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MLG Chicago 2006

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MLG Chicago 2006
League Information
Event TypeOffline
Prize Pool$33,700 (4v4)
$5,275 (FFA)
Start Date2006-7-21
End Date2006-7-23

MLG Chicago 2006 was the fourth event of the 2006 MLG season, taking place at the Pheasant Run Resort & Spa in St. Charles, Illinois from July 21-23, 2006. Halo 2 was played in 4v4 and FFA/1v1 tournaments, alongside Super Smash Bros. Melee.


Following Anaheim, not many major team changes were made. Seven of the top eight seeded teams returned with the same rosters as they had in Anaheim, with only eX making any changes, complimenting the return of GH057ayame with the addition of Mimic to the roster.

When the time came for the event, Chicago shattered the attendance record, with a whopping 177 teams on hand. The event started off predictably until the 3rd round, where #2 seed Str8 Rippin and #3 seed Carbon were upset by #7 seed Shook on3 gaming and #6 seed Storm Ventures, respectively. This lead to a clash between Str8 Rippin and Carbon in Losers' round 5, meaning one of the top 3 teams would be going home with a top 8 finish. Carbon would take the series 3-1, ending Str8's event with their lowest ever placing at the time. Despite being knocked into Losers' by Storm Ventures, Shook On3 gaming continued to impress, upsetting the 7th seeded eX in the 6th round, while Carbon mowed through XiT Woundz on the other side of things. Carbon put an end to Shook On3's cinderella story with a 3-1 defeat over the team in the next round, ending their event with an albeit impressive 4th place finish. In the Winners' finals, Storm Ventures predictably could not overcome Final Boss, and were sent to the Losers' Bracket for a rematch with Carbon. Carbon battled hard, taking the series to game 11, but could not take the final game, instead taking a 3rd place finish. In the Grand Finals rematch between SV and FB, the underdog SV put up an admirable fight, taking the series to 10 games, but it was not meant to be. Final Boss continued their unstoppable streak at the biggest event yet.



  • Amateur bracket
    • All teams outside of top 16 are placed in amateur bracket. Top 16 move onto championship bracket as seeds #17-32
    • Double-Elimination, best of 3 series
      • Extended Series rule: best of 5 series starting 2-0 or 2-1 based on result of previous meeting
  • Championship bracket
    • Double-Elimination, best of 5 series
      • Extended Series rule: best of 11 series starting 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2 based on result of previous meeting
    • Consolation matches take place for all individual placings from 5-32


  • Round robin FFA play, 4 players eliminated each game each round
  • Once 8 players remain, they are placed in championship 1v1 bracket
    • Double-Elimination, single game series
      • Extended Series rule: best of 3 series starting 1-0 based on result of previous meeting
    • Consolation matches take place for 5th and 7th place


4v4 Results

A total of $33,700 USD in prize money was awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Seed Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $12,000 1 FBlogo std.png Final Boss WalshyOgre 1Ogre 2Saiyan
Silver.png 2nd $8,000 6 SVlogo std.png Storm Ventures RambyLegitNadedPoon
Bronze.png 3rd $5,000 3 Carbonlogo std.png Carbon ShocKWav3GandhiStrongSideKarma
4th $3,000 7 Logo std2.png Shook on3 gaming DaRk_VeGeTTohslightkingPyrocyShook_On3
5th $2,000 4 Logo std2.png XiT Woundz BonfireItwasluckKillerNSamurai
6th $1,500 5 Logo std2.png eX IIPisToLIICpt AnarchyMimiCgH057ayame
7th $1,200 2 Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin TsquaredFonziDefyFoulacy
8th $1,000 8 Logo std2.png MoB NitroussTriple007elamitewarriorFoSsiK
9th - 11 Logo std2.png FBI Michigan MackeoVictory XSlimTupac
10th - 16 Logo std2.png FBI Nice Like Rice snwborder5Donut 5SiX1LegendJRGRioOoOo
11th - 13 Logo std2.png Aero Jet SpainiardBigTimer13BRUNO393Butt3rz
12th - 10 TDlogo std.png Triggers Down SK Halogod v2DetachToxinToxinsNeighbor
13th - 9 Logo std2.png SuperMarioBrothers G-SpOtCypherSkills x2ThE_Bo
14th - 17 Logo std2.png Team Versus II BoO IIVashMackMeLLoZ
15th - 14 Logo std2.png MoB FearItSelfRuDYReBoRNxHokuMTimeliestBrute
16th - 22 Logo std2.png Looney Gaming LOONdogShoota IIApoKI FrOsty I
17th - 15 Logo std2.png Under The Influence TalenTlGaMeI[AsK]LeGeNdPimPsAcidian
18th - 21 Logo std2.png on Point st0n3r_2OGRE3HaliMcGavin
19th - 25 Logo std2.png GI GI PR1M0GI BuLLeTzGI SuReSh0tGI Xenios
20th - 19 Logo std2.png Nothing to Lose QuickDeathElibradfox2BesT MaN
21st - 12 Logo std2.png Gty (_Scrub_)OVERSHIELDDrBobh2c popcorn p
22nd - 18 Logo std2.png Team TerraBite quinnDysphoriajo3JuS
23rd - 23 Logo std2.png Yo Bref Staaaank I Got CatsIlliniFan22NickfaTNinthMorpheus
24th - 20 Logo std2.png Xtreme Gaming callmegodFireIsHotbLooD187SilverSon
25th - 27 Logo std2.png Type-Z Str8pimpInfinity ZI Hulk I0wn4710n
26th - 24 Logo std2.png Team Matrix Lounge IceVayneMudVayneBe LiKe MyThSmoltz
27th - 29 Logo std2.png FBI LiveWireGameCenters FsK FLiPFBI SmOoThLiesFak3 Tittys
28th - 31 Logo std2.png Eats Mangos WildwhiskersII MaNgo IIg0dS_ExiLePhix
29th - 26 Logo std2.png Go PositivE gP DrEwSkieDyNoMiKeits rip its rip8Ball
30th - 28 Logo std2.png triggers Down too Androsf0rsetithe f1uxredruM
31st - 30 Logo std2.png Squad Up DDDDGGGGCupCaKeLoafeRRasta C
32nd - 32 Logo std2.png Soldiers of the Cause ANZIOhilgy 1H1LGY 2ILLESTCP

Free-For-All Results

A total of $5,275 USD in prize money was awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Seed Player
Gold.png 1st $2,000 1 True_Karma
Silver.png 2nd $1,200 2 Naded
Bronze.png 3rd $800 4 Hali
4th $500 8 GI WaldoX
5th $300 6 Legit
6th $200 3 AYBFonzi
7th $150 5 Cpt Anarchy
8th $125 7 Eli







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