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Halo 50k 2
League Information
OrganizerHalo 50k
Event TypeOffline
Start Date2003-08-02
End Date2003-08-03

Halo50k2 was the second Halo50k event, taking place in Atlanta, Georgia from August 2-3, 2003. Halo: CE was played in 4v4, 2v2 and FFA tournaments.


Though not as prominent as the first Halo50k, the sequel holds relevance for reasons of its own. It was the first event where the Ogre twins and Shoot to Kill won in a 4v4 setting, knocking off the undefeated Dream Team. They also won the 2v2 and took the top two spots in the FFA, effectively dominating the event.



  • Stage 1 - Free For All
    • Players from all teams are drawn randomly into heats, where final placement in FFA will yield points toward's player's team in the 4v4 portion of the event.
    • The final 8 players will battle it out in a single elimination 1v1 bracket.
  • Stage 2 - Pool Play
    • Teams are seeded randomly into round robin pool play.
  • Stage 3 - Bracket
    • Single Elimination bracket.


  • Single Elimination



Place Prize (USD) Team Roster
Gold.png 1st - StKlogo std.png Shoot to Kill Ogre1Ogre2StrangepurpleCyrax
Silver.png 2nd - Logo std2.png The Dream Team DarkmanShizzAlexZyos
Bronze.png 3rd - Logo std2.png Ogres Practice Noobs Clockwork???
4th - Logo std2.png Legends


Place Prize (USD) Team
Gold.png 1st - Ogre 1Ogre 2
Silver.png 2nd - ShizzClockwork
SF.png 3-4th - SaiyanGestapo
SF.png 3-4th - ??
5-8th - AlexDarkman
5-8th - BuZZColoSsuS
5-8th - ??
5-8th - ??


Place Prize (USD) Player
Gold.png 1st - Ogre 2
Silver.png 2nd - Ogre 1
Bronze.png 3rd - StrangePurple
4th - Alex



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