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|reddit =  
|reddit =  
|isretired = true
|isretired = true
|teamhist1 = Status Quo
|history={{member|team=Status Quo|start_date=2008|stop_date=2008|role=}}
|teamdate1 = 2008-2008
{{member|team=Various Teams|start_date=2008|stop_date=2009|role=}}
|teamhist2 = Various Teams
{{member|team=K-Mart Shoppers|start_date=2009|stop_date=2009|role=}}
|teamdate2 = 2008-2009
|teamhist3 = K-Mart Shoppers
|teamdate3 = 2009-2009
|teamhist4 = Surprise
{{member|team=Quantic Fallen|start_date=2011|stop_date=2011|role=}}
|teamdate4 = 2009-2009
|teamhist5 = Warriors
|teamdate5 = 2010-2010
{{member|team=The Bizzles|start_date=2012|stop_date=2012|role=}}
|teamhist6 = Soul
{{member|team=VwS Empire|start_date=2012|stop_date=2012|role=}}
|teamdate6 = 2011-2011
|teamhist7 = Quantic Fallen
|teamdate7 = 2011-2011
|teamhist8 = Trauma
|teamdate8 = 2011-2011
|teamhist9 = Severance
|teamdate9 = 2011-2011
|teamhist10 = The Bizzles
|teamdate10 = 2012-2012
|teamhist11 = VwS Empire
|teamdate11 = 2012-2012

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Background Information
NameKevin Zimmerman
Country of BirthUSA United States
Social Media
Team History
SQlogo std.png sQ20082008
Logo std2.png Various Teams20082009
Logo std2.png K-Mart Shoppers20092009
Logo std2.png Surprise20092009
Warriorslogo std.png Warriors20102010
Logo std2.png Soul20112011
Quanticlogo std.png Quantic20112011
Logo std2.png Trauma20112011
SvRlogo std.png SvR20112011
Logo std2.png The Bizzles20122012
Logo std2.png VwS Empire20122012

Kevin "Brake" Zimmerman is a retired player most well known for his time with Warriors and Soul.


Halo 3

Halo Reach


Team and Tournament History

Game Event Place Team Teammates
Halo 4 logo.png MLG Fall Championship 2012 B717 - 24th Logo std2.png VwS Empire NocturnalKernalSickStoryTheOnlyToxic
Halo reach logo.png MLG Winter Championship 2012 F465 - 96th Logo std2.png The Bizzles TreasonNocturnalKernalRobbie B
Halo reach logo.png MLG Providence Championships 2011 B515th SvRlogo std.png Severance ShaffterSwiftKillViper
Halo reach logo.png MLG Orlando 2011 B616th SvRlogo std.png Severance GabrielMonixShaffer
Halo reach logo.png MLG Raleigh 2011 C323rd Logo std2.png Trauma ChaserNocturnalKernalDemon D
Halo reach logo.png MLG Anaheim 2011 B313th Quanticlogo std.png Quantic Fallen ArkanumGoofyRoyal2
Halo reach logo.png MLG Columbus 2011 A66th Logo std2.png Soul BlazeFormalGoofy
Halo reach logo.png MLG Dallas 2011 A55th Logo std2.png Soul BlazeFormalRyanoob
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Dallas Championships 2010 A77th Warriorslogo std.png Warriors Robbie BNocturnalKernalSnakeBite
Halo 3 logo.png MLG D.C. 2010 A55th Warriorslogo std.png Warriors Robbie BNocturnalKernalSnakeBite
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Raleigh 2010 A55th Warriorslogo std.png Warriors Robbie BNocturnalKernalSnakeBite
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Columbus 2010 A55th Warriorslogo std.png Warriors GoofyNocturnalKernalRyanoob
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Orlando 2010 B212th Warriorslogo std.png Warriors GoofySypherzNightmare
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Orlando Championships 2009 B313th Logo std2.png Surprise AdventGoofyGun_ShoT
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Anaheim 2009 B313th Logo std2.png Surprise GoofyMonsterNocturnalKernal
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Dallas 2009 C424th Logo std2.png Florida Jackalopes TripEleven_11SyNoX
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Columbus 2009 B212th Logo std2.png K-Mart Shoppers Jesse PeaceSheeerShotmakerz
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Meadowlands 2009 D333 - 40th Logo std2.png Chasing Victory ColdhrtedHunter JJXmgs1snake
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Dallas 2008 B717 - 24th Logo std2.png Above the Clouds Fat BubbNickel5Obi
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Orlando 2008 C222nd Logo std2.png Unitrium ArkanumDeviouzHunter JJX
Halo 3 logo.png MLG San Diego 2008 C020th SQlogo std.png Status Quo FlameswordPILEZProlific
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Meadowlands 2008 B818th SQlogo std.png Status Quo FlameswordProlifics1y

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