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Team information
Location United States
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Sponsor(s) UoR (2011)
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Created 2006
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Disbanded 2012
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Carbon is a defunct professional Halo team. Its most prominent members are the second lineup of Chris "Shockwav3" Smith, Ben "Karma" Jackson, Eric "GH057ayame" Hewitt and Scott "Gandhi" Lussier, which stuck together for twelve events.


Halo 2

Proto-Carbon: IGS, Team Phreaks

The roots of Carbon begin in early 2005, with Chris "ShockWav3" Smith and Scott "Gandhi" Lussier first teaming together at MLG Orlando 2005 as part of team IGS. ShockWav3 and Gandhi placed 2nd together as part of IGS for three events in a row. Ben "Karma" Jackson was then added to the roster, and they won the MLG Seattle event. Michael "Strongside" Cavanaugh finally rounded out the roster, leading to a 4th place finish in Chicago and a 2nd place finish at the New York National Championships as Team Phreaks.

2006: Early Success

Carbon was founded in 2006 with the Team Phreakz roster of Ben "Karma" Jackson, Scott "Gandhi" Lussier, Michael "Strongside" Cavanaugh and Chris "Shockwav3" Smith. Early in the season, they picked up coach Joseph "xXx" Festinger, who helped them with communication and weapon timing among other things. The original Carbon line up finished 3rd in three of the first four tournaments of 2006, and 2nd once, but were unable to topple the Final Boss juggernaut. Following these four events, Carbon replaced Strongside with Eric "GH057ayame" Hewitt. This proved to be a very fruitful team change for Carbon, as they would go on to win the final three events of 2006, including the 2006 MLG Las Vegas National Championships, defeating Final Boss in the finals of each event.

2007: Continued Success

They kept the roster identical for all of 2007 with slightly less success. They started the year strong with two 2nd place finishes followed by a victory in Dallas, however they only got to the finals once more that year, finishing 4th in the other three events.

Halo 3

2008: Lineup Changes

After finishing 6th at MLG Meadowlands 2008 and 8th in Columbus the team finally shook up the roster. Gandhi was replaced by Carlos "Cpt Anarchy" Morales and the new team placed 7th in both Orlando and Toronto. Karma was then swapped with Brett "Naded" Leonard for another 7th place finish in Dallas, but the same roster managed to place 3rd at the Las Vegas National Championships.

2009: Arrival of Walshy

The new year saw a few more roster changes for Carbon. Naded was exchanged for Dmitriy "Soviet" Gulyan for Meadowlands, where the team finished 8th. Soviet was then swapped with Brandon "Defy" Jenkins for yet another 8th place finish, this time in Columbus. The roster stabilized for the remainder of the year upon acquiring Dave "Walshy" Walsh and Naded, in place of Cpt Anarchy and GH057ayame. This lineup turn Carbon back into contenders, placing 2nd in Dallas and 3rd in both Anaheim and the Orlando National Championships.

2010: Shockwav3 Retires

2010 saw long time member Shockwav3 finally depart from the team by retiring from the scene. Naded also left, and Carbon filled the empty slots with Nick "Best Man" Johnson and a returning Strongside for an 11th place finish in Orlando. Strongside was then swapped with a returning Naded which improved their performance slightly in Colbumus earning them 6th place. Best Man was then swapped with Justin "SK" Mann for a 13th place finish in Raleigh. Naded and Defy would then leave for Str8 Rippin, and Walshy and SK would recruit Kyle "Chig" Lawson and Marcos "Soldier187" Sanchez for the remainder of the season. Despite placing only 13th in D.C., it was enough to secure the 8th and final seed in the Dallas National Championships. Despite looking good and taking a game against the #1 seeded Final Boss, Carbon ended up finishing in 8th out of 8 teams in Dallas.

