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MLG Los Angeles 2004

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MLG Los Angeles 2004
MLG Logo.png
League Information
OrganizerMajor League Gaming
Event TypeOffline
Start Date2004-9-25
End Date2004-9-26

MLG Los Angeles 2004 was the eighth event of the 2004 MLG season, taking place at the Hollywood Sports Park in Bellflower, California from September 25-26, 2004. Halo: CE was played in 2v2, 4v4 and FFA tournaments alongside Soul Calibur II, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Gran Turismo III.





Place Team Roster (Coach)
Gold.png 1st Logo std2.png Business Decision StrangepurpleSergioNistiCSaiyan
Silver.png 2nd Logo std2.png MVP's Unite ZyosMightyClockworkDarkman
Bronze.png 3rd Logo std2.png Good Game LowK[email protected]eepShooK
4th Logo std2.png EWC glokZAmericaTomAceHug0
5-6th Logo std2.png Spread Eagle infinitiRipponCanadaNakamura
5-6th Logo std2.png Team Default BapoCliffyFishyKarma
7-10th Logo std2.png SUC NimeriXsHaYPunBreseBuu
7-10th Logo std2.png MOD JMBBurton4XenaGrasshopper
7-10th Logo std2.png TBLOTOS PN ClapAnakinPuckettDolbex
7-10th Logo std2.png IMOD MiZiKeBriggzCpt_AnarchyRye
11-15th Logo std2.png DNP PoPpA PuMpSOLOWBeanZShadow
11-15th Logo std2.png Good Question xAZZxTupac's HeroMBak Bak
11-15th Logo std2.png T&A TranceAnomalyS!CGay Pimp
11-15th Logo std2.png Equal Disadvantage Gran CalcSinSkinzManCrease
11-15th Logo std2.png LxG BacaratGrecoDetoxPula
16-21st Logo std2.png Bulba nobomcJacksorgruntstafuu
16-21st Logo std2.png 911 1337fiberopticsleet911
16-21st Logo std2.png NOF MaskReaperGlowSkye
16-21st Logo std2.png Chicken Brigade Your MomDeath472roadkillSafety 2nd
16-21st Logo std2.png Gummiers GwormGbearDroXBS
16-21st Logo std2.png NoK Method7LucasWerd
22-26th Logo std2.png Wolf Pack NotoriousWOLFMarineGnome King
22-26th Logo std2.png TBLOTOS Q Team teKniQSharpshooterSundanceDyslexia
22-26th Logo std2.png Upity Fish People skjoldAlaskan PlasticA1b4nat0rThompson
22-26th Logo std2.png Bucket Spawns MaynardIAMr. TOriginal Sin
22-26th Logo std2.png Blue Team The CupidBooAchillesEl Fangor


Place Team Roster
Gold.png 1st Logo std2.png Business Decision 1 SergioNistiC
Silver.png 2nd Logo std2.png Business Decision 2 StrangepurpleSaiyan
3-4th Logo std2.png MVP's Unite 1 ZyosDarkman
3-4th Logo std2.png SUC 1 NiMeRiXBuu
5-8th Logo std2.png SUC 2 BresesHaYPun
5-8th Logo std2.png Good Game 1 LowK[email protected]
5-8th Logo std2.png Spread Eagle 1 CanadaRippon
5-8th Logo std2.png Good Game 2 eepShooK
9-16th Logo std2.png IMOD 1 RyeCpt_Anarchy
9-16th Logo std2.png MoD 1 JMBGrasshopper
9-16th Logo std2.png EWC 1 glokZAmerica
9-16th Logo std2.png Spread Eagle 2 InfinitiNakamura
9-16th Logo std2.png MVP's Unite 2 MightyClockwork
9-16th Logo std2.png EWC 2 TomAceHug0
9-16th Logo std2.png TBLOTOS PN 1 AnakinPuckett
9-16th Logo std2.png MoD 2 Burton4Xena
17-32nd Logo std2.png Bulba 1 Jacksornobomc
17-32nd Logo std2.png Gummies 1 DroXBS
17-32nd Logo std2.png LxG 1 Detoxpula
17-32nd Logo std2.png 911 1 1337fiberoptics
17-32nd Logo std2.png DNP 1 SOLOWShadow
17-32nd Logo std2.png Good Question 1 xAXXxTupac's Hero
17-32nd Logo std2.png Team Default 1 BapoKarma
17-32nd Logo std2.png NoK 1 MethodWerd
17-32nd Logo std2.png T&A 1 S!CGay Pimp
17-32nd Logo std2.png Team Default 2 CliffyFishy
17-32nd Logo std2.png NoK 2 7Lucas
17-32nd Logo std2.png DNP 2 PoPpA PuMpBeanZ
17-32nd Logo std2.png Good Question 2 Bak BakM
17-32nd Logo std2.png IMOD 2 MiZiKeBriggz
17-32nd Logo std2.png Gummies 2 GwormGbear
17-32nd Logo std2.png Bulba 2 gruntstafuu


Place Player
Gold.png 1st LowK
Silver.png 2nd Darkman
3-4th Sergio
3-4th Strangepurple
5-8th Zyos
5-8th Mighty
5-8th JMB
5-8th Clockwork
9-10th Canada
9-10th Saiyan
11-12th NistiC
11-12th ShooK
13-14th Hug0
13-14th TomAce
15-16th sHaYPun
15-16th Cpt_Anarchy
17-20th eep
17-20th Nakamura
17-20th Anakin
17-20th Burton4
21-24th Cliffy
21-24th Brese
21-24th [email protected]
21-24th America
25-28th Gbear
25-28th Buu
25-28th Briggz
25-28th Puckett
29-32nd NiMeRiX
29-32nd xAZZx
29-32nd BeanZ
29-32nd XBS



  • This event marked the first MLG appearance of Karma.


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