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MLG Anaheim 2006

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MLG Anaheim 2006
League Information
Event TypeOffline
Prize Pool$33,700 (4v4)
$5,275 (FFA)
Start Date2006-6-23
End Date2006-6-25

MLG Anaheim 2006 was the third event of the 2006 MLG season, taking place at the Anaheim Convention Center in Anaheim, California from June 23-25, 2006. Halo 2 was played in 4v4 and FFA/1v1 tournaments, alongside Super Smash Bros. Melee.


The biggest change between Dallas and Anaheim happened when Halo legend Zyos decided to retire after two poor placings on team XiT Woundz. To fill the void, XiT Woundz picked up Sir Samurai. Following a 4th place finish, things looked good for the future of team eX, but GH057ayame was unable to attend Anaheim, so the team picked up Mack as a temporary replacement. 11th seeded Triggers Down made a big change, replacing Fossik and Solshy with Toxin and ToxinsNeighbor, looking to improve on their top 16 finish in Dallas. The 14th seeded OLR Michigan, absent at MLG Dallas, returned at this event looking to turn heads.

Two shockers occurred early in the tournament, when OLR Michigan and Triggers Down knocked Carbon and Storm Ventures, respectively, out in Winners Bracket Round 2. Michigan went on to knock Triggers Down out, only losing to Str8 Rippin in the following round. The unfortunate Storm Ventures met up with Carbon early in the Losers' Bracket, and were defeated 3-2, ending their tournament with a top 16 finish and starting a dramatic Losers' Bracket run for Carbon. They went on to destroy eX before narrowly beating MoB PowerTripBev.com, earning themselves a rematch with Michigan, who had just lost to Str8 Rippin. It took them only 4 games to turn the 3-2 deficit into a 6-4 victory, taking revenge on Michigan and moving on to face XiT Woundz, who had just taken out Triggers Down. Carbon narrowly defeated them, taking the series 3-2 and earning them a Losers' Bracket Finals match against Str8 Rippin, who had just been swept by Final Boss. Carbon dominated Str8, taking the series 3-0 and moving on to the Grand Finals against a Final Boss squad that had so far only dropped one game in the tournament. Unfortunately for Carbon, the Final Boss train could not be stopped, and FB took the series 3-0 to win their third straight event.



  • Amateur bracket
    • All teams outside of top 16 are placed in amateur bracket. Top 16 move onto championship bracket as seeds #17-32
    • Double-Elimination, best of 3 series
      • Extended Series rule: best of 5 series starting 2-0 or 2-1 based on result of previous meeting
  • Championship bracket
    • Double-Elimination, best of 5 series
      • Extended Series rule: best of 11 series starting 3-0, 3-1 or 3-2 based on result of previous meeting
    • Consolation matches take place for all individual placings from 5-32


  • Round robin FFA play, 4 players eliminated each game each round
  • Once 8 players remain, they are placed in championship 1v1 bracket
    • Double-Elimination, single game series
      • Extended Series rule: best of 3 series starting 1-0 based on result of previous meeting
    • Consolation matches take place for 5th and 7th place


4v4 Results

A total of $33,700 USD in prize money was awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Seed Team Roster (Coach)
Gold.png 1st $12,000 1 FBlogo std.png Final Boss WalshyOGRE1OGRE2Saiyan
Silver.png 2nd $8,000 3 Carbonlogo std.png Carbon Shockwav3GandhiStrongSide01True_KarmaxXx
Bronze.png 3rd $5,000 2 Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin TsquaredAYBFonziDefyFoulacy
4th $3,000 5 Logo std2.png XiT Woundz BonfireItwasluckKillerNMoB Sir Samurai
5th $2,000 11 TDlogo std.png Triggers Down ToxinDetachSK Halogod v2ToxinsNeighbor
6th $1,500 14 Logo std2.png FBI Michigan Victory_XMackeoSlimTupac
7th $1,200 10 Logo std2.png MoB PowerTripBev.com MoB NitroussFoSsiKelamitewarriorMoB Triple007
8th $1,000 17 Logo std2.png XGC Zone 6 Butt3rZSpainiardBigTimer13BRUNO393
9th - 7 Logo std2.png MoBDeep.net HavokAcidianMimiCVash
10th - 8 Logo std2.png MoB Treatment GT VeGeTToGT LightkingGT PyrocyGT shooK on3
11th - 4 Logo std2.png eX IIPisToLIICpt.AnarchyMeLLoZMack
12th - 12 Logo std2.png MoB 4 Down XiT xOmegAxFlankster v2BC 07ixTrojaNxi
13th - 9 Logo std2.png KSI BLACKJAKG-SpOtCypherSolshy
14th - 15 Logo std2.png Team I.A. Quickdeath27OvershieldDrBob_Scrub_
15th - 19 Logo std2.png Under The Influence TalenTlGaMeIAbR AnT[AsK]LeGeNdPimPs
16th - 6 SVlogo std.png Storm Ventures RambyLegitNadedPoon
17th - 22 Logo std2.png FBI Nice Like Rice snwborder5LegendJRGFireIsHotRioOoOo
18th - 16 Logo std2.png MoB XG2k.Com RudyRebornTimeliestBruteHokumFearitself
19th - 20 Logo std2.png Team TmF BesT MaNTeAm_BuRnSHaliDonut 5SiX1
20th - 23 Logo std2.png Team GameClucks ProxaSilverSonMs.Hotshybradfox2
21st - 24 Logo std2.png XGC Premium ex DrumMeR exxSleepySoulRebelzxSn4kE
22nd - 13 Logo std2.png Team Versus PoisonBoOLiL-Poisonh2c popcorn p
23rd - 18 Logo std2.png SicK By DefinitioN KillerDrizzleI FrOsty IPoWeeZyRoAsTBeeF
24th - 21 Logo std2.png I PBR I DevastatorxShaKuRxIx HeLLBoY xIChAoSdaNinja
25th - 25 Logo std2.png GILive.net GI B33TSGI WaldoXGI QuAnTuMGI NoRxCaL
26th - 27 Logo std2.png StorminMormons TimeliestBruteThnikkkkamanJefflerII Ghost II
27th - 26 Logo std2.png OREGONized Crime nooseethatsplayer69KekoSATIVA
28th - 28 Logo std2.png GILive.org NinthMorpheusgP DrEwSkieGI Kan0DyNoMiKe
29th - 29 Logo std2.png Monster Energy LaidToRestisCoolSufferLOONdogShoota II
30th - 30 Logo std2.png GILive.com GI SMASHGI BLiNdSiDeGI Super SmileyGI PR1MO
31st - 31 Logo std2.png Halo Junkies HALO 101HALO 103Halo 107HALO 102
32nd - 32 Logo std2.png Level One Gaming papaflop v2Mud8uttprincegobprofkaos

Free-For-All Results

A total of $5,275 USD in prize money was awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Seed Player
Gold.png 1st $2,000 1 True_Karma
Silver.png 2nd $1,200 7 Walshy
Bronze.png 3rd $800 3 Hali
4th $500 6 StrongSide01
5th $300 5 OGRE1
6th $200 8 OGRE2
7th $150 2 Legit
8th $125 4 TimeliestBrute



  • Carbon set a record for most games played in an event, with 39.





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