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Halo World Championship 2016

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Halo World Championship 2016
League Information
Organizer: 343 Industries
Event Type: HCS - Gold.png Offline
Game: Halo 5 logo.png
Format: 4v4
Number of Teams: 16
Prize pool: $2,500,000
Start Date: 2015-3-18
End Date: 2015-3-20
Links: Website
Winner: CLGlogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming
Second: ALGlogo std.png Team Allegiance
Third: ELvlogo std.png Team eLevate
Fourth: DNLlogo std.png Denial eSports

Halo World Championship 2016 was the culminating event of the Halo World Championship 2016 season, taking place at Raleigh Studios Hollywood in Hollywood, California from March 18-20, 2016. Halo 5 was played in 4v4 competition. It featured the largest prize pool in console esports history, with a total of $2,500,000 USD on the line.


The Halo World Championship was announced on August 4th, 2015 with a trailer shown during Microsoft's Gamescom showcase.[1] With a prize pool of over $2,500,000 USD, there has never been a Halo tournament with higher stakes. It is also the first major tournament featuring invited teams from all regions of the world.


  • 16 teams invited[2] as specified, based on performance in regional qualifiers:
    • 8 North American (NA) teams
    • 4 European/Middle Eastern/African (EMEA) teams
    • 2 Australian/New Zealand (ANZ) teams
    • 1 Asian (Asia) team
    • 1 Latin American (LATAM) team
  • Group play, four teams per group
    • Top two teams from each group advance to Championship Bracket, bottom two finish 9th-16th.
    • Best-of-5 series
  • Championship bracket
    • Single-elimination bracket, best-of-5 series (quarterfinals), best-of-7 series (semifinals, finals)
    • Group winners drawn into bracket against group runner-ups with a restriction on teams from same group being on same half of bracket

Prize Pool

The prize pool was initially announced to be starting at $1,000,000, with possible increases from the purchase of REQ packs in Halo 5. On November 4, 2015, 343 announced that the prize pool had reached $1,500,000 through REQ pack crowdfunding[3], with the possibility of growing all the way until March.[4] On November 19th, the prize pool was confirmed to have hit $1,700,000.[5] On December 3rd, MLG confirmed that it had reached $2,000,000.[6] On February 19th, during the pre-show for the NA Regional Finals, Goldenboy and Benson confirmed that the prize pool had reached $2,500,000.

The prize money is distributed as follows:

Place Percentage
Gold.png 1st 40%
Silver.png 2nd 20%
SF.png 3rd-4th 10%
5th-8th 3%
9th-16th 1%


Game Types and Maps

  • Capture the Flag - Coliseum, Fathom, Truth
  • Strongholds - Eden, Empire, Plaza, The Rig
  • Slayer - Coliseum, Eden, Plaza, Regret, The Rig, Truth


The on-air personalities at the event included Alex "Goldenboy" Mendez, Dave "Walshy" Walsh, Michael "StrongSide" Cavanaugh, Mark "Onset" Hatcher, Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky, Richard "TheSimms" Simms and Miles "Wra7h" Ross.


A total of $2,500,000 USD is awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $1,000,000 CLGlogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming SnakeBiteRoyal2FrostyLethulClutch
Silver.png 2nd $500,000 ALGlogo std.png Team Allegiance NadedeL TowNSuspectorCratos
SF.png 3rd-4th $250,000 ELvlogo std.png Team eLevate RaynePenguinSwift KillCalmChig
SF.png 3rd-4th $250,000 DNLlogo std.png Denial eSports ContrAPreDevoNatoRHukebubu dubuElumnite
5th-8th $75,000 Epsilogo std.png Epsilon eSports BUK 20BUK 57JimboSnipedroneFlamez
5th-8th $75,000 RNGlogo std.png Renegades SpartanNinjaStelluRVictory XSymbolic
5th-8th $75,000 EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses SnipedownCommonlyLunchboxRoyTowey
5th-8th $75,000 TLlogo std.png Team Liquid AceAPGHeinzUnLegitElamite

Full Results

Group Stage

Group A
1. TLlogo std.png Team Liquid 3-0 9-0
2. ALGlogo std.png Team Allegiance 2-1 6-3
3. XLlogo std.png exceL eSports 1-2 3-7
4. CS-Hlogo std.png Chosen Squad 0-3 1-9

Group B
1. RNGlogo std.png Renegades 3-0 9-2
2. EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses 2-1 8-3
3. Infslogo std.png Team infused 1-2 3-8
4. X5logo std.png Team Exile5 0-3 2-9
Group C
1. ELvlogo std.png Team eLevate 3-0 9-0
2. DNLlogo std.png Denial eSports 2-1 6-3
3. IMlogo std.png Team Immunity 1-2 3-6
4. FabElogo std.png FAB Games eSports 0-3 0-9
Group D
1. CLGlogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming 3-0 9-1
2. Epsilogo std.png Epsilon eSports 2-1 7-4
3. C9logo std.png Cloud9 1-2 4-6
4. SKFlogo std.png Team Skyfire 0-3 0-9


  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  ELvlogo std.png eLv 3
  Epsilogo std.png Epsi 0
  ELvlogo std.png eLv 2
  ALGlogo std.png ALG 4
  RNGlogo std.png RNG 2
  ALGlogo std.png ALG 3
  ALGlogo std.png ALG 0
  CLGlogo std.png CLG 4
  EGlogo std.png EG 0
  CLGlogo std.png CLG 3
  CLGlogo std.png CLG 4
  DNLlogo std.png DNL 2
  TLlogo std.png TL 2
  DNLlogo std.png DNL 3






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