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Team information
Location United States
Coaches Ryan "Towey" Towey
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Sponsor(s) eon (2011)
Twitter team_instinct
Created 2008
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Disbanded 2012
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Instinct is a former professional Halo team. Its most prominent members are founders, twin brothers and mainstay members Justin "Roy" and Jason "Lunchbox" Brown.


Halo 3

2008: Early Success

Instinct was formed at the beginning of the first MLG Halo 3 season by former 5K members Justin "Roy" Brown and Jason "Lunchbox" Brown, alongside former members of The Agency Cameron "Victory X" Thorlakson and Joseph "Mackeo" Reinhart. At their very first event, MLG Meadowlands, Instinct defeated reigning Halo champions Final Boss in the WB semifinals, but they faced off again in the LB finals, and Final Boss managed to come back and defeat Instinct, going on to win the event, while Instinct placed 3rd. After Meadowlands, Victory X was replaced by Eric "Snipedown" Wrona, and the team placed 2nd in San Diego. Victory X returned replacing Snipedown, and they repeated their 3rd placing in Orlando. The roster then underwent a major revision, with both Victory X and Mackeo leaving and being replaced by Dave "Walshy" Walsh of Final Boss fame, and Dmitriy "Soviet" Gulyan. This team picked up placings of 2nd and 5th in Toronto and Dallas, respectively, before placing 2nd at the Las Vegas National Championships, capping off a successful inaugural year for team Instinct with $104,000 in tournament winnings, five top 3 finishes and an average placing of 2.8.

2009: Neighbor's Tenure

2009 saw Instinct struggle to build on the momentum of their 2008 season. They kicked the year off by replacing Soviet with Mason "Neighbor" Cobb. The new squad took 2nd in Meadowlands, and 5th in Columbus. Walshy then left the team, and was replaced by Eric "GH057ayame" Hewitt for one event, Dallas, at which they placed 3rd. Justin "FearitSelf" Kats then joined for two events, garnering placings of 7th in Orlando and 4th at the Orlando National Championships. At the end of the year, an Instinct squad that saw Roy, Lunchbox and Neighbor struggle to find a consistent fourth member took home $55,000 in tournament winnings and an average placing of 4.2.

2010: Cloud and Elamite

2010 saw Instinct finally find a roster that gelled, replacing FearitSelf and Neighbor with Scottie "Cloud" Holste and Kyle "ElamiteWarrior" Elam. This roster had an immediate impact on the circuit, and Instinct won its first ever event in Orlando. They followed this up with a repeat performance in Columbus, defeating a newly formed Final Boss squad to win their second straight event. Unfortunately for Instinct, Final Boss picked up steam, and defeated Instinct in the finals in Raleigh. Instinct had a relatively disappointing showing in D.C., where they placed 6th, but they followed it up with 3rd at the Dallas National Championships, taking home $94,800 in tournament winnings and capping off Instinct's most successful year yet, placing-wise, with two event wins and an average placing of 2.6.

Halo Reach

2011-12: The "God Squad"

Instinct started a new year and a new Halo game with a new roster: Roy, Lunchbox, Tom "Tsquared" Taylor of Str8 Rippin fame and Anthony "Totz" Pennacchio. This roster would only last for one event, placing a disappointing 6th in Dallas. This lead to a team change that would shake MLG to its core, with Halo legend Tom "Ogre 2" Ryan (leaving Final Boss for the first time) and Halo 3 phenom Justin "iGotUrPistola" Deese leaving Final Boss, and joining Roy and Lunchbox to form a team that many fans referred to as "the God Squad". The team lived up to the hype, winning in Columbus, and dominating Anaheim without dropping a single game. At Raleigh, Instinct struggled early, nearly being defeated by Fnatic Classic before a thrilling comeback, and faced off in the finals against a newly formed Infamous team. Fans consider this series to be one of the most exciting and close matches of Halo: Reach, and Infamous took it in 10 games. Orlando was another disappointment for Instinct, with a placing of 5th, but they returned to form at the Providence National Championships, winning their first ever national championship. Instinct closed out 2011 with $158,800 in tournament winnings, three event wins and an average placing of 2.3, their most successful year by all standards.

The God Squad returned at the MLG Winter Championship 2012 in Columbus, the only MLG Halo: Reach event of 2012, placing 2nd, losing to a newly formed Status Quo lineup. After Halo: Reach was dropped from the MLG Pro Circuit, Instinct competed at a non-MLG event for the first time at AGL 2 Columbus, taking first place.

Halo 4

The God Squad stuck together for one Halo 4 event in 2012, the MLG Fall Championship in Dallas. They had a disappointing Top 12 finish.


