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Background Information
NameDillon Randa
Country of BirthUSA United States
TeamTeam eLevate
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Team History

Dillon "Randa" Randa is an American player for Team eLevate. He is notable for his previous tenure with team Winterfox.


Randa was one of the few new faces to break into the professional Halo scene during Halo 2: Anniversary. He first competed in HCS Season 1, earning a top 12 placing with Noble Black. He later competed in HCS Season 2 as the captain of team Winterfox, earning two 4th placings and finishing in the top 6 at the HCS Season 2 Finals.

Halo 2: Anniversary

Randa joined Noble Black with Arkanum, ContrA and Blaze for UGC St. Louis 2015. His team ended up finishing 9-12th. He then parted ways with Noble. On March 18, Randa announced that he was teaming with Naded, Ryanoob and ContrA.[1] They went under the name of Team Randa for the preseason, where they won the first Preseason Cup and placed top 6 in the second one, earning the #1 seed going into Iron Games Atlanta 2015. It was then announced that the roster had been acquired by esports organization Winterfox for HCS season 2.[2] Winterfox placed 4th in Atlanta, being eliminated by Cloud9.[3] Winterfox underwent a roster change in between events, replacing Contra with Arkanum. The new roster's first appearance was at HCS Indianapolis, but they did not show any improvement in the standings, repeating their placing of 4th. Randa and Winterfox lost a step at the HCS Season 2 Finals, closing out their season with a top 6 finish.

Halo 5

On August 22nd, Winterfox announced that they were parting ways with Randa.[4] Later that day it was announced that Randa would be joining eLevate alongside Suspector, iTz So Frosty and UnLegit.[5] Over the following months, the eLevate roster would slowly dissipate as everyone apart from Randa left for other teams. Eventually, eLevate formed a new roster not including Randa, leaving Randa to rejoin Winterfox alongside Ryanoob, Arkanum and Shooter. Arkanum left late during the Halo World Championship 2016 qualifying stages to join Team EnVyUs. WFX picked up Domey in his place. Winterfox eventually qualified for the HWC 2016 NA Regional Finals as the 14th seed. At Regionals, WFX finished top 16, failing to qualify for Worlds.


  • His brother Max, who formerly competed under the "Randa" pseudonym, now competes as OG Randa.

Team and Tournament History

Game End Date Event Place Team Prize Team Teammates (Coach)
Halo 5 logo.png February 21, 2016 HWC 2016 NA Regional Finals A99 - 16th - WFXlogo std.png Winterfox ShooterDomeyRyanoob
Halo 2a logo.png July 26, 2015 HCS Season 2 Finals A55 - 6th $6,000 WFXlogo std.png Winterfox ArkanumNadedRyanoobNemassist
Halo 2a logo.png June 28, 2015 HCS Indianapolis A44th $4,000 WFXlogo std.png Winterfox ArkanumNadedRyanoobNemassist
Halo 2a logo.png April 19, 2015 Iron Games Atlanta 2015 A44th $2,400 WFXlogo std.png Winterfox ContrANadedRyanoobBrutus
Halo 2a logo.png January 4, 2015 UGC St. Louis 2015 A99 - 12th $200 NBL Blogo std.png Noble Black ArkanumBlazeContraBrutus

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