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HCS Pro League Invitational 2016

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HCS Pro League Invitational 2016
League Information
Organizer343 Industries
Event TypeOffline

The HCS Pro League Invitational 2016 served as the kickoff event of the Summer 2016 North American HCS Pro League season, taking place at PAX East 2016 in Boston, Massachusetts on April 24th, 2016. Halo 5: Guardians was played in 4v4 competition.


With only four teams invited, the Invitational determined the second qualifying team for the inaugural North American HCS Pro League, the first being Halo World Championship 2016 winners Counter Logic Gaming. The four teams invited were decided by the fact that they each contained a former member of Team Allegiance, the second-place team at Halo World Championship 2016.


Game Types and Maps

  • Capture the Flag - Coliseum, Fathom, Truth
  • Strongholds - Eden, Empire, Plaza, The Rig
  • Slayer - Coliseum, Eden, Plaza, Regret, The Rig, Truth


Place Prize Team Roster (Coach)
  1st Qualified for Pro League   Evil Geniuses Snip3downLunchboxRoySuspectorTowey
  2nd -   Team EnVyUs iGotUrPistolaMikweneL TowNRayneElumnite
  3rd -   OpTic Gaming FlamesworDMaNiaCNadedAceCloud
4th -   Enigma6 Group Hukebubu dubuCratosShooter


  Round 1 Round 2 Grand Final
Winner's bracket
    EG 3
    nV 2
    EG 4
    OpTic 0
    OpTic 3
    E6 1
    EG 4
    nV 2
Loser's bracket
    OpTic 0
    nV 3
    nV 4
    E6 1





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