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ESPD: Survivor 2 - Black Island

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ESPD: Survivor 2 - Black Island
League Information
Prize PoolTreasure Chest
Start Date2019-8-04
End DateTBD

The ESPD: Survivor 2 - Black Island event will be the ultimate challenge for survival and endurance. Based off of the popular TV Show "Survivor", the event will revolve around two tribes (a.k.a teams) facing off weekly in competitions, challenges and tasks. Winning tribe will be safe while the losing tribe will vote against two of their fellow tribe members. Those two with the most votes will be sent to Black Island to face off in an elimination duel, with the loser being knocked out and the winner returning to his/her tribe with the knowledge that they are being targeted. Eventually only one will be left standing as the ultimate survivor!

WARNING: If you are easily offended, get easily upset or are otherwise easily hurt by others' opinion, you should strongly consider not participating. This game will not be for the meek and the faint of heart. No mercy will be shown and you can be betrayed and stabbed in the back by any teammate you may have. The game may involve teamwork but the ultimate goal is to be the last one standing!


  • The format will be heavily based off of the Survivor TV Show
    • The players will all be split at the start into two tribes. The tribes will be lead by a captain.
    • The captain will serve as the person who has the final say when conflicts arise. They will also do their best to lead the tribe to victories.
    • The two tribes will each have their own "island" where they will be faced from time to time with challenges and puzzles that will gain them prizes or punishment.
    • Tribes will meet weekly to face off in competitions, challenges, tasks, etc. They can involve anything, from facing off in a video game, to trivia battles, puzzles and riddles, etc. The selected games/challenges will be carefully chosen and won't involve anything that requires a luxurious PC or any other big requirements.
    • Every competition or task will require different amounts of players. In some tasks it may be full tribe vs full tribe. While in other tasks it may be 2vs2. Tribes will be choosing who plays in which competition. Captains will have the final say if a tribe can't decide together.
    • The rules of Survivor state that during competitions the number of competitors must be equal on both teams. If one tribe has more players than the other, the captain of the tribe with less players will choose who to eliminate from the competition.
    • The tribe that wins a competition will be safe from elimination while the losing tribe will take part in a vote where they must vote against two of their tribe members who they want to see eliminated from Survivor. Each member can vote anonymously who they want to eliminate from the team. The two with the most votes will go to Black Island in order to fight for Survival.
    • Each tribe also has a special ability that is only known by the two tribe captains. They choose whether they want to share it with their tribe or use it at any point during Survivor.
    • Any additional rules will be explained by the "Hosts" during the course of the game when necessary.
    • Natsu and Gui are the Hosts and while they will participate as players and captains, they will also be responsible for organizing what activites and games are being played. Since they are on opposite teams, there won't be any trouble with bias or unfairness towards either tribe. If either of them is eliminated, they will still remain as hosts.


The grand prize for the winner is a treasure with hidden valuables within it:

Place Prize Winner
1st Treasure Chest TBD


A tribe that has no mercy and focuses on taking down its prey one by one, Naga is the home of those who are competitive and are determined to win, by any means and at any cost.
A symbol of protection and swiftness, Garuda houses those with the endurance and the resolve to overcome any ordeal. Any challenge is welcome by them as they are determined to survive.



Name: Germany Guilherme (Gui)
Occupation: Esportspedia Dictator
Age: 28
Advantage: Able to keep large groups of people united with the power of Socialism
Goal: Make Natsu wear a shoe on his head while proclaiming how mighty I am
Favorite game/activity: T-R-I-V-I-A
Tribe: Naga.png Captain


Name: Bulgaria Viktor (Natsu)
Occupation: ESPD Senior Wiki Manager
Age: 24
Advantage: North Korean knowledge.
Goal: Tilt Gui by having a member of my tribe win it all
Favorite game/activity: Teamfight Tactics
Tribe: Garuda.png Captain


Name: Canada Justin (Ja22)
Occupation: Student
Age: 16
Advantage: My competitive drive
Goal: To have fun and win
Favorite game/activity: Video Games and Sports
Tribe: Naga.png


