will miss the madness the Russians bring.

2.Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic (Previously #1). Current Record: 8W-3L
OK, before diving into Fnatic, here’s a PSA: if you haven’t watched the Week 4, Day 2 Fnatic vs. Copenhagen Wolves match, go watch the VoD. Right now. Abandon your job, your loved ones, and whatever else is stopping you. You can thank us later. Carrying on...

Week 4 proved that at least two teams in the EU LCS have figured out how to deal with the incredible lane pressure that Fnatic exert on their opponents. Gambit Gaming and Copenhagen Wolves both claimed scalps against the previous EU leaders, leaving Fnatic with 3W-2L record in Super Week. However, there is no reason to abandon the Fnatic ship yet. Their mass-teleport strategy still left three of their opponents reeling in Week 4.

Looking forward to Week 5, Fnatic has several stellar matches scheduled. Duels with Evil Geniuses and SK Gaming are always worth watching, even with EG’s current slump. Surprisingly enough, the huge draw right now is Fnatic vs. Copenhagen Wolves. It’s a direct rematch of the incredible Week 4 game that left Leigh “Deman” Smith screaming and dancing out of sheer excitement. Yes, please.

3.Evil Geniuseslogo std.png Evil Geniuses (Previously #2). Current Record: 6W-6L
Evil Geniuses have hit the awkward “Season 3 adjustment” moment that we’ve seen so many other professional teams struggle with this year (particularly CLG and TSM in NA and SK Gaming in EU). After finding ways to win games in the first three weeks via sheer technical ability (and occasionally failed  Anivia bans), reality has set in. League of Legends no longer tolerates stalling for late game, and Evil Geniuses’ core strength in Season 2 was their late game team fight coordination. Unfortunately for EG, Season 3 is dominated by early game aggression - the average game length is a paltry 34 minutes. Evil Geniuses need to adapt to survive, and their 1W-4L showing in Week 4 highlights the need to adapt quickly.

Fortunately for Evil Geniuses, they have two matches in Week 5 that will be somewhat forgiving. The first match of the week against DragonBorns, and the last match of the week against aAa. Sandwiched between lies Fnatic. Even after some missteps in Week 4, no one would call Fnatic an easy matchup. If Evil Geniuses tap into their early game battle mode, perhaps they won’t suffer another week of stinging defeats. If not...well, another week of negative K/D ratios awaits.

4.SK Gaminglogo std.png SK Gaming (Previously #3) Current Record: 7W-4L
SK Gaming have somehow been coasting just underneath the radar so far in the EU LCS. They haven’t generated any wild hype like Fnatic or Copenhagen Wolves, and they haven’t left the pundits befuddled like Evil Geniuses or Gambit. If anything, the silence has worked to SK Gaming’s advantage. They have kept their heads on the task at hand and eked out results, including a strong 4W-1L record in Week 4. A single loss to Gambit Gaming is nothing to be ashamed of, even if it was somewhat lopsided, landing SK on the wrong side of a 12-2 kill ratio.

If SK Gaming want to keep their momentum rolling in Week 5, they need HyrqBot to pay more attention to early game ganks. Gambit won their Week 4 match against SK Gaming by snagging a very early lead and then snowballing it out of control. If Hyrqbot can do the same for Kev1n or ocelote, the results could be devastating. Kev1n proved in Week 4 that he can deliver after he gets fed, scoring 19/4/26 for the week. The key is getting him there.

5.DragonBornslogo std.png DragonBorns (Previously #7). Current Record: 4W-5L
If you have been searching for some wild League of Legends action in the LCS, you should probably be watching DragonBorns. Hanging on at fifth place in the table with a 2W-3L record in Week 4, DragonBorns are starting to solidify their reputation as a middle-tier EU team. The real draw though is their incredible aggression.

DragonBorns latest fancy is sending HosaN mid on  Draven. In Week 4, the strategy almost worked against Fnatic. xPeke was completely unprepared for HosaN’s early damage. Draven’s double spinning axes are not to be trifled with. Wild tower dives, flash ignites, and general chaos ensued.

Unfortunately the game was something of a case in point for DragonBorns’ problems as well. Despite getting early kills and a nice gold advantage, they threw away their 4-8 lead by mid-game through sheer over-aggression. They lost skirmish after skirmish and, eventually, the game to the disciplined Fnatic team. DragonBorns’ playstyle is a welcome addition to the EU LCS, but a little more practice at defending an advantage would take them a long way.

6.Evil Geniuseslogo std.png GIANTS! Gaming (Previously #5). Current Record: 4W-8L.
Headed into the Super Week GIANTS! had staked out a claim as the EU LCS’ de-facto mid-tier squad. However, apparently Week 4 did not get the memo. A beleaguered GIANTS! rounded out the week 1W-4L, dropping to 7th place in the EU standings as a result. While losing to Fnatic and SK Gaming isn’t unexpected, falling to Copenhagen Wolves and DragonBorns was a tad more surprising. On the bright side, a victory over Evil Geniuses in the last match of the week was a great way for GIANTS! to push the losses out of their minds.

Protection was the GIANTS!’ problem in Week 4. Keeping Jimbz and Exter alive has got to be their team’s top priority. The deadly GIANTS! duo have proven that they know how to destroy enemy teams if given a chance, but it’s hard to have an impact when you’re staring at a grey screen. Jimbz’ 10/18/20 record over five games in Week 4 is a sharp contrast to his 14/8/11 score over three games in Week 3. GIANTS! have a bye in Week 5, and hopefully they will take some time to develop safer strategies for their leading men. If not, their mid-place berth might be handed over to DragonBorns permanently.

7.Copenhagen Wolveslogo std.png Copenhagen Wolves (Previously #8). Current Record: 3W-10L
So, this was mentioned earlier…but it bears repeating: do yourself a favor and go watch the VoD Fnatic vs. CW, Week 4, Day 2. Right now. That one match is proof enough that Copenhagen Wolves deserve better than last place, no matter what their record might say. Luckily their record is (at least somewhat) in agreement. A rousing 3W-2L showing in Week 4 had CW fans on cloud nine. The fact that one of those victory notches came against a team as strong as Fnatic is pure pleasure overload.

The real question for Copenhagen Wolves will come in Week 5 as they face Fnatic once more. You can be sure xPeke and the rest of his squad will not want to be the victory prize for Wolves twice in a row. It is shaping up to be a grudge match of epic proportions. They key for Copenhagen Wolves is no secret – Bjergsen. Get Bjergsen fed, keep Bjergsen alive, snowball Bjergsen’s lane, rub Bjergsen’s shoulders - whatever it takes. An inspiring 33/10/19 Week 4 KDA demonstrated his impressive skills, but also put pressure on the youngsters’ shoulders. Can he handle the weight of his beloved team? If it means more games like their match versus Fnatic, let us all hope so.

8.Against All authoritylogo std.png against All authority (Previously #6). Current Record: 3W-6L
Everyone’s favorite French LoL pro team continues to battle out results, but it seems to be becoming more and more difficult. Even their 1W-4L record in week four is somewhat misleading. Their lone victory was against a seriously amiss Evil Geniuses. Despite an incredible early game 4-0 kill advantage, aAa almost let EG sneak back in. After falling back to 5-3 in kills, aAa sealed their victory with a sweet four for zero exchange over a lower EG turret. The win was hard earned, but still worrisome. In a similar vein to DragonBorns, aAa need to practice safeguarding their leads if they want to move up the table.

aAa have a full schedule in Week 5, with matches against SK Gaming, DragonBorns, and another showdown with Evil Geniuses. It seems foolish to hope that they will continue to be gifted 4-0 advantages early game. Without the extra gold from those kills they are a drastically weaker team than the competition. aAa need someone to step up to the plate and carry them to victory. So far the top contender is Nono, their AD Carry, but he has yet to sustain a positive K/D average over the course of a week in the LCS. ShLaYa, their Mid laner, is in the same boat. Only Fredy122, their Top laner, has eked out a positive weekly KDA, largely due to some great plays with  Elise. However, if Elise is banned out and takes his 5.3 KDA with her, aAa are in trouble. They may be hanging on to 6th place in the EU LCS standings right now, but they have some serious proving to do in Week 5 to hold on to their spot.

Written by Matt Faw from Leaguepedia Fantasy.
Edited by Marissa Moody Kuo.

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