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Str8 SicK
Background Information
Name Cory Sloss
Country of Birth USA United States
Home State California
Birthday October 15, 1992
Region North America
Team OpTic Gaming
Xbox One ID
Alternate IDs SuperStr8Sick
Esportsearnings Profile
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Livestream Twitch
Instagram str8sick
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Twitter Str8SicK
Team History
 ??? 2008 - ??? 2008 CPlogo std.png Crowd Pleasers
 ??? 2009 - ??? 2009 Logo std2.png DGK
 ??? 2010 - ??? 2010 ARlogo std.png Active Rush
 ??? 2010 - ??? 2010 Ambushlogo std.png Ambush
 ??? 2011 - Apr 2012 Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic Classic
Sep 2012 - ??? Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic
 ??? 2013 - ??? 2013 Logo std2.png Vas Avi
2014 - Mar 2015 Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin
Mar 2015 - Mar 2015 NBL Blogo std.png Noble Black
Mar 2015 - Apr 2015
Dec 2015 - April 2016
ELvlogo std.png Team eLevate
May 2015 - July 2015 ARlogo std.png Active Rush
Oct 2015 - Dec 2015 ALGlogo std.png Team Allegiance
Apr 2016 - Present OpTiclogo std.png OpTic Gaming
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Cory "Str8 Sick" Sloss is a player for OpTic Gaming. He is well known for his time with Fnatic Classic and for his FFA success.


Cory Sloss was born on October 15, 1992. He is from California.

Halo 2

Str8 Sick's first MLG event was MLG Anaheim 2006, where he placed outside of the top 32 with an unknown team.[1]

Halo 3

Str8 Sick's first documented placing came at MLG San Diego 2008 with a top 16 finish. His team, Crowd Pleasers, included Arkie, Frosty and Frywod. The same lineup would return in Orlando and place outside of the top 32. After a roster change swapping Arkie for Coldhearted, the team name was changed to Versus and they placed outside of the top 8 in Dallas. For the 2009 and 2010 seasons, Str8 Sick could not find a consistent team, and spent time on teams such as DGK, California Love, Driven By Adrenaline, a return to Crowd Pleasers, Define Rush, Relentless and Ambush. For most of these seasons, his teams placed outside the documented range, with his highest placing being 16th with Ambush at MLG Washington, D.C. 2010 with Frosty, Icevayne and SneakEBeaver.

Halo: Reach

Having failed to reach the 2010 National Championships, Str8 Sick instead competed in the MLG Dallas Reach Exhibition alongside the rest of the D.C. Ambush roster. They placed 17-24th in the exhibition tournament. Str8 Sick started out the 2011 season on Hot N Mild with Cratos, Eli and Jumpman, placing 29th in Dallas. Str8 Sick was then signed by the Fnatic esports organization and attended the next event in Columbus as a member of Fnatic GMM with Chig, Elitest and Mikwen. Though they placed only 19th, Str8 Sick gained new fans when he won the FFA competition at the event. Fnatic then retooled their Halo roster, replacing Mikwen and Elitest with Prototype, a close friend of Str8 Sick's, and Russo. The new roster competed as Fnatic Classic at MLG events. At their first event together in Anaheim, they wowed everyone with an unexpected 3rd placing. Their placings then dropped with a 6th in Raleigh and 11th in Orlando but they returned to form at the Providence National Championships, taking 4th. The Fnatic Classic squad returned at the MLG Winter Championship 2012 where they placed top 8.

Halo 4

The Fnatic squad from Halo: Reach returned for one Halo 4 event, the MLG Fall Championship 2012, where they placed a disappointing 17-24th. After MLG dropped Halo, Str8 Sick attended AGL 5 Nashville and UMG Chicago 2013 as a member of Slaughterhouse and Pure, placing top 16 each time. Str8 Sick placed 3rd at the Halo 4 Global Championship, taking home $10,000. He was undefeated in the FFA heats but lost to Ace in the 1v1 semifinals. He then attended RTX 2014 as a member of Vas’ Avi with Arkanum, Ryanoob and Shooter, where he won his first 4v4 event. He also won the FFA competition at RTX.

Halo 2: Anniversary

Str8 Sick joined Str8 Rippin and immediately placed 2nd at the ESL MCC Launch Invitational alongside Tsquared, Roy and Ryanoob.

HCS Season 1

Shortly after the Launch Invitational, Str8 Rippin replaced the departing Roy and Ryanoob with Prototype and Naded for the Halo Championship Series. They placed 6th at Iron Games Columbus 2014 and 6th again at UGC St. Louis 2015 before Prototype was replaced with Legit. The new roster placed 9-12th at Gamers For Giving 2015 and 5-6th in the season finals at PAX East 2015.

HCS Season 2

On March 15, 2015, Arkanum confirmed that Noble Black had acquired Str8 Sick.[2] However, his tenure with Noble would not last into the beginning of season 2, as on March 28, Noble eSports announced that they had acquired Ninja to replace Str8 Sick[3], making Str8 Sick a free agent. Two days later on March 30, it was announced that Str8 Sick had joined eLevate.[4] After online success, eLevate went into Iron Games Atlanta 2015 with the 4th seed, but ended up finishing top 12 after losses to eXcellence and Velocity.[5] Shortly after the event, Gabriel announced the disbandment of the eLevate Halo roster, making Str8 Sick and his teammates free agents. Str8 Sick's next move was to rejoin with frequent teammate Prototype. Alongside Prototype, the duo recruited veteran players Frosty and SneakEBeaver, and reformed Active Rush.