Name: USA Randy (SenorPollo)
Occupation: Content Creator
Age: 22
Advantage: Meme Knowledge and Button Mashing
Goal: To beat Gui who defeated me in Trivia
Favorite game/activity: Kingdom Hearts and Rock Climbing
Tribe: Garuda.png


Name: Brazil David (Sombrax)
Occupation: Adman
Age: 31
Advantage: Can eat 2 whole pizzas in one sitting
Goal: Having fun and tilting people
Favorite game/activity: CS:GO
Tribe: Naga.png


Name: USA Jeremy (TheJackal)
Occupation: Senior ESPD Contributor
Age: 37
Advantage: Experience and desire to be #1
Goal: World domination and making adversaries cry
Favorite game/activity: Candyland and Hopscotch
Tribe: Garuda.png


Name: USA Ayrton
Occupation: Server/Interviewer
Age: 24
Advantage: Can drift a car
Goal: Become a notable Esports pundit
Favorite game/activity: Super Smash Bros. Melee
Tribe: Garuda.png


Name: Ashay (Bruc3vayne)
Occupation: Student
Age: N/A
Advantage: Average at most things
Goal: Win.
Favorite game/activity: League of Legends
Tribe: Garuda.png


Name: Luccas (Anion)
Occupation: Student
Age: 22
Advantage: Extremely competitive, even when I suck at something
Goal: Annihilate my opponents
Favorite game/activity: Pokémon
Tribe: Naga.png


Name: Czech Republic Anna (Choupinette)
Occupation: Contributor (ESPD-LoL)/ Communication Rogue
Age: 27
Advantage: I’m a jack of all trades!
Goal: Represent EU to the best of my ability
Favorite game/activity: Mass Effect, LoL/ cooking, workout
Tribe: Naga.png


Name: Canada Krystal
Occupation: Student
Age: 14
Advantage: Being available almost every day!
Goal: To win so I can redeem myself!
Favorite game/activity: League of legends, watching anime, eating
Tribe: Garuda.png


Name: Paulo (Kazmin)
Occupation: N/A
Age: N/A
Advantage: I know everything about emo. Bad pc btw.
Goal: Make my opponents cry.
Favorite game/activity: N/A
Tribe: Naga.png


Name: USA Adam (Cyrus)
Occupation: Self-hired Freelancing Entrepreneur, definitely not unemployed
Age: 19
Advantage: I've taken multiple online IQ tests, all confirming my hypothesis of being a genius with 145+ iq. I dont care what you say, they count.
Goal: I dont know, I didnt hink id make it this far.
Favorite game/activity: 2015 League of Legends
Tribe: Garuda.png


Name: Luis (Pkerrr)
Occupation: Marketing Coordinator at Esports Stadium Arlington
Age: 22
Advantage: Old School Runescape F2P Pking
Goal: To beat Guimmy
Favorite game/activity: Call of Duty
Tribe: Garuda.png


Name: (dirtymoney)
Occupation: N/A
Age: N/A
Advantage: Good teammate. Not good laptop. You do not want to test me.
Goal: Don’t let opponents win.
Favorite game/activity: N/A
Tribe: Naga.png


Name: USA John (JohnnyE)
Occupation: Teacher
Age: 25
Advantage: Organized
Goal: To be the best that no one ever was
Favorite game/activity: Apex Legends/Basektball
Tribe: Naga.png


  • The results are sorted top to bottom from least recent to most recent
Competition Results
Game Naga Garuda Winning Tribe
LoL TFT Germany Guilherme, Canada Justin, Brazil Paulo, Brazil Luccas USA Ayrton, Bulgaria Natsu, USA Adam, USA Jeremy, USA Ashay Naga.png 42-25 Garuda.png
Trivia Relay Series Germany Guilherme, Brazil Paulo, Czech Republic Anna USA Ayrton, Bulgaria Natsu, USA Ashay, USA Luis, USA Randy Naga.png 2-3 Garuda.png
Tribe Meeting Results
Tribe Voted Out
Garuda.png USA Jeremy (5), USA Ashay (4), Canada Krystal (4)
Naga.png USA Dirtymoney (4), USA John (4)
Black Island Results
Tribe Eliminated / Survivors
Garuda.png USA Jeremy / USA Ashay & Canada Krystal
Naga.png USA John / USA Dirtymoney