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News/Archive 2018/January

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January 20th
NA X6logo std.png x6 Team disbands. Naded, Danoxide, Sabinater, and Suspector leave Gamebattles roster.
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 Falcated and Shooter join Gamebattles roster. ContrA and PreDevoNatoR leave.
January 13th
EU Infslogo std.png infs Jimbo leaves. TuFoxy joins.
EU XLlogo std.png xL Phlux, Snakey, Ramirez, and Snipedrone leave.
January 9th
NA Ambushlogo std.png Ambush TriPPPeY, Saiyan, iGotUrPistola, and bubu dubu join.
NA NVlogo std.png nV iGotUrPistola leaves.
NA LGlogo std.png LG Organization leaves the Halo competitive scene. Saiyan, Rayne, and TriPPPeY are released.
January 8th
NA Inslogo std.png Ins Ace, aPG, Lunchbox and Neptune join.
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 Ace leaves.
NA LGlogo std.png LG aPG leaves.