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Background Information
NameLevi Stump
Country of BirthUSA US
BirthdayFebruary 22, 1995
TeamCrowd Control
Social Media
Team History

Levi "Levy" Stump is a player for Crowd Control. He is known for his time on OverDrive.


Halo 2 Anniversary

Levy began his coaching career at Iron Games Columbus 2014 helping Scorched Halo consisting of Nemassist, Tragic, Very Nerdy and WinntuR, get 8th place. He then followed Nemassist to Velocity for Gamers For Giving 2015 getting 9th-12th with Cratos, Suspector and eL Town.

Halo 5

During the roster madness caused by Lethul leaving Evil Geniuses only days before roster lock, Vetoed and Marbelize recruited Levi "LeVy" Stump and brought back Kephrii in a final attempt to qualify under the team name, OverDrive. The attempt was successful, as OverDrive squeaked out the 15th seed for the NA Regional Finals.

On February 14th, Kephrii announced in a tweet that Marbelize was unable to make it to Regionals, and thus was being replaced by Chance "MoNsTcR" Duncan.[1] At Regionals, OverDrive went 0-3 in their group, finishing top 16. The next day, the members of OverDrive confirmed the disbandment of the team on Twitter.

Pro League

On April 28th the team Crowd Control was announced comprised of Levy, Scaryotic, Tragic, and Very Nerdy. On April 30th Crowd Control was invited to play in the HCS_Pro_League_2016/NA/Online_Invitational_Qualifier. They would play EnVyus for their first match and would fall to the losers after going 0-3 in the winners bracket for Group D. They would meet Sentinals and accomplish a 4-0 victory going on the the deciding match of who would be invited to Burbank for the HCS Pro League Summer Qualifier_2016. They would unfortunately fail to defeat the veteran EnVyus once again going 4-0 ending their tournament life. On May 6th it was announced that Scaryotic had been released in search of a new 4th for the HCS North America Pro League Summer 2016 Last Chance Qualifier.


  • Levy started his competitive career in Halo 3, and has been competing since.

Team and Tournament History

Halo 5 logo.png HWC NA Regional Finals 2016 A99 - 16th OvDlogo std.png OverDrive KephriiVetoedMoNsTcR
  1. Kephrii's tweet - twitter.com