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Dreamhack Atlanta 2017

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Dreamhack Atlanta
League Information
Event Typeonline
Prize Pool$200,000
Start Date2017-7-21
End Date2017-7-23



The tournament is played in a 4v4 double elimination bracket consisting of 16 teams.

Game type/maps

  • Capture the Flag - Coliseum, Fathom, Truth
  • Strongholds - Eden, Empire, Plaza, The Rig
  • Slayer - Coliseum, Eden, Plaza, Regret, The Rig, Truth

Prize Pool

A total of $200,000 USD will be awarded.

Place Prize (USD) Team
Gold.png 1st $60,000 SPYlogo std.png Splyce
Silver.png 2nd $40,000 OpTiclogo std.png OpTic Gaming
Bronze.png 3rd $25,000 NVlogo std.png Team EnVyUs
4th 15,000 TLlogo std.png Team Liquid
5th/6th 10,000 EGlogo std.png Evil Geniuses
Logo std2.png ERa Eternity
7th/8th 7,000 LGlogo std.png Luminosity Gaming
Logo std2.png Ronin Esports
9th/12th 4,500 Infslogo std.png Team infused
O2logo std.png Oxygen Supremacy
Logo std2.png Invictus
TGClogo std.png Gosu Crew
13th/16th 2,000 Sylogo std.png Supremacy
Vexlogo std.png Vexed Gaming
Str8logo std.png Str8 Rippin
Wiselogo std.png Wise Gaming


Winners Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3
  OpTiclogo std.png OpTic 3
  TGClogo std.png TGC 0
  OpTiclogo std.png OpTic 3
  Logo std2.png Invictus 0
  Logo std2.png Invictus 3
  Sylogo std.png Sy 1
  OpTiclogo std.png OpTic 3
  NVlogo std.png nV 0
  NVlogo std.png nV 3
  Str8logo std.png Str8 0
  NVlogo std.png nV 3
  O2logo std.png O2 0
  EGlogo std.png EG 2
  O2logo std.png O2 3
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 3
  Logo std2.png ERa Eternity 0
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 3
  Infslogo std.png infs 0
  Infslogo std.png infs 3
  Vexlogo std.png Vex 0
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 3
  TLlogo std.png TL 2
  TLlogo std.png TL 3
  Wiselogo std.png Wise 0
  TLlogo std.png TL 3
  LGlogo std.png LG 0
  LGlogo std.png LG 3
  Logo std2.png Ronin eSports 1

Losers Bracket

  Round 1 Round 2 Round 3 Round 4
  LGlogo std.png LG 3
  TGClogo std.png TGC 3
  TGClogo std.png TGC 0   NVlogo std.png nV 3
  Sylogo std.png Sy 1   LGlogo std.png LG 2
  EGlogo std.png EG 0
  EGlogo std.png EG 3
  