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Background Information
NameGreg Doyle
Country of BirthUSA United States
BirthdayOctober 03, 1990
TeamUnder The Influence
Team History

Greg "TalenT" Doyle is a retired player most notable for his time with Under The Influence (The Influence), and Darkest Hour.


Born Gregory Lynn Doyle on October 3rd, 1990 in Altamonte Springs, Florida to Larry Doyle and Coleen Gail Johnson. (aka the legendary “Talents Mom”)

Before Halo 2’s release in 2004, TalenT was a competitive player in Return To Castle Wolfenstein:Tides of War on the original Xbox platform competing in Elimination and Stopwatch clan matches that were recorded on the very popular at the time forums.

His older brother Notor1ous was in the well known Rainbow Six 3 clan “RoC”, and not only passed the gamertag “TalenT” to his little brother, but also helped lay the foundation for Greg to become a budding pro gamer at a young age.

Unaware of the Xbox Connect and LAN networks in the DMV area for Halo:CE, it wasn’t until 2004 upon halo 2’s release that he would finally find a big game to focus his potential on.

Halo 2 Background (2005-2007)

2005 MLG Season

Talent's first event was in MLG Nashville 2005 teaming with well-known Detach. They went on to place 9th-12th.

After learning the ropes at his first tournament with “America’s Best Gamer on Campus” (Detach, CR Thomas), and notching a surprising top 12 4v4 placing, his next two events were a sign that there was not going to be an easy path to become known for more than his “montage kid” status.

He and Detach parted ways, leaving Greg to figure out a path to pro status on his own. He would spend the first two tournaments of 2006 placing advancing past open bracket, but then placing in the bottom half of championship 4v4. (17th-24th at both Meadowlands 2006, and Dallas 2006.)

Having been with a collection of veterans and skilled newcomers, there was one thing always missing, continuity and cohesion of a team to build, to have a clear vision.

Talent finally began to shine through and cement a foundation as Captain of the youthful and edgy new team Under The Influence (uTi) who’s name would remain a staple at the top of the pro bracket for 4 straight years spanning the middle of the Halo 2 era into the final year of Halo 3 in 2009.

His first top 16 placing in the hyper competitive 2006 Major League Gaming season was at MLG Anaheim 2006, where he played on Under the Influence as Captain alongside with his teammates Halo:CE veteran Legendpimps, online-warrior AnT12, and former captain of H2K, a cemented top H2 player, I GaMe I.

Halo 3

TalenT Closed uTi and Joined up with his buddy "TwYLight" on Darkest Hour, playing with BaTMayn3 and AnT. TwYLighT then put the Darkest Hour name on hold for two events as he left to join Under The Influence where TalenT was Captain, but brought it back for the 2009 MLG Orlando National Championships, where they placed 12th with a roster of TwYLighT, Greg "TalenT" Doyle , Anthony "AnT" Roberts and Christopher "Batmayne" Stephens.


Team and Tournament History

Game Event Place Team Teammates (Coach)
  MLG Orlando Championships 2009 B212th   Darkest Hour TwYLighTBatmayneAnT
  MLG Anaheim 2009 B212th   The Influence TwYLighTBatmayneAnT
  MLG Anaheim 2006 B515th   Under the Influence LegendAnTGame

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