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News/Archive 2017/July

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July 30th
NA Logo std2.png Ronin eSports Spartan is released.
July 21st
NA Logo std2.png CyberStorm Gaming Daffs joins.
NA Logo std2.png Vision Gaming Rammyy, Gabriel, King Nick and Goofy join the team.
July 20th
NA Logo std2.png Atria united Logo std2.png Impact Gaming roster acquired. Burton and Eli Elite join.
July 17th
NA Logo std2.png McShin Knights Classic, Giraffe Rick, Cuddly Conner, Anonymau5 and coach Dr. FeelGood join the team.
July 15th
NA Logo std2.png CyberStorm Gaming Burton is dropped.
NA Logo std2.png ERa Eternity Coach Takedown leaves and Prototype is dropped. Coach Showtime and Sabinater replace them.
NA Logo std2.png Scaryotic is Best Sceptify is dropped, and Scaryotic replaces them.
July 12th
NA Logo std2.png Primal Gilkey, Calm Mentality, PiLEZ and Alpha join the team.
NA Logo std2.png Impact Gaming Gilkey leaves the team.
July 9th
NA Logo std2.png Scaryotic is best King Nick, Neptunes, Bound and Sceptify join the team.
NA Logo std2.png Impact Gaming Cpt Anarchy and Lifestyle join the team, and PiLEZ and SwiSh are dropped.
July 5th
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 Strobe joins, and Tsquared leaves.
NA Logo std2.png Vision Gaming Rammyy, Gabriel, King Nick, and Goofy join.
NA Logo std2.png CyberStorm Gaming Logo std2.png Lethal Gaming roster acquired. ROB THE TURTLE, Burton and Brainstorm join the team. DanyKnight, Nebula, and Eli Elite leave.
July 4th
NA Logo std2.png ERa Eternity Logo std2.png Blood Gang roster acquired. Showtime becomes inactive.
NA Logo std2.png ABCDE Juziro joins the team, and Randa is dropped.
NA Wiselogo std.png Wise Nebula joins the team, and Juziro leaves.