2011: Fall from Grace

2011 saw the end of Halo 3 on the pro circuit and the beginning of Halo: Reach. Carbon was originally slated to begin the year in Dallas with a lineup of Walshy, Mike "Russo" Russo, "Lifestyle" and Octavio "ScarVayne" Soto, but Walshy backed out of the event for personal reasons and he was replaced at the last minute by Curtis "Loki" Howell. Carbon placed 24th at the event, the lowest possible placing for a seeded team with the pool play system. As the season continued, a flurry of team changes occurred, with no lineup lasting for more than one event, and only a returning GH057ayame as a constant from Columbus to Providence. Despite all of the team changes, the highest placing Carbon would achieve in the 2011 season would be 14th.


For the MLG Winter Championship 2012, an all new Carbon roster was formed featuring Chris "Blaze" Chapon, Clete "Assault" LoRusso, Ryan "Ryanoob" Geddes and Eric "Snipedown" Wrona, with GH057ayame staying on the team as coach. This team achieved Carbon's first top 8 placing since Dallas 2010. After MLG dropped Halo from the circuit, the new Carbon roster stuck together and attended AGL 1 Chicago, where they placed 2nd.


Player Roster


ID Name Next Team
USA Assault Clete LoRusso BtHlogo std.png Believe the Hype
USA Blaze Chris Chapon Logo std2.png Elite 4
USA Ryanoob Ryan Geddes Logo std2.png Elite 4
USA Snip3down Eric Wrona Logo std2.png Elite 4
USA GH057ayame Eric Hewitt
USA Soldier187 Marcos Sanchez
USA ThuggishKilla Craig Chamberlain Logo std2.png Rack City
USA TwYLighT Lee Santos
USA Mimic Leland Jones
USA Cpt Anarchy Carlos Morales Logo std2.png Cloud 10
USA Robbie B Robert Bordieri Logo std2.png Goin In Hot
USA Batmayne Christopher Stephen ARlogo std.png Active Rush
USA Vyolent
USA Lifestyle
USA Loki Curtis Howell TDlogo std.png Triggers Down
USA Russo Mike Russo Ambushlogo std.png Ambush
USA iTzTwizT Anthony Guerra Ambushlogo std.png Ambush
USA ScarVayne Octavio Soto
USA Chig Kyle Lawson Classiclogo std.png Classic
USA SK Justin Mann TDlogo std.png Triggers Down
USA Walshy Dave Walsh Ambushlogo std.png Ambush
USA Defy Brandon Jenkins Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin
USA Naded Brett Leonard Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin
USA Best Man Nick Johnson TDlogo std.png Triggers Down
USA Strongside Michael Cavanaugh HaElogo std.png Heaven and Earth
USA ShockWav3 Chris Smith
USA Soviet Dmitriy Gulyan BtHlogo std.png Believe the Hype
USA Karma Ben Jackson TDlogo std.png Triggers Down
USA Gandhi Scott Lussier Logo std2.png PSF



ID Name Position
USA GH057ayame Eric Hewitt Coach
USA xXx Jospeh Festinger Coach

Tournament History

End Date Game Place Prize Event Players (Coach)
August 3-5 2012 Halo reach logo.png A22nd AGL 1 Chicago AssaultBlazeRyanoobSnipedown
March 23-25 2012 Halo reach logo.png A77 - 8th MLG Winter Championship 2012 AssaultBlazeRyanoobSnipedownGH057ayame
November 18-20th 2011 Halo reach logo.png B717 - 24th MLG Providence Championships 2011 GH057ayameThuggishKillaTwylightSoldier187
October 14-16th 2011 Halo reach logo.png B313 - 16th MLG Orlando 2011 GH057ayameMimicThuggishKillaTwylight
August 26-28th 2011 Halo reach logo.png B313 - 16th MLG Raleigh 2011 GH057ayameMimicCpt AnarchyThuggishKilla
July 29-31st 2011 Halo reach logo.png B717 - 24th MLG Anaheim 2011 GH057ayameMimicRobbie BSoldier187
June 3-5th 2011 Halo reach logo.png B717 - 24th MLG Columbus 2011 BaTMaYnEGH057ayameMimicVyolent
April 1-3 2011 Halo reach logo.png B717 - 24th MLG Dallas 2011 LifestyleLokiRussoScarvayne
November 5-7 2010 Halo 3 logo.png A88th MLG Dallas Championships 2010 WalshySKChigSoldier187
October 15-17th 2010 Halo 3 logo.png B313 - 16th MLG D.C. 2010 WalshySKChigSoldier187
August 27-29th 2010 Halo 3 logo.png B313 - 16th MLG Raleigh 2010 WalshyDefyNadedSK
June 4-6th 2010 Halo 3 logo.png A66th MLG Columbus 2010 DefyWalshyBest ManNaded
April 16-18th 2010 Halo 3 logo.png A99 - 12th MLG Orlando 2010 DefyWalshyBest ManStrongSide
January 8-10th 2010 Halo 3 logo.png A33rd MLG Orlando Championships 2009 Shockwav3DefyNadedWalshy
November 6-8th 2009 Halo 3 logo.png A33rd MLG Anaheim 2009 Shockwav3DefyNadedWalshy
August 28-30th 2009 Halo 3 logo.png A22nd MLG Dallas 2009 Shockwav3DefyNadedWalshy
June 5-7th 2009 Halo 3 logo.png A88th MLG Columbus 2009 Shockwav3GH057ayameCpt AnarchyDefy
April 3-5th 2009 Halo 3 logo.png A88th MLG Meadowlands 2009 Shockwav3GH057ayameCpt AnarchySoviet
November 21-23rd 2008 Halo 3 logo.png A33rd MLG Las Vegas Championships 2008 Shockwav3GH057ayameCpt AnarchyNaded
October 3-5th 2008 Halo 3 logo.png A77th MLG Dallas 2008 Shockwav3GH057ayameCpt AnarchyNaded
August 22-24th 2008 Halo 3 logo.png A77th MLG Toronto 2008 KarmaShockwav3GH057ayameCpt Anarchy
July 11-13th 2008 Halo 3 logo.png A77th MLG Orlando 2008 KarmaShockwav3GH057ayameCpt Anarchy
June 13-15th 2008 Halo 3 logo.png A44th MLG San Diego 2008 GandhiKarmaShockwav3GH057ayame
April 11-13th 2008 Halo 3 logo.png A66th MLG Meadowlands 2008 GandhiKarmaShockwav3GH057ayame
November 2-4th 2007 Halo 2 logo.png A44th MLG Canada Open 2007 GandhiKarmaShockwav3GH057ayame
October 12-14th 2007 Halo 2 logo.png A22nd MLG Las Vegas 2007 GandhiKarmaShockwav3GH057ayame
September 21-23rd 2007 Halo 2 logo.png A44th MLG Orlando 2007 GandhiKarmaShockwav3GH057ayame
August 17-19th 2007 Halo 2 logo.png A44th MLG Chicago 2007 GandhiKarmaShockwav3GH057ayame
July 20-22nd 2007 Halo 2 logo.png A11st MLG Dallas 2007 GandhiKarmaShockwav3GH057ayame
June 8-10th 2007 Halo 2 logo.png A22nd MLG Meadowlands 2007 GandhiKarmaShockwav3GH057ayame
April 13-15th 2007 Halo 2 logo.png A22nd MLG Charlotte 2007 GandhiKarmaShockwav3GH057ayame
November 18-19th 2006 Halo 2 logo.png A11st MLG Las Vegas Championships 2006 GandhiKarmaShockwav3GH057ayame
October 13-15th 2006 Halo 2 logo.png A11st MLG New York Playoffs 2006 GandhiKarmaShockwav3GH057ayame
August 25-27th 2006 Halo 2 logo.png A11st MLG Orlando 2006 GandhiKarmaShockwav3GH057ayame
July 21-23rd 2006 Halo 2 logo.png A33rd MLG Chicago 2006 GandhiKarmaShockwav3Strongside
June 23-25th 2006 Halo 2 logo.png A22nd MLG Anaheim 2006 GandhiKarmaShockwav3Strongside
May 19-21st 2006 Halo 2 logo.png A33rd MLG Dallas 2006 GandhiKarmaShockwav3Strongside
April 21-23rd 2006 Halo 2 logo.png A33rd MLG New York 2006 GandhiKarmaShockwav3Strongside

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