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Abyss Esports Club
Abyss Logo.png
Team Information
Location: Australia Australia
Coaches: Nick 'General' McKenzie
Managers: Jenny 'Echo' Williams
Website: http://www.abyss.gg/
Sponsor(s): Ozone, ZQRacing, Alienware, Zen Gaming Lounge
Facebook: Abyss eSports Club
Twitter: [http://www.twitter.com/abyssesc Abyss eSports Club Abyss eSports Club]
Created: 2015-10-xx

Abyss Esports Club is a professional organisation in the Oceanic region.


Abyss Esports Club originally competed under the name Abyss Esports Red, sister to Abyss Esports White, in the 2016 OCS Split 1. They finished the round robin in second place, with a 5-2 record, and the playoffs in second place, both times behind Chiefs Black. In the OPL Promotion Tournament, they faced Trident Esports and won 3-2 and qualified for the OPL. Prior to the start of the split, the team renamed to Abyss Esports Club.


  • 2015
  • 2016
  • 2017
  • October, team is formed as Abyss Esports Club.

Player Roster


  • Pacman, Top.
  • Seb, Jungle.
  • Looch, Mid. Nationality: au.Residency: oce.
  • Raid, AD. Nationality: au.Residency: oce.
  • Nada, Support. Nationality: kr.Residency: oce.
  • General, Jungle. Nationality: au.Residency: oce.
  • Papryze, Top. Nationality: au.Residency: oce.
  • Quackum, Mid. Nationality: au.Residency: oce.
  • Reelople, Support. Nationality: au.Residency: oce.



|- |Australia | Euphoria |Nathan Mathews-Mallia |Owner

|- |Australia | Echo |Jennifer Williams |Manager

|- |Australia | General |Nick McKenzie |Coach

|- |Australia | Sype |Sype Nav |Analyst

Team Achievements

In Premier Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings

{{AchievementPremierSlot|date=2016-08-27 |league=opl |place=5|event=[[OPL/2016 Season/Split 2]}

2016-04-27 OPL logo small.png I1Q OPL Split 2 2016 Promotion 3 : 2 Trident Esportslogo std.png Trident Esports

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