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News/Archive 2018/August

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August 28th
EU Logo std2.png OutCold Gaming Snakey, Snipedrone, Shaady and Qristola joins. Source.
August 24th
EU LUXlogo std.png LUX The team re-enter the Halo competitive scene. SickStory, Boamx, Valkyrie and Ryno joins. Source.
August 23rd
EU Logo std2.png Phelan Gaming Zocke, Faber, iSuperior and Shilla joins. Source.
August 22nd
EU Logo std2.png Valor Cerberxs, M2Squad, Druwaka and WeRiK joins. Source.
August 18th
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 JoeyHoey, Str8Sick, DasTroyed and Commonly are announced. Source.
August 14th
EU Logo std2.png WeVicious Censure, DeZire, Outkast and DeadeyeFred joins and OllyJ joins as a coach. Source.
August 11th
NA Logo std2.png Revive HeLsing, Sanart, Rivalify and Champion joins. Source.
NA MnTlogo std.png MnT Manny, SuperCC, Envore and Taulek joins. Source.
August 10th
NA MnTlogo std.png MnT Manny, SuperCC, Envore and Taulek joins. Source.
NA Logo std2.png VeNom Saturn, Tyler Skasko, Houdunson and Fadeflash joins.Source.
EU Mock-Itlogo std.png Mock-It Havoc joins from Infslogo std.png Team infused. Source.
August 9th
EU Radiantlogo std.png Radiant Quad and Qristola leaves and Mose and Jimbo joins. The new roster for Gfinity London 2018 - S2 is Jimbo, Mose Lunny and Riotz with Turkledore as a coach. Source.
August 7th
EU Logo std2.png Team Upsla Morguh, Batchford, Renan and Shaady joins. source.
August 6th
INT Logo std2.png Halo Halo confirms, the lead character of the upcoming Halo television series will be the legendary, Masterchief. Source
August 1st
EU AllStarslogo std.png AllStars Ego, Savier, Procisionite and Shadow joins. LiteTheDuck joins as a coach. Source