HCS Invitational/2v2

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HCS Invitational
League Information
Organizer: Halo Championship Series
Event Type: Offline
Game: Template:Halo
Format: FFA
Prize pool: $5,000
Start Date: 2019-3-15
End Date: 2019-3-17


This is the 2019 HCS Invitational 2v2 event, that takes place at The HCS Invitational event. There are two Microsoft Store 2v2 tournaments in preparation for this event. One in January and one in February. Before players compete in these events, they will have the opportunity to watch an instructional video where one of the pro players teach them about competitive Halo 3 to help them improve their game. Dependent on store location will depend on who the pro is, for example, a store on the west coast, will have Str8 Sick etc. In order to make it to the HCS Invitational, a player must attend both tournaments on Jan 27th and Feb 24th, and make it past the first round. The event will be streamed live on 2v2.


North America is divided into four separate regions: West Coast, Central, North East and South East. Each region is represented by a pro-Halo 3 player.