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Kung Fury: ESPD Invitational

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Kung Fury: ESPD Invitational
League Information
Organizer: Esportspedia
Format: 1v1
Number of Teams: 8
Prize pool: $35
Start Date: 2018-11-12
End Date: 2018-11-12


The Kung Fury: ESPD Invitational will test each competitor's speed and endurance under pressure situations. It will also feature representatives from all of our wikis, our staff and our awesome community in the ultimate battle for bragging rights and supremacy. Tune in to find out which of our competitors will claim the title of Kung Fury Champion!


  • Tournament-style bracket consisting of 1v1 matches. Quarterfinals and Semifinals are "Point Total" matches. The Third Place match and the Finals are a "Beat the Score" match.
  • A "Point Total" match consists of each contestant doing three runs at Kung Fury: Street Rage's Endless mode. A contestant's three scores from all three runs are added together to a total amount. After that his/her opponent performs three runs as well. The contestant with the higher amount of Total Score wins the match!
  • A "Beat the Score" match consists of the first contestant having a run. After that, his/her opponent (a.k.a the second contestant) tries to beat that score. If he/she is successful, the first contestant has to beat the new high score. If the second contestant doesn't beat the first one's score, he/she must try again. Once both player expend all their runs or once one of them expends all of his/her but doesn't beat the other player's high score, the match ends. Each player gets five runs. The player with the highest achieved score wins the match.
  • All 8 players and the host must be present in discord and must Screen Share whenever they are doing a run.
  • Quick Guide for the contestants and anyone that wishes to play the game in the future!


  • Hiphopaplottamus, representing Halo
  • SenorPollo, representing CoD
  • Natsu, representing Smite
  • Trout, representing LoL and Collegiate LoL
  • Gui, representing the ESPD Staff
  • Kaito Kid, Ja22 and Krystal representing the Community

(Travase was scheduled to participate and represent Smite but due to time-constraints he was replaced by Natsu)


$100 USD in prize money is divided among the players as follows:

Place Prize (USD) Player
Gold.png 1st $20 Canada Ja22
Silver.png 2nd $10 USA SenorPollo
Bronze.png 3rd $5 USA Trout


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
 Canada Kaito Kid 0
 USA Hiphopaplottamus 1
 USA Hiphopaplottamus 1
 USA SenorPollo 0
 Canada Krystal 0
 USA SenorPollo 1
 USA SenorPollo 0
 Canada Ja22 1
 USA Trout 1
 Germany Gui 0 3rd place match
 USA Trout 0
 USA SenorPollo 1
 Canada Ja22 1
 Bulgaria Natsu 0  USA Trout 0
 Canada Ja22 1
  • Hiphopaplottamus forfeited his spot in the Finals despite winning his Semi-Final match. SenorPollo won the Third Place match and secured a spot in the Finals, with Trout finishing in Third Place.