Halo 5

On October 25, 2015, Str8 SicK was announced as a member of upstart organization Allegiance eSports, alongside Naded, eL TowN and Goofy. His tenure with Allegiance would not last long enough to compete in a tournament however, as he was released on December 6th. Over the following weeks, Str8 Sick and Goofy formed a new team with Munoz and Nemassist. The new roster was picked up by eLevate, marking Str8 Sick's return to the organization. They eventually qualified for the HWC NA Regional Finals 2016 as the 10th seed. At Regionals, eLevate finished top 16, failing to qualify for Halo World Championship 2016.

On April 26th, Str8 SicK joined OpTic Gaming alongside MaNiaC, Naded and Ace.


Team and Tournament History

Game Event Place Team Teammates (Coach)
Template:Halo UGC STL A22nd DNLlogo std.png Denial eSports CommonlySheleAries
Template:Halo HWC NA Regional Finals 2016 A99 - 16th ELvlogo std.png Team eLevate GoofyNemassistMunozSixten
Template:Halo Iron Games Atlanta 2015 A99 - 12th ELvlogo std.png Team eLevate GabrielMuNoZShooterSixten
Template:Halo PAX East 2015 A55 - 6th Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin NadedLegitTsquaredLammie
Template:Halo Gamers For Giving 2015 A99 - 12th Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin NadedLegitTsquaredLammie
Template:Halo UGC St. Louis 2015 A66th Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin NadedPrototypeTsquaredLammie
Template:Halo Iron Games Columbus 2014 A66th Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin NadedPrototypeTsquaredLammie
Template:Halo ESL MCC Launch Invitational A22nd Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin RyanoobRoyTsquaredWalshy
Template:Halo RTX 2014 A11st Logo std2.png Vas’ Avi ArkanumRyanoobShooter
Template:Halo UMG Chicago 2013 B313 - 16th Logo std2.png G4C Pure ElumniteHunter jjxTri
Template:Halo AGL 5 Nashville B313 - 16th Logo std2.png Slaughterhouse AriesFrostyRegicide
Template:Halo MLG Fall Championship 2012 B717 - 24th Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic ChigPrototypeRusso
Template:Halo MLG Winter Championship 2012 A77 - 8th Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic Classic ChigPrototypeRusso
Template:Halo MLG Providence Championships 2011 A44th Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic Classic ChigPrototypeRusso
Template:Halo MLG Orlando 2011 B111th Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic Classic ChigPrototypeRusso
Template:Halo MLG Raleigh 2011 A66th Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic Classic ChigPrototypeRusso
Template:Halo MLG Anaheim 2011 A33rd Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic Classic ChigPrototypeRusso
Template:Halo MLG Columbus 2011 B919th Fnaticlogo std.png Fnatic GMM ChigElitestMikwen
Template:Halo MLG Dallas 2011 C929th Logo std2.png Hot n Mild CratosEliJumpman
Template:Halo MLG Dallas Championships 2010 B717 - 24th Ambushlogo std.png Ambush FrostyIcevayneSneakEBeaver
Template:Halo MLG Washington, D.C. 2010 B616th Ambushlogo std.png Ambush FrostyIcevayneSneakEBeaver
Template:Halo MLG Raleigh 2010 C323rd Logo std2.png Relentless EliGun ShotSneakEBeaver
Template:Halo MLG Columbus 2010 D2< 32nd Logo std2.png Define Rush Chaos ProHunter JjxScarvayne
Template:Halo MLG Orlando 2010 B919th CPlogo std.png Crowd Pleasers MonixPrettyboySneakEBeaver
Template:Halo MLG Orlando Championships 2009 D2< 32nd Logo std2.png Driven by Adrenaline NightmarePhatholeSpeed
Template:Halo MLG Anaheim 2009 Z? Logo std2.png Driven by Adrenaline ColdheartedMad MaxSpeed
Template:Halo MLG Dallas 2009 C525th Logo std2.png California Love FrostySaiSeverince
Template:Halo MLG Meadowlands 2009 C121st Logo std2.png DGK AcidFearrisFrywod
Template:Halo MLG Dallas 2008 A8< 8th Logo std2.png Versus ColdheartedFrostyFrywod
Template:Halo MLG Orlando 2008 D2< 32nd CPlogo std.png Crowd Pleasers ArkieFrostyFrywod
Template:Halo MLG San Diego 2008 B616th CPlogo std.png Crowd Pleasers ArkieFrostyFrywod
Template:Halo MLG Anaheim 2006 D2< 32nd

FFA/1v1 Competitions

Game Event Place
Template:Halo RTX 2014 A11st
Template:Halo Halo 4 Global Championship A33rd
Template:Halo MLG Columbus 2011 A11st
Template:Halo MLG Dallas Championships 2010 A11st
Template:Halo MLG Orlando 2010 A11st

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