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1 Trick Ponies
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Team Information
LocationNorth America

1 Trick Ponies is a League of Legends team based in California, created for the purpose of competing in Riot's Season 3 Championship Series. On April 27, 2013, the team was acquired by DoubleBuff. [1]


1 Trick Ponies is a Southern Californian team, that consists of members from KevinIsANoob and JustTheUsual. They competed against each other at LAN centers in the SoCal area during the Spring/Summer of 2012. Towards the end of the summer both teams had disbanded, and the players dispersed. At the announcement of Riot's Season 3 Championship Series, members from both teams decided to come together to form 1 Trick Ponies.

The team got it's name from lilkvn's reputation of only being able to play  LeBlanc and PawnGypsy's reputation of only playing  Irelia, making them one trick ponies. All the players currently live in the southern California area.

Three of the five players on the team are also on the UCI collegiate team (lilkvn, Reduron, and PawnGypsy). Also, three of the five players attended the same high school, and used to be a part of the team Dirtnap Gaming, that consisted of five players that all went to Gabrielino High School (PawnGypsy, ScubaChris, and RagingKenny).

Pre-Season 3 and End of 1 Trick Poines

In 2012, 1 Trick Ponies was formed with PawnGypsy, ScubaChris, lilkvn, RagingKenny and Reduron to compete in the Season 3 NA Qualifiers. They played in the Offline Qualifiers on January 4th-5th, and they went on to qualify for the Live Offline Qualifier on January 11th. On April 27, 2013, DoubleBuff acquires the roster of 1 Trick Ponies and 1 Trick Ponies disbanded. [1]




Player Roster




Team Achievements

In Minor Tournaments
Date Place Event Result Winnings
2013-03-25 A22nd We Will Do It Ourselves Cup 0 : 2 Curse Academylogo std.png Curse Academy $ 400

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