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MLG Orlando 2005

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MLG Orlando 2005
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League Information
Event TypeOffline
Prize Pool$5,000
Start Date2005-4-23
End Date2005-4-24

MLG Orlando 2005 was the fourth event of the 2005 MLG season, taking place in Orlando, Florida from April 23-24, 2005. Halo 2 was played in 4v4 and FFA tournaments alongside Super Smash Bros. Melee and Tekken 5.


The first three events of the 2005 season ended in a battle between Shoot to Kill and Check Six, with StK besting them each time. Things changed in Orlando. Between events, StK picked up a sponsorship from Team 3D and attended the event representing them. Orlando would be the last event where the team registered as Shoot to Kill. On the other side of things, Check Six failed to make it to the finals, instead finishing in the top 6 after being defeated by the new Str8 Rippin squad which featured Karma and Tsquared replacing SadPandaEh and BLACKJAK. Given Zyos' competitive nature, this was the last event that he would spend on Check Six. Taking Check Six's spot in the finals was a new team - iGameSpot, composed of Vash, McGavin, Red_Alert (later known as ShockWav3) and Gandhi. This would be the first of many times that the StK roster would face off against the duo of ShockWav3 and Gandhi in the Grand Finals.


  • Pool Play
  • Double-Elimination, best of 5 series
    • Extended Series rule: best of 11 series starting 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2 based on result of previous meeting


4v4 Results

A total of $5,000 USD in prize money was awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $2,500 StKlogo std.png Shoot to Kill WalshySaiyanOgre 1Ogre 2
Silver.png 2nd $1,500 Logo std2.png iGameSpot McGavinRed_AlertVashGandhi
Bronze.png 3rd $1,000 Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin FoulacyTsquaredKarmaFonzi
4th - Logo std2.png Team TsK TheMightyZioNRid(D)icKxXxPoison
5th-6th - X6logo std.png CheckSix Gaming ZyosSergioTupacKillerN
5th-6th - Logo std2.png Game City 1 CommandoK to the TacHulkGizZosT
7th-8th - Logo std2.png Team SapiencE SapienTKraKaLaKaEddie101Gintron
7th-8th - Logo std2.png Team rSports Shook_On3DarrylSamurai650ODDJOB
9th-12th - Logo std2.png So Sick Cap.CxHAVOKxXAcidiaNX(-ScK-)SPARTAN
9th-12th - Logo std2.png NoA All Stars MrOwnageMonkmanCByeeemeng
9th-12th - Logo std2.png F3AR HOODZTrojanSWAT-LotusxxBLaDeXx
9th-12th - Logo std2.png Strafe and Run o0Dominator0oTravestyPlayer_1_AckR1te
13th-16th - Logo std2.png EHAS LegendJRGErizDetachMrBurns
13th-16th - Logo std2.png GDT jaybizzletooslick89WonkoZionIsALazy
13th-16th - Logo std2.png J2G CaMpBeLl1CaMpBeLl2zdxZeroZen
13th-16th - Logo std2.png TGS RockysparksLocoDemonIM_not_Garbage
17th-24th - Logo std2.png Team SiK gohan7560Simplicityevilryu1068NERD23
17th-24th - Logo std2.png Never Say Di3 the_flashNeXMagnumsNsD_ace5
17th-24th - Logo std2.png Team FtE FtE_CobaltRvBApOcOlypsEFtE_SpartanThE_GaM3
17th-24th - Logo std2.png Unknown Soldiers FretzMacMastaII_eRmAc_IICreeper
17th-24th - Logo std2.png Leftovers GrasshopperNiT_DoninatorNiT_d3c3pt1onCandyman
17th-24th - Logo std2.png The Balance hynakinhynakinfngamefiendsplaceyourbetts
17th-24th - Logo std2.png Cold Mercenaries YessirsquatnbearBigKdogg117robdd23
17th-24th - Logo std2.png Game Knights B xxKa0tKHard2TargetGKFalloutGkKILLER
25th-32th - Logo std2.png Zanatos fremastrKimboFukUrDayUpbigwill
25th-32th - Logo std2.png FELG PMS PMS-LeluAKGooseKostonfoXy
25th-32th - Logo std2.png 3 White Boys… J-MoneyriddlenboyLovemerightjagah
25th-32th - Logo std2.png end.effect ziGBGkmenseGhettoDan
25th-32th - Logo std2.png ShoTs FiReD mastersputdonut117whybeRBSweptXdarkness
25th-32th - Logo std2.png Element X eX.StyluseX.ChromeCajunJestereX.Function
25th-32th - Logo std2.png Game City 2 DontronUltraHitokiriShaggyAlbino
25th-32th - Logo std2.png ATL ArchangelGTpuppy=BlPuNllDARKN355

Free-For-All Results

Place Player
Gold.png 1st Karma
Silver.png 2nd Tsquared
Bronze.png 3rd Zyos
4th Vash
5th KillerN
6th xHAVOKx
8th Tupac


  • This event marked the first appearance of Tsquared on Str8 Rippin. He would go on to lead the team to major success.






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