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MLG Atlanta 2004

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MLG Atlanta 2004
MLG Logo.png
League Information
OrganizerMajor League Gaming
Event TypeOffline
Prize Pool>$10,000
Start Date2004-7-24
End Date2004-7-25

MLG Atlanta 2004, also known as Halo50k3, was the fifth event of the 2004 MLG season, and the third in the Halo50k chronology, taking place at the Hyatt Regency in Atlanta, Georgia from July 24-25, 2004. Halo: CE was played in 2v2, 4v4 and FFA tournaments.


At MLG Atlanta, Team FFA once again defeated Shoot to Kill in the finals, despite StK having made a team change after Chicago. This prompted the Ogre twins to drop Saiyan and Clockwork and join forces with KillerN and Walshy, forming team Domination, a team that would go undefeated for the remainder of Halo: CE, and set the groundwork for the eventual Team 3D and Final Boss dynasties of Halo 2.

A side tournament was held which pitted players from different states against eachother. A total of 13 states fielded the required 8-player roster and competed. Players were rotated in throughout each five-game-series of 4v4 action. In the finals, Michigan defeated Ohio and were crowned the Champions.




Place Team Roster (Coach)
Gold.png 1st Logo std2.png Team FFA ZyosGintronKillerNWalshy
Silver.png 2nd StKlogo std.png Shoot to Kill Ogre1Ogre2ClockworkSaiyan
Bronze.png 3rd Logo std2.png Dug & His Buddies StrangepurpleJMBNistiCToxin
4th Logo std2.png The Dream Team TsquaredScytheCsquaredAlex
5th Logo std2.png PS DragoNSpeaRSlimTupacSergio
6th Logo std2.png ReKd ELeVeN-11RyuKraKA_LaKADIESEL
7th Logo std2.png MAGS SilkstalkerGunsblazingMezumayAnswer
8th Logo std2.png PR JownzEverestDeetaCloakdninja
9th Logo std2.png SoLo’s PiMps SoLoCoMmAnDoDONNYkdub
10th Logo std2.png HsH Eazy50Ogre3Corosi0n
11th Logo std2.png XTC BreseSe7en-VIIPrAy4UPoison
12th Logo std2.png VGA BenzA 3VashQuake
13th Logo std2.png wS GhOsTWeapon-XABOVFataL
14th Logo std2.png 101 A GmodeWhite DevilGooseJohn 117
15th Logo std2.png TSE ND GoatSUM1PisToLCandymans
16th Logo std2.png SA NiMeRiXBuuEnZoEvO
17th Logo std2.png iGameSpot Kp_GhostGillsSk1z0hug0
18th Logo std2.png BAR JAKEGrasshopperTommyOptimo
19th Logo std2.png VFX Red_AlertFioridragbodyKiller
20th Logo std2.png NT SpArTaNFunkdoctasHaYPun[email protected]@r
21st Logo std2.png HDM AxelAceKilSenseless
22nd Logo std2.png PSF MACK10ThorStunnerDefy
23rd Logo std2.png Skippy RufioMillerKuShBaker
24th Logo std2.png MoD XenaBurton4CrosshairRed Dot
25th Logo std2.png Fear MafiosoMastaMcShAkESyLuS
26th Logo std2.png LIE xXxQb-booCaddyHalobob
27th Logo std2.png VaB D3V1LM4NJAXOM*Gh(0)sT*BigEll
28th Logo std2.png Rx-Toonz ZaitsevBaCarDiVodka9minus1
29th Logo std2.png EF MrPistolnO uSeUrdaddyHarrdog
30th Logo std2.png CCC WarPsychoWhiteyMartain
31st Logo std2.png HFTS ReTriBuTioNMad_DXplosiveChaos
32nd Logo std2.png NA Capt ChaosAcidianMethodzMO DaNk


Place Team Roster
Gold.png 1st StKlogo std.png Shoot to Kill 1 Ogre 1Ogre 2
Silver.png 2nd StKlogo std.png Shoot to Kill 2 ClockworkSaiyan
3-4th Logo std2.png MAGS 1 SilkstalkerGunsblazing
3-4th Logo std2.png FFA 1 WalshyGintron
5-8th Logo std2.png FFA 2 ZyosKillerN
5-8th Logo std2.png The Dream Team 1 TsquaredScythe
5-8th Logo std2.png ReKd 1 ELeVeN-11Ryu
5-8th Logo std2.png PS 1 DragonspearSergio
9-16th Logo std2.png VFX 1 Red_AlertFiori
9-16th Logo std2.png PR 1 DeetaCloakdninja
9-16th Logo std2.png Dug & His Buddies 1 ToxinNistiC
9-16th Logo std2.png PR 2 JownzEverest
9-16th Logo std2.png Dug & His Buddies 2 StrangepurpleJMB
9-16th Logo std2.png The Dream Team 2 CsquaredAlex
9-16th Logo std2.png wS 1 GhOsTWeapon-X
9-16th Logo std2.png SA 1 EnZoEvO
17-32nd Logo std2.png BAR 1 JAKEGrasshopper
17-32nd Logo std2.png NT 1 sHaYPun[email protected]@r
17-32nd Logo std2.png XTC 1 PrAy4UPoison
17-32nd Logo std2.png MoD 1 XenaBurton4
17-32nd Logo std2.png SoLo's PiMps 1 SoLoCoMmAnDo
17-32nd Logo std2.png SA 2 NiMeRiXBuu
17-32nd Logo std2.png ReKd 2 KraKA_LaKADIESEL
17-32nd Logo std2.png HsH 1 Eazy50
17-32nd Logo std2.png XTC 2 BreseSe7en-VII
17-32nd Logo std2.png PS 2 TupacSlim
17-32nd Logo std2.png VaB 1 *Gh(0)sT*BigEll
17-32nd Logo std2.png BAR 2 TommyOptimo
17-32nd Logo std2.png iGameSpot 1 Sk1z0hug0
17-32nd Logo std2.png VGA 1 VashQuake
17-32nd Logo std2.png NA 1 MethodzMO DaNk
17-32nd Logo std2.png TSE 1 ND GoatSUM1


Place Player
Gold.png 1st Strangepurple
Silver.png 2nd Ogre 1
Bronze.png 3-4th KillerN
Bronze.png 3-4th Methodz
5-8th Cloakdninja
5-8th Walshy
5-8th Tupac
5-8th Toxin
9-10th Scythe
9-10th ELeVeN-11
11-12th Clockwork
11-12th Gintron
13-14th NiMeRiX
13-14th JMB
15-16th Silkstalker
15-16th Ogre 2
17-20th Hug0
17-20th Gunsblazing
17-20th KraKA_LaKA
17-20th McGavin
21-24th Saiyan
21-24th Quake
21-24th Alex
21-24th ND Goat
25-28th Rufio
25-28th Tsquared
25-28th Vash
25-28th Weapon-X
29-32nd GhOsT
29-32nd Dragonspear
29-32nd [email protected]@r
29-32nd Csquared

State vs State

Place Prize Team Roster
Gold.png 1 Logo std2.png Michigan WalshyTupacClockwork
Silver.png 2 Logo std2.png Ohio Ogre 1Ogre 2
Bronze.png 3 Logo std2.png Florida [[]] • [[]]



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