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MLG Los Angeles 2005

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MLG Los Angeles 2005
MLG Logo.png
League Information
Event TypeOffline
Prize Pool$18,700.00 (4v4)
$2,300.00 (FFA)
Start Date2005-10-14
End Date2005-10-16

MLG Los Angeles 2005 was the tenth event of the 2005 MLG season, taking place at the Hilton in Costa Mesa, California from October 14-16, 2005. Halo 2 was played in 4v4 and FFA tournaments, alongside Super Smash Bros. Melee and Tekken 5.


The 2005 season kicked into overdrive at MLG Los Angeles, dubbed the Western Conference Championship, the first of three Conference Championships for the 2005 season. Teams were no longer granted immediate entry into the Championship Bracket. Only certain players were invited based on their performance over the season, while the remaining teams had to play through a "Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ)" bracket. The 4v4 prize pool increased to $18,700, and guaranteed payouts for the top 8 teams. An additional prize pool of $1,300 was added for the FFA for a total of $20,000 up for grabs. This ushered in the return of Team 3D, and the other top teams bolstered up their rosters in preparation. Tsquared and Foulacy recruited Fonzi and Cpt Anarchy for TmG, while Team EG recruited budding superstar Strongside. Defy and Vash of Monglers Legendz recruited Mack and Toxin to round out their roster. In the end, Team 3D did what they were best at, and took out all of their competition on the way to another tournament win.



  • Invitational/Open tournament
    • Teams featuring invited players immediately advance to championship bracket.
    • Other teams must play through a Last Chance Qualifier (LCQ) bracket. Top 4 teams advance to championship bracket as lowest seeds.
  • Double-Elimination, best of 5 series
    • Extended Series rule: best of 11 series starting 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2 based on result of previous meeting


  • Invitational/Open tournament
    • Invited players immediately advance to championship bracket.
    • Other players must play through LCQ bracket. Top 7 players advance to championship FFA bracket as lowest seeds.
  • FFA - top 4 of each game advance to next round until only 8 players remain
  • Top 8 players face off in 1v1 bracket
    • Double-Elimination, single game series.
      • Extended Series rule: best of 3 series starting 1-0 based on result of previous meeting


4v4 Results

A total of $18,700 USD in prize money was awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $6,500 3Dlogo std.png Team 3D Ogre 1Ogre 2SaiyanWalshy
Silver.png 2nd $4,000 Logo std2.png TmG FoulacyFonziTsquaredCpt.Anarchy
Bronze.png 3rd $2,400 EGlogo std.png Team EG SadPandaEhBLACKJAKStrongsideG-SpOt
4th $1,800 LGZlogo std.png Monglers Legendz DefyVashMackToxin
5th-6th $1,200 Logo std2.png I PBR I True_KarmaChAoSdaNinjah3llboyb3WaRe
5th-6th $1,200 Logo std2.png TcO o0Dominator0oNemoPwnsXiTxItwasluckxBonfire
7th-8th $800 Logo std2.png h2k DaRk_VeGeTTohslightkinglGameIMeLLoZ
7th-8th $800 Logo std2.png LiquidIceEnergyDrink.com xXxIIPisToLIILeviGH057ayame
9th-12th - Logo std2.png Utah Noobs flanksterv2NakamuraNatakuStew
9th-12th - SVlogo std.png Storm Ventures Samurai650MurfManRambyTheSPFXmaN
9th-12th - Logo std2.png rSports H2C (_Scrub_)XAcidiaNXFJ-SOLKlesk_4000
9th-12th - Logo std2.png Best Free Agents on Campus DetachPoonManovaTheHanGmaN
13th-16th - Logo std2.png CWK NiT_DoninatorchamukoXxExileBC07
13th-16th - Logo std2.png rSports TupacShook_On3OGRE3pWnSh0p
13th-16th - Logo std2.png Team StK AKGooseCampinMonkeyXxWiCkSpainiard
13th-16th - Logo std2.png Limited Edition ToxinsneighborxTBCx_NinjaEth3rkrypt
17th-19th - Logo std2.png Team 12 Shot ReynationjohnnyBo3Sp1d3yxShaKuRx
17th-19th - Logo std2.png HRS HRS_AJAXHRS_S3kToRHRS_AttacKslick_r1ck619
17th-19th - Logo std2.png T2 Stole My Panties EMP1R3Des0laTeBtK_MiZeRyB335T

1v1 Results

A total of $2,300 USD in prize money was awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Player
Gold.png 1st $1,200 Karma
Silver.png 2nd $600 Ogre 2
Bronze.png 3rd $300 StrongSide
4th $200 GH057ayame
5th-6th - Fonzi
5th-6th - Walshy
7th-8th - Bonfire
7th-8th - Defy






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