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Team Mi Seng
Team information
Location "Taiwan"
Coach NA
Manager Ai Chel Ji
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Captain Ai Chel Ji
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Sponsor(s) NA
YouTube [1]
Facebook NA
Reddit NA
Organization: Hidden League Gaming
Affiliated Teams (Current): NA
Affiliated Teams (Former): NA
Sister Team (Current): Hidden Reach
Sister Team (Former): NA
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Placements DQ
Disbanded Unknown
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Team Mi Seng was a "Hidden League Gaming" team consisting of 4 players. Hidden League Gaming, or HLG, is a community of Halo players which gain the lead and hide until the game timer runs out, rather than continuing to play toward the final kill/score count.


The team was formed in January 2016 to enter into the the Asia Halo World Championship Qualifiers. The team consisted of four players claiming to be of Taiwanese nationality. The players went by the following Gamertags; Ai Chel Ji, bluepants5, Chi Teng and Hai Deng. In reality these players had only entered the qualifier with the intent of pulling off a win by hiding live on the Halo World Championship livestream. They were not Taiwanese as they claimed and were actually members of the Hidden Reach Youtube channel; Infisible, Exylophone, Tele and Cryptobiologist. Their tournament Gamertags were actually puns using Chinese Mandarin phonetics in order to fool the tournament organisers; "Ai Chel Ji" - HLG, "Chi Teng" - Cheating, "Hai Deng" - Hiding, and "bluepants5" - this Gamertag's meaning remains a mystery.

The team competed in the 3rd HWC Asia Qualifer, making it to the semi-finals. The series went to a game 5, Slayer on Coliseum. Team Mi Seng gained the lead and then hid outside of the map - the match continued until the game timed out however they were subsequently disqualified from the tournament as exploiting the out of map spots went against the tournament rules.

Player Roster


ID Name Role
United Kingdom Ai Chel Ji Infisible Captain
Canada bluepants5 Exylophone Player
USA Chi Teng Tele Player
USA Hai Deng Cryptobiologist Player

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