Player Roster


ID Name Next Team
USA Roy Justin Brown Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin
USA Lunchbox Jason Brown EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses
USA iGotUrPistola Justin Deese Ambushlogo std.png Ambush
USA Ogre 2 Tom Ryan StKlogo std.png Shoot to Kill
USA Tsquared Tom Taylor Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin
USA Totz Anthony Pennacchio FBlogo std.png Final Boss
USA Cloud Scott Holste BtHlogo std.png Believe the Hype
USA ElamiteWarrior Kyle Elam Warriorslogo std.png Warriors
USA Neighbor Mason Cobb TDlogo std.png Triggers Down
USA FearItSelf Justin Kats FBlogo std.png Final Boss
USA GH057ayame Eric Hewitt Classiclogo std.png Classic
USA Walshy Dave Walsh Carbonlogo std.png Carbon
USA Soviet Dmitriy Gulyan Carbonlogo std.png Carbon
USA Mackeo Joseph Reinhart TDlogo std.png Triggers Down
USA Victory X Cameron Thorlakson Classiclogo std.png Classic
USA Snipedown Eric Wrona TDlogo std.png Triggers Down


ID Name Position
USA Towey Ryan Towey Coach

Tournament History

End Date Game Place Prize Event Players (Coach)
November 2-4 2012 Halo 4 logo.png A99 - 12th MLG Fall Championship 2012 LunchboxRoyiGotUrPistolaOgre2Towey
October 5-7 2012 Halo reach logo.png A11st AGL 2 Columbus LunchboxRoyiGotUrPistolaOgre2
March 23-25 2012 Halo reach logo.png A22nd MLG Winter Championship 2012 LunchboxRoyiGotUrPistolaOgre2Towey
November 18-20th 2011 Halo reach logo.png A11st MLG Providence Championships 2011 LunchboxRoyiGotUrPistolaOgre2Towey
October 14-16th 2011 Halo reach logo.png A55th MLG Orlando 2011 LunchboxRoyiGotUrPistolaOgre2Towey
August 26-28th 2011 Halo reach logo.png A22nd MLG Raleigh 2011 LunchboxRoyiGotUrPistolaOgre2Towey
July 29-31st 2011 Halo reach logo.png A11st MLG Anaheim 2011 LunchboxRoyiGotUrPistolaOgre2Towey
June 3-5th 2011 Halo reach logo.png A11st MLG Columbus 2011 LunchboxRoyiGotUrPistolaOgre2Towey
April 1-3 2011 Halo reach logo.png A66th MLG Dallas 2011 LunchboxRoyTotzTsquaredTowey
November 5-7 2010 Halo 3 logo.png A33rd MLG Dallas Championships 2010 LunchboxRoyCloudElamiteWarriorTowey
October 15-17th 2010 Halo 3 logo.png A66th MLG D.C. 2010 LunchboxRoyCloudElamiteWarriorTowey
August 27-29th 2010 Halo 3 logo.png A22nd MLG Raleigh 2010 LunchboxRoyCloudElamiteWarriorTowey
June 4-6th 2010 Halo 3 logo.png A11st MLG Columbus 2010 LunchboxRoyCloudElamiteWarriorTowey
April 16-18th 2010 Halo 3 logo.png A11st MLG Orlando 2010 LunchboxRoyCloudElamiteWarriorTowey
January 8-10th 2010 Halo 3 logo.png A44th MLG Orlando Championships 2009 LunchboxRoyNeighborFearitSelf
November 6-8th 2009 Halo 3 logo.png A77th MLG Anaheim 2009 LunchboxRoyNeighborFearitSelf
August 28-30th 2009 Halo 3 logo.png A33rd MLG Dallas 2009 LunchboxRoyNeighborGH057ayame
June 5-7th 2009 Halo 3 logo.png A55th MLG Columbus 2009 LunchboxRoyWalshyNeighbor
April 3-5th 2009 Halo 3 logo.png A22nd MLG Meadowlands 2009 LunchboxRoyWalshyNeighbor
November 21-23rd 2008 Halo 3 logo.png A22nd MLG Las Vegas Championships 2008 LunchboxRoySovietWalshy
October 3-5th 2008 Halo 3 logo.png A66th MLG Dallas 2008 LunchboxRoySovietWalshy
August 22-24th 2008 Halo 3 logo.png A22nd MLG Toronto 2008 LunchboxRoySovietWalshy
July 11-13th 2008 Halo 3 logo.png A33rd MLG Orlando 2008 LunchboxMackeoRoyVictory X
June 13-15th 2008 Halo 3 logo.png A22nd MLG San Diego 2008 LunchboxMackeoRoySnipedown
April 11-13th 2008 Halo 3 logo.png A33rd MLG Meadowlands 2008 LunchboxMackeoRoyVictory X

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