HCS Invitational/Rivals Showdown

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HCS Invitational
League Information
Organizer: Halo Championship Series
Event Type: Offline
Game: Template:Halo
Format: FFA
Prize pool: $5,000
Start Date: 2019-3-15
End Date: 2019-3-17


This is the 2019 HCS Invitational Rivals Showdown event, that takes place at The HCS Invitational event. The event covers the long rivalry between Snip3down and [[Lethul. They dominated tournaments and won many championships together. This came to an abrupt halt when Lethul decided to leave to join Counter Logic Gaming. Since then, a rivalry like we haven’t seen before in Halo esports sprouted, and the two have competed against each other in many championship grand finals matches. They will once again face off at the HCS invitational.


They will need to choose teammates to battle across the whole Halo franchise. Nobody will know what game and modes will be played, as that will be determined by the casters who will be spinning a wheel to determine the team size, mode and game to play on.