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HCS Invitational

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4v4   FFA   2v2   Rivals Showdown   Big Team Battle Bonanza    

HCS Invitational
League Information
OrganizerHalo Championship Series
Event Typeoffline
Prize Pool$100,000
Start Date2019-3-15
End Date2019-3-17


The first Halo Championship Series event of 2019 will take place in Austin, Texas, from March 15th to 17th. It takes place at the SXSW (South by Southwest) festival. There will be a 4V4 6 team tournament featuring the top 6 teams in the UGC The Halo Classic. On top of this, there is also a Microsoft Store 2v2 Throwdown, An open FFA, a Rival Showdown between Lethul and Snip3down and a Big Team Battle Bonanza!.

Game Modes and Maps

Slayer 'Capture The Flag' King of the Hill Oddball
Amplified The Pit Construct Guardian
Contstruct Heretic
Heretic Narrows
The Pit Onslaught



$100,000 USD in prize money is divided among the teams as follows:

Place Prize (USD) Team
Gold.png 1st $40,000 REClogo std.png Team Reciprocity
Silver.png 2nd $20,000 TOXlogo std.png Tox Gaming
Bronze.png 3rd $15,000 Logo std2.png GMS
4th $10,000 SQlogo std.png Status Quo
5th-6th $7,500 LUXlogo std.png Lux Gaming
5th-6th $7,500 DNLlogo std.png Denial eSports




  Round 1     Semi-Finals     Finals     Grand Finals
      1 TOXlogo std.png TOX 3  
  4 LUXlogo std.png LUX 3     4 LUXlogo std.png LUX    
  5 SQlogo std.png sQ 1         1 TOXlogo std.png TOX 2  
      3 REClogo std.png REC 3    
    2 DNLlogo std.png DNL 0          
  3 REClogo std.png REC 3     3 REClogo std.png REC 3        
  6 Logo std2.png GMS 2         3 REClogo std.png REC 4 NA
      1 TOXlogo std.png TOX 1 NA
  2 DNLlogo std.png DNL 1        
  5 SQlogo std.png sQ 3         1 TOXlogo std.png TOX 3    
      5 SQlogo std.png sQ 0     6 Logo std2.png GMS 2  
      6 Logo std2.png GMS 3  
  4 LUXlogo std.png LUX 0    
  5 Logo std2.png GMS 3