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MLG Washington, D.C. 2005

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MLG Washington, D.C. 2005
MLG Logo.png
League Information
Event TypeOffline
Prize Pool$5,000
Start Date2005-1-29
End Date2005-1-30

MLG Washington, D.C. 2005 was the first event of the 2005 MLG season, taking place at the Sheraton National Hotel in Arlington, Virginia from January 29-30, 2005. Halo 2 was played in 4v4 and FFA tournaments alongside Super Smash Bros. Melee and Tekken 5.


MLG D.C. '05 was the first major Halo 2 event. As such, it featured many Halo: CE pro players taking on a brand new game. The Ogre twins - Ogre 1 and Ogre 2, alongside Walshy, who together closed out the 2004 season on Team Domination, elected to drop KillerN for Saiyan moving forward, and bring back the old Shoot to Kill team name. At their first event together, they showed that they would be as much of a force to be reckoned with in Halo 2 as they were in Halo: CE, taking out the talented Check Six roster composed of big names from the 2004 Halo: CE season in the finals. MLG D.C. also featured the debut of team Str8 Rippin, founded by AYBFonzi, Foulacy, SadPandaEh and SyNeRGy.



  • The event starts with a free for all tournament in which all players participate.
  • Rounds 1-5 feature 8 person matches with the top 4 players advancing. Round 6 is the finals.
  • 4v4 teams are ranked and placed into pools based on their cumulative FFA performance.


Pool Play
  • After the FFA, every 4v4 team is placed into a 4-team pool.
  • Teams ranked 1st-16th after the FFA automatically advance to the 4v4 Championship Bracket and are placed into pools with each other. All other teams are separated into 1 of 8 pools. The top 2 teams in each of these pools advance to the Championship Bracket.
  • Each team chooses 1 game type from the list provided to play against each of the teams in their pool. A team must use the same map and game type against each opponent.
  • The team who hasn’t chosen the game type chooses their color.
  • Teams ranked 1st-16th do not see their ranking rise or drop outside of their pool’s range. For example, a team ranked #5 after the FFA will have a seed for the Championship Bracket no lower than #8, even if they lose every game during pool play. Likewise, a team ranked #8 after the FFA will have a seed for the Championship Bracket no higher than #5, even if they win every game during pool play. Teams ranked beyond 16th after the FFA will be ranked for Championship Bracket based on their win-loss record in pool play with FFA seeding acting as the tiebreaker.
  • There is a Consolation Tournament on Sunday for all teams eliminated on Saturday in either Pool Play or the Championship Bracket.
Championship Bracket
  • 32-team double elimination tournament.
  • The higher seeded team has choice between host and color for games 2, 3, and 5. The lower seeded team has choice for games 1 and 4.
  • All CTF Classic games have an initial time limit of 15 minutes. If the score is tied after 15 minutes, a 15 minute sudden death period ensues where the first team to score wins. If the sudden death period ends without a flag capture the game ends in a tie.
  • If the score is tied after 6 Rounds of a 1 Flag CTF game, a new game is started to break the tie. Each team is given the same number of chances on offense. The game continues until an even numbered round ends with one team ahead (Win) or 6 Rounds of the tiebreaker game are completed and the score is still tied (Tie).
  • Two wins and one tie win a series.
  • Round 6 of the Winners Bracket is the Championship Match. The initial time limit for CTF Pro games in this match is extended to 20 minutes. If the team coming into Round 6 of the Winners Bracket with a series loss wins the best of five series, a best of three game series must be played to break the tie because both teams would only have one series loss.
  • The winner of the Winners Bracket Finals has color-host choice for games 2, 3, and 5 of the Championship Match.
  • The winner of the Championship Match will have color-host choice for games 1 & 4 of the Tiebreaker Series if necessary.


Game Types and Maps

Included maps and modes:

  • Slayer: Midship, Foundation, Ivory Tower, Lockout, Beaver Creek
  • Team Slayer: Foundation, Beaver Creek, Lockout, Midship, Ivory Tower
  • CTF Classic: Midship
  • Team King: Beaver Creek
  • Team Ball: Lockout



4v4 Results

A total of $5,000 USD in prize money was awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Team Roster (Coach)
Gold.png 1st $2,500 StKlogo std.png Shoot to Kill Ogre1Ogre2SaiyanWalshy
Silver.png 2nd $1,500 X6logo std.png CheckSix Gaming ZyosTupacTsquaredSergio
Bronze.png 3rd $1,000 Logo std2.png FinG BLiPPeD PrAy4URed_AlertColoSsuS1Strangepurple
4th - Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin FonziSyNeRGySadPandaEhFoulacy
5-6th - Logo std2.png IITsKII TeaM Spanish xXxTheMightyZioNCaDdYRidDicK
5-6th - Logo std2.png 7LGF Se7eN-VIILaughferGizZoSt-FaTaL-
7-8th - Logo std2.png Xtournaments lil poisonPoisonLeviBizzare
7-8th - LGZlogo std.png VGA Legendz VashGandhiMackDefy
9-12th - Logo std2.png ILL ThePhenomBigElln01rDevilman
9-12th - Logo std2.png ll CLiKz ll LLHyDRoLLZacharySFriedmanEzorChenzo13
9-12th - Logo std2.png CB and Friends MonkMan-CB-HaHaInHisPriMeMrOwnage
9-12th - Logo std2.png Airflow IIPisToLIIquinnAre5ND Goat
13-16th - Logo std2.png Nub StAtUs MuZzYShook_On3Samurai650Severence
13-16th - Logo std2.png Twelve ShOt KiLLaZ -QuAKe-I_SoLiDuZ_IStunnerburns
13-16th - Logo std2.png ISG MentyIsNaniTSpechial KSt1cky Fing4z
13-16th - Logo std2.png Team Hottness DisLEXic_Om3gA_ThePrinceDiablogoosinator2005
17-24th - Logo std2.png The Way We Ball ProPa1nTekNeekzNiMrOoKPepperz
17-24th - Logo std2.png RIPA Pepperixq1kCorbinHDll_RiCo_ll
17-24th - Logo std2.png Halo: CE MavenMcSGrasshopperxXFeTuSxX
17-24th - Logo std2.png clan Kapitol kmenseBGziGGhett0_DaN
17-24th - Logo std2.png MoD JMBRehcamretsneF-MoD-Burton4XeNa
17-24th - Logo std2.png TS Sh0cker4x4Gunit1337SyndraxWazzup780
17-24th - Logo std2.png II So Sick II XAcidiaNXMagicManadrian976ICandyManI
17-24th - Logo std2.png VGA WTF RingsTheSickTH3ORYB3nNyToad
25-32th - Logo std2.png VA Squad mannHANDlerJForteHANDicapableThe#2
25-32th - Logo std2.png ACID DREAMS NightCapperOppiumNitratessilvertracemodified
25-32th - Logo std2.png Lusty Lungers lartoriuslImpactAwDaveyJaxom
25-32th - Logo std2.png Legendary Operatives ReticentKBRePTiLeLONastYLO_redruM
25-32th - Logo std2.png Home Lan Security CashtipsyBigEarlItalian
25-32th - Logo std2.png J-Unit GugaAll TalentNicktoriousAbeja
25-32th - Logo std2.png DS CrossXhairRedDotBazookaHitman77
25-32th - Logo std2.png F.A.T.A.L. X ScribbizleI Ghost IXeniosI Mimic I

FFA Results

Place Player
Gold.png 1st Ogre2
Silver.png 2nd Vash
Bronze.png 3rd Fonzi
4th Saiyan
5th RidDicK
6th Levi
7th MuZzY
8th Zyos





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