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MLG Orlando 2006

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MLG Orlando 2006
League Information
Event TypeOffline
Prize Pool$33,700 (4v4)
$5,275 (FFA)
Start Date2006-8-25
End Date2006-8-27

MLG Orlando 2006 was the fifth event of the 2006 MLG season, taking place at the Wyndham Orlando Resort in Orlando, Florida from August 25-27, 2006. Halo 2 was played in 4v4 and FFA/1v1 tournaments, alongside Super Smash Bros. Melee.


Following Chicago, some major team changes occurred. Carbon, though competing with everyone, was struggling to maintain consistency and grab the #1 spot. They opted to drop StrongSide and pick up GH057ayame formerly of eX. Defy felt Str8 Rippin was no longer the right team for him, so he left to reform LeGendZ with Vash, Mack and the newest free agent, StrongSide. In Defy's place, Str8 Rippin brought back Cpt Anarchy.

Competition was tight in the early rounds of the tournament. In the 3rd round, 5th seeded Storm Ventures narrowly defeated 4th seeded LeGendZ, while 2nd seeded Str8 Rippin narrowly defeated 6th seeded XiT Woundz. Chicago's 4th place shooK On3 gaming took a top 12 placing as they were eliminated by FBI, well known as the former Michigan squad that upset Carbon in Anaheim. Another upset occurred in the next Losers' Bracket round when 8th seeded Vanity Gaming took out 4th seeded LeGendZ, sending them home with an 8th place finish. In the Winners' Semifinals, Final Boss and Carbon steamrolled over Storm Ventures and Str8 Rippin, leading to a Winners' Finals clash between FB and the new Carbon roster. Carbon made a statement, defeating FB 3-1 and knocking them into the Losers' Bracket for the first time since they went by Team 3D. After ending FBI GamerGraffix and Storm Ventures' tournaments, XiT Woundz found themselves in a rematch with Str8 Rippin and were defeated 6-3 for a 4th place finish. Waiting for the winner in the LB Finals, Final Boss destroyed Str8 Rippin and advanced to the Finals for another shot at Carbon. They took it to ten games, but were unable to overcome the deficit from the WB Finals. After almost two years of losing to Final Boss and Team 3D as IGS, Team Phreaks and Carbon, ShocKWav3, Karma and Gandhi's team had finally pulled one off on them, going into the two big money events of the season.



  • Amateur bracket
    • All teams outside of top 16 are placed in amateur bracket. Top 16 move onto championship bracket as seeds #17-32
    • Double-Elimination, best of 3 series
      • Extended Series rule: best of 5 series starting 2-0 or 2-1 based on result of previous meeting
  • Championship bracket
    • Double-Elimination, best of 5 series
      • Extended Series rule: best of 11 series starting 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2 based on result of previous meeting
    • Consolation matches take place for all individual placings from 5-32


  • Round robin FFA play, 4 players eliminated each game each round
  • Once 8 players remain, they are placed in championship 1v1 bracket
    • Double-Elimination, single game series
      • Extended Series rule: best of 3 series starting 1-0 based on result of previous meeting
    • Consolation matches take place for 5th and 7th place


4v4 Results

A total of $33,700 USD in prize money was awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Seed Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $12,000 2 Carbonlogo std.png Carbon ShocKWav3GandhiGH057ayameTrue_Karma
Silver.png 2nd $8,000 1 FBlogo std.png Final Boss WalshyOGRE1OGRE2Saiyan
Bronze.png 3rd $5,000 3 Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin TsquaredAYBFonziFoulacyCpt Anarchy
4th $3,000 6 Logo std2.png XiT Woundz BonfireItwasluckKillerNSamurai
5th $2,000 8 Logo std2.png Vanity Gaming Triple007PisToLelamitewarriorFoSsiK
6th $1,500 5 SVlogo std.png Storm Ventures RambyLegitNadedPoon
7th $1,200 9 Logo std2.png FBI MackeoVictory_XSlimTupac
8th $1,000 4 LGZlogo std.png LeGendZ DefyVashMackStrongSide
9th - 10 Logo std2.png VS Triggers Down SK_Halogod_v2II BoO IIToxinToxinsNeighbor
10th - 12 Logo std2.png FBI Nice Like Rice LegendJRGRAYpeDonut 5SiX1RioOoOo
11th - 7 Logo std2.png Shook on3 gaming DaRk_VeGeTTohslightkingPyrocyShook_On3
12th - 11 Logo std2.png Zone 6 SpainiardButt3rZCypherJo3
13th - 14 Logo std2.png TimeliestBruteRuDYReBoRNFearItSelfFak3 Tittys
14th - 20 Logo std2.png Under The Influence TalenTXiT xOmegAxNitrouss[AsK]LeGeNdPimPs
15th - 16 Logo std2.png NdH BuLLeTzXeniosBesT MaNSuReShOt
16th - 17 Logo std2.png AyR ex DrumMeR exxSn4kExSleepyBRUNO393
17th - 22 Logo std2.png Type-Z Str8pimpInfinity ZOwnat1onI Hulk I
18th - 13 Logo std2.png Gty (_Scrub_)OVERSHIELDDrBobBigTimer13
19th - 15 Logo std2.png Mind over Matter LoondogShoota IIApoKSuffer
20th - 18 Logo std2.png Just Beyond the Rainbow Be LiKe MyThRochYMudVayneSmoltz
21st - 19 Logo std2.png MoB MimiCHavokXAcidiaNXMeLLoZ
22nd - 21 Logo std2.png FBI Last Minute I Got CatsSilverSonFireIsHotL 50Rap3s L
23rd - 23 Logo std2.png TradersPlanet San Antonio 8BallHaE WoNkADyNoMiKeRABAD3UX
24th - 25 Logo std2.png Next In Line BaLLeRs LastManI_SpIdErMaN_IZT kyo_HaMsTeR_
25th - 27 Logo std2.png Team Velocity lK4l MassacreBruisingchodeD3monHuntei2xShook
26th - 24 Logo std2.png HeirarchLiL-PoisonIGotHtByAShovelI ImpulsE l
27th - 26 Logo std2.png Eats Mangos WildwhiskersPhixgOdS_ExiLell MaNgo ll
28th - 28 Logo std2.png Do a Barrel Roll AndrosAnDrossixq1kredruM
29th - 30 Logo std2.png Live I Ap3x IDa BeAsTgporterSo Vi 3t
30th - 29 IDeaLlogo std.png Team iDeaL Procto PirateBrominexx scytheSmOoTh iZ SicK
31st - 31 Logo std2.png bLoOd N TeRrOr MorlayXxGuardianJunKDeMoNNN
32nd - 32 Logo std2.png GDT GDT ChoBoThuggishKiLaD NlCEroldafatty

1v1/Free-For-All Results

A total of $5,275 USD in prize money was awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Seed Player
Gold.png 1st $2,000 4 True_Karma
Silver.png 2nd $1,200 6 StrongSide
Bronze.png 3rd $800 5 Legit
4th $500 1 Naded
5th $300 2 AYBFonzi
6th $200 3 FoSsiK
7th $150 7 SK_Halogod_v2
8th $125 8 i Hulk i



  • This was Soviet's first event.





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