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News/Archive 2017/August

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August 13th
NA SvRlogo std.png SvR Logo std2.png Vision Gaming roster acquired. Swift Kill joins.
NA LGlogo std.png LG Ninja goes on hiatus.
August 12th
NA TGClogo std.png TGC Nebula joins. Musa leaves.
NA Wiselogo std.png Wise Nebula leaves.
NA Str8logo std.png Str8 Heinz is released.
NA Logo std2.png ERa Eternity Commonly and BabyJ leave.
August 8th
NA TLlogo std.png TL AcE is released.
August 7th
NA O2logo std.png O2 Roster is released.
August 2nd
NA Logo std2.png Ronin eSports Sabinater Joins them.
NA Logo std2.png ERa Eternity Sabinater leaves the team.