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MLG Boston 2004

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MLG Boston 2004
MLG Logo.png
League Information
OrganizerMajor League Gaming
Event TypeOffline
Start Date2004-10-9
End Date2004-10-10

MLG Boston 2004, also known as the Battle of Beantown was the ninth event of the 2004 MLG season, taking place at the Bayside Conference Center in Boston, Massachusetts from October 9-10, 2004. Halo: CE was played in 2v2, 4v4 and FFA tournaments alongside Soul Calibur II, Super Smash Bros. Melee and Gran Turismo III.





Place Team Roster (Coach)
Gold.png 1st Logo std2.png The Chargers TupacSaiyanToxinKillerN
Silver.png 2nd Logo std2.png Morning Twig StrangepurplePrAy4ULaughferQuinn
Bronze.png 3rd Logo std2.png APS Ogre 3GunsblazngSilkstalkerJownz
4-5th Logo std2.png iGameSpot HugoMcGavinTsquaredSlim
4-5th Logo std2.png Loyal Penguins PuckettScytheKraKaLaKaELeVeN
6-8th Logo std2.png F'ing Rape JMBEazy50GhOsT
6-8th Logo std2.png We Killed Jesus SleeperCanadaRipponNataku
6-8th Logo std2.png Do It Burton4XenaCrosshairRed Dot
9-12th Logo std2.png Giant Stingers GrasshopperSe7en-VIIMavenVash
9-12th Logo std2.png Baltimore Blowfish ChRONiKMaNRoTaNiMoDMeSs1ahBiohazard
9-12th Logo std2.png Long Island Elites FiEnDCaddyIc3Animal
9-12th Logo std2.png SeXXXy Mr OwnageCandymanSpanishWalker
13-16th Logo std2.png Chowdah Heads TomAceangel0HatmanBuddah
13-16th Logo std2.png No Age Limit NDGoatBuzzjPimpDaddyxcjrex
13-16th Logo std2.png VaB D3V1LM4N*Gh(0)sT*EzeScizzo
13-16th Logo std2.png Xtournaments VictorPoisonMatrixAsthmatic
17-20th Logo std2.png Gods Assassins MorphinePainK1LLAEternityG.I. JO3
17-20th Logo std2.png Amherst College R ReaganKitsuneb l u rneeehroffit
17-20th Logo std2.png Ot3 ixq1kG-UNITAndrosWazzup780
17-20th Logo std2.png GBS Ogre 3twismZversThirst4BLOOD
21-32nd Logo std2.png The WOO WOCOOMMolemanStumpyNoXuM
21-32nd Logo std2.png Wolf Pack NotoriousWOLFMarineGnome King
21-32nd Logo std2.png ROC RavenDeckerMutTEOkarma
21-32nd Logo std2.png bnc bloodred666JohnnypaniCMessatsuKRYPTO
21-32nd Logo std2.png Lx DGNeoSchOolBoyMacSco77Dev0n2
21-32nd Logo std2.png Tasty Cakes KlooigsBirdmanOOmr concusion
21-32nd Logo std2.png Awful lisa turtleBoOPistolMrJihad2U
21-32nd Logo std2.png Three Shot Assassins w3ird0JesusLovesYouInJeCtEdRadam
21-32nd Logo std2.png SiK R3dC047SheepMonkManPriMe
21-32nd Logo std2.png Screwnicorns 2nd NatureExodusBirdKaz
21-32nd Logo std2.png [[[J]zT]] ChRONiKMaNRoTaNiMoDMeSs1ahBiohazard


Place Team Roster
Gold.png 1st Logo std2.png Morning Twig 1 StrangepurpleLaughfer
Silver.png 2nd Logo std2.png The Chargers 1 TupacKillerN
3-4th Logo std2.png Baltimore Blowfish 1 Red_AlertBrese
3-4th Logo std2.png Loyal Penguins 1 ELeVeNScythe
5-8th Logo std2.png No Age Limit 1 A 3xcjrex
5-8th Logo std2.png F'ing Rape 1 JMBGhost
5-8th Logo std2.png Morning Twig 2 PrAy4UQuinn
5-8th Logo std2.png iGameSpot 1 Hug0McGavin
9-16th Logo std2.png iGameSpot 2 SlimTsquared
9-16th Logo std2.png VaB 1 D3V1LM4N*Gh(0)sT*
9-16th Logo std2.png The Chargers 2 SaiyanToxin
9-16th Logo std2.png We Killed Jesus 1 CanadaRippon
9-16th Logo std2.png APS 1 GunsblazingSilkstalker
9-16th Logo std2.png APS 2 Ogre 3Jownz
9-16th Logo std2.png Giant Stingers 1 GrasshopperSe7en-VII
9-16th Logo std2.png Baltimore Blowfish 2 drpoonSmash
17-20th Logo std2.png F'ing Rape 2 50Eazy
17-20th Logo std2.png Ot3 1 G-UNITWazzup780
17-20th Logo std2.png We Killed Jesus 2 SleeperNataku
17-20th Logo std2.png Giant Stingers 2 MavenVash


Place Player
Gold.png 1st Tsquared
Silver.png 2nd Slim
3-4th Tupac
3-4th Saiyan
5-8th Strangepurple
5-8th ELeVeN-11
5-8th Saiyan
5-8th McGavin
9-10th Vash
9-10th KillerN
11-12th Quinn
11-12th 50
13-14th Scythe
13-14th Se7en-VII
15-16th angel0
15-16th Laughfer
17-20th ND Goat
17-20th Eazy
17-20th Red Dot
17-20th Jownz
21-24th Silkstalker
21-24th Grasshopper
21-24th Poison
21-24th Canada
25-28th Nataku
25-28th TomAce
25-28th Pistol
25-28th PrAy4U
29-32nd MonkMan
29-32nd Xena
29-32nd JMB
29-32nd Morphine




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