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MLG GameBattles/2000 Series/Europe/2018-03-04

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MLG GameBattles 2K Series EU 2018-03-04
League Information
Organizer: MLG
Event Type: Online
Game: Halo 5 logo.png
Format: 4v4
Number of Teams: 10
Prize pool: $1,000
Start Date: 2018-3-04
End Date: 2018-3-04
Links: Website


This is the sixth of the online competitions for the MLG European Halo World Championship 2018 2000 Series. It took place on 4th March 2018, and the game being played for a $1,000 prize pool is Halo 5: Guardians. It forms part of the Halo World Championship 2018 - Season 1.



  • It is an open tournament, any teams can play.
  • The bracket is single-elimination, with the games being best-of-5 series.
  • There is a 1024 team limit in place.

Game Types and Maps

  • Capture the Flag - Coliseum, Fathom and Truth
  • Strongholds - Eden, Empire, Plaza and The Rig
  • Slayer - Coliseum, Plaza, Regret, The Rig and Truth
  • Oddball - Eden and The Rig



$1,000 USD in prize money is divided among the teams as follows:

Place Prize (USD) Team Pro Points
Gold.png 1st $750 Infslogo std.png Team infused 2000
Silver.png 2nd $250 FBLlogo std.png Fable Esports 1200
Bronze.png 3rd-4th - Mock-Itlogo std.png Mock-It Esports 800
Bronze.png3rd-4th - Logo std2.png SkitLite 800
5th-8th - Logo std2.png Invalid Esports 600
5th-8th - Logo std2.png Polaris Gaming 600
5th-8th - Logo std2.png Germania 600
5th-8th - Logo std2.png WATCHURFACEIWONTHECLASH 600


Championship Bracket

  Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Team Infused 3
  BYE 0
  Team Infused 3
  Germania 0
  Tiny's Team 0
  Team Infused 3
  SkitLite 0
  Invalid Esports 3
  BYE 0
  Invalid Esports 0
  SkitLite 3
  SkitLite 3
  BYE 0
  Team Infused 3
  Fable Esports 0
  Mock-It Esports 3
  BYE 0
  Mock-It Esports 3
  Polaris Gaming 0
  BYE 0
  Polaris Gaming 3
  Mock-It Esports 0
  Fable Esports 3
  DFCR 0
  Fable Esports 3
  BYE 0
  Fable Esports 3