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HWC 2016/Online Qualifiers/NA/Online Tournament 4

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Halo World Championship - NA OT #4 Tournament
MLG Logo 2015.png
League Information
Organizer: MLG
Event Type: Online
Game: Halo 5 logo.png
Format: 4v4
Number of Teams: 260
Prize pool: $1,000
Date: 2016-1-17
Links: Website
Winner: ALGlogo std.png Team Allegiance
Second: EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses

The fourth online Halo World Championship 2016 North American qualifying tournament takes place on January 17th, 2016. Halo 5 is played in a 4v4 tournament.



Prize Pool

Place Prize (USD) Pro Points
Gold.png 1st $1,000 5,000
Silver.png 2nd - 3,000
Bronze.png 3rd-4th - 2,000
5th-8th - 1,500
9th-16th - 1,000
17th-32nd - 500
33rd-64th - 250

Game Types and Maps

Eligible maps and modes[1]:

  • Team Slayer: Coliseum, The Rig, Plaza, Eden, Empire, Regret, Truth
  • Breakout: Altitude, Gambol, Trench, Trident
  • Capture the Flag: Coliseum, Truth, Fathom, Empire
  • Strongholds: The Rig, Coliseum, Eden, Empire, Plaza


Place Seed Team Roster
Gold.png 1st 1 ALGlogo std.png Team Allegiance NadedSuspectoreL TowNCratos
Silver.png 2nd 3 EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses SnipedownRoyLunchboxLethul
SF.png 3rd-4th 4 RNGlogo std.png Renegades CommonlyNinjaSpartanVictory X
SF.png 3rd-4th 2 CLGlogo std.png Counter Logic Gaming OGRE2Royal2SnakebiteFrosty
5th-8th 9 Logo std2.png Lets Get This Money Posey xRJuicyFruitOmegAJesseUnleashed
5th-8th 5 TLlogo std.png Team Liquid APGHeinzUnLegitAce
5th-8th 6 NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs CloudHysteriaiGotUrPisto1aMikwen
5th-8th 10 DTlogo std.png Dream Team AriesPrototypeJesseThrizleTireIron
9th-16th 17 Logo std2.png Laser Focused ExemplifyEccentriKmmm j0eLifeStyle
9th-16th 8 ELvlogo std.png Team eLevate GoofyMunozNemassistStr8Sick
9th-16th 21 SoaRlogo std.png SoaR Gaming SneakEBeaverHunter JjxTurleyWinntuR
9th-16th 13 WFXlogo std.png Winterfox ArkanumRandaRyanoobShooter
9th-16th 46 Logo std2.png Resent Gaming ROB THE TURTLEStnicholasFIRE BIRDDPlague
9th-16th 11 Logo std2.png Disobey BurtonContrAPreDevoNatoRBlaze
9th-16th 7 NBLlogo std.png Noble eSports CalmSwift KillPenguinRayne
9th-16th 15 OpTiclogo std.png OpTic Gaming FlameswordStelluRManiacAssault


  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  ALGlogo std.png ALG 2
  Logo std2.png No Mask 0
  ALGlogo std.png ALG 2
  Logo std2.png Laser Focused 0
  Logo std2.png Laser Focused 2
  Str8logo std.png Str8 0
  ALGlogo std.png ALG 2
  Logo std2.png LGTM 0
  Logo std2.png LGTM 2
  Logo std2.png UnKnxwn 1
  Logo std2.png LGTM 2
  ELvlogo std.png eLv 1
  Logo std2.png Empowered 1
  ELvlogo std.png eLv 2
  ALGlogo std.png ALG 3
  RNGlogo std.png RNG 2
  TLlogo std.png TL 2
  Logo std2.png Last Second 0
  TLlogo std.png TL 2
  SoaRlogo std.png SoaR 0
  SoaRlogo std.png SoaR 2
  SvRlogo std.png SvR 0
  TLlogo std.png TL 0
  RNGlogo std.png RNG 2
  WFXlogo std.png WFX 2
  Logo std2.png IG Matt Gregg 0
  WFXlogo std.png WFX 0
  RNGlogo std.png RNG 2
  Logo std2.png Bigger in Texas 0
  RNGlogo std.png RNG 2
  ALGlogo std.png ALG 3
  EGlogo std.png EG 2
  EGlogo std.png EG 2
  CNGlogo std.png CNG 1
  EGlogo std.png EG 2
  Logo std2.png Resent Gaming 0
  Logo std2.png ResenT Gaming 2
  OvDlogo std.png OvD 0
  EGlogo std.png EG 2
  NVlogo std.png nV 0
  Logo std2.png Disobey 2
  Logo std2.png No Barber 0
  Logo std2.png Disobey 0
  NVlogo std.png nV 2
  Logo std2.png Bundles of Sticks 1
  NVlogo std.png nV 2
  EGlogo std.png EG 3
  CLGlogo std.png CLG 1
  NBLlogo std.png NBL 2
  Logo std2.png Super Hot Fire 0
  NBLlogo std.png NBL 0
  DTlogo std.png dT 2
  Rclogo std.png Rc 0
  DTlogo std.png dT 2
  DTlogo std.png dT 0
  CLGlogo std.png CLG 2
  OpTiclogo std.png OpTic 2
  Logo std2.png ' 0
  OpTiclogo std.png OpTic 0
  CLGlogo std.png CLG 2
  Logo std2.png NPNP 0
  CLGlogo std.png CLG 2



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