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MLG San Francisco 2004

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MLG San Francisco 2004
MLG Logo.png
League Information
OrganizerMajor League Gaming
Event TypeOffline
Start Date2004-9-11
End Date2004-9-12

MLG San Francisco 2004 was the seventh event of the 2004 MLG season, taking place at the USF Lone Mountain Conference Center in San Francisco, California from September 11-12, 2004. Halo: CE was played in 2v2, 4v4 and FFA tournaments alongside Soul Calibur II, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Gran Turismo III.


MLG San Francisco 2004 was arguably the Halo event at which Zyos achieved the most success. His team, YES!!!, took 1st place in the 4v4 (also giving Tsquared his first major event win), Zyos and Tsquared took 1st place in the 2v2, and Zyos took 1st place in the FFA. Zyos famously agreed to split his prize money with his FFA finals opponent Mighty. He claimed to have done this to make his opponent less hungry for victory.[1] The event is also the first MLG event on record to feature Cpt Anarchy, Fonzi and Foulacy competing.




Place Team Roster (Coach)
Gold.png 1st Logo std2.png YES!!! ZyosTsquaredScytheSlim
Silver.png 2nd Logo std2.png NT MightyKancersHaYPun[email protected]@r
Bronze.png 3rd Logo std2.png Good Game eepLowK[email protected]ShooK
4th Logo std2.png PA All Stars FecesSlingerFOULACYFonzicomet
5-6th Logo std2.png Reno 911 AmericaGlokzspfxSinister
5-6th Logo std2.png Koala Ownage SIV3LYourmomSomeoneFiErCeDeAtH
7-9th Logo std2.png Kill Me Noob C-WalkbLaCk3LkSterlingX-RaTeD
7-9th Logo std2.png sLc Cpt AnarchyRyePookieGhost
7-9th Logo std2.png WRX lamo:BigNastySaviorBlue Steel
10-14th Logo std2.png TBLOTOS PN ClapAnakinPuckettDolbex
10-14th LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming BriggzEkkOneophyteXazzx
10-14th Logo std2.png Halo Babies PunisherSoup NaziCoronaBig Dan
10-14th Logo std2.png Last Encounter PliskinROCKET XGakuBeefyWaffle
10-14th Logo std2.png Fun Filled Genocide The IrishmanSquiddyPhentos.SixMaster J
15-20th Logo std2.png Manz ShowChinaBreakTekK
15-20th Logo std2.png TBLOTOS PN SundanceSinSynideGator Boots
15-20th Logo std2.png Wyrm Food Bo BoBB WolfEnochWooChunck
15-20th Logo std2.png The Chosen Few rebootT3000Reaper_137Souljah
15-20th Logo std2.png GQ prettyboyRononredemptionsuperman
15-20th Logo std2.png DONS ScarfaceRude BwoyKillaBoz


Place Team Roster
Gold.png 1st Logo std2.png YES!!! 1 ZyosTsquared
Silver.png 2nd Logo std2.png YES!!! 2 ScytheSlim
3-4th Logo std2.png NT 1 sHaYPun[email protected]@r
3-4th Logo std2.png NT 2 MightyKancer
5-8th Logo std2.png Reno 911 1 AmericaGlokz
5-8th Logo std2.png Good Game 1 LowK[email protected]
5-8th Logo std2.png Good Game 2 eepShooK
5-8th Logo std2.png Kill Me Noob 1 SterlingX-Rated
9-16th Logo std2.png Koala Ownage 1 Yourmomsomeone
9-16th Logo std2.png Kill Me Noob 2 C-WalkbLaCk3Lk
9-16th Logo std2.png sLc 1 Cpt AnarchyRye
9-16th Logo std2.png PA All Stars 1 FOULACYcomet
9-16th Logo std2.png WRX 1 lamo:BigNasty
9-16th Logo std2.png Reno 911 2 spfxSinister
9-16th Logo std2.png PA All Stars 2 Feces SlingerFonzi
9-16th LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming 1 BriggzEkkO
17-32nd Logo std2.png GQ 1 prettyboyRonron
17-32nd LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming 1 neophyteXazzx
17-32nd Logo std2.png Last Encounter 1 PliskinRocket X
17-32nd Logo std2.png Halo Babies 1 CoronaBigDan
17-32nd Logo std2.png Wyrm Food 1 EnochWooChunck
17-32nd Logo std2.png ManZ 1 ChinaTekK
17-32nd Logo std2.png WRX 2 SaviorBlue Steel
17-32nd Logo std2.png Chosen Few 1 rebootT3000
17-32nd Logo std2.png Fun Filled 1 The IrishmanMaster J
17-32nd Logo std2.png Koala Ownage 2 SIV3LFiErCeDeAtH
17-32nd Logo std2.png sLc 2 PookieGhost
17-32nd Logo std2.png ManZ 2 SnowBreak
17-32nd Logo std2.png Last Encounter 2 GakuBeeffyWaffle
17-32nd Logo std2.png Halo Babies 2 PunisherSoup Nazi
17-32nd Logo std2.png Chosen Few 2 Reaper_137Souljah
17-32nd Logo std2.png GQ 2 RedemptionSuperman
17-32nd Logo std2.png 1812 1 xaeroxellos
17-32nd Logo std2.png NsC 2 XeNeXFoRsEtI


Place Player
Gold.png 1st Zyos
Silver.png 2nd Mighty
3-4th Tsquared
3-4th Scythe
5-8th [email protected]@r
5-8th Slim
5-8th [email protected]
5-8th eep
9-10th Cpt Anarchy
9-10th Glokz
11-12th Fonzi
11-12th X-Rated
13-14th Savior
13-14th Rye
15-16th bLaCk3Lk
15-16th Xazzx
17-20th spfx
17-20th Sterling
17-20th C-Walk
17-20th ShooK
21-24th sHaYPun
21-24th Sinister
21-24th lamo:
21-24th America
25-28th BigNasty
25-28th Briggz
25-28th Someone
25-28th Kancer
29-32nd EkkO
29-32nd Yourmom
29-32nd Souljah
29-32nd Feces Slinger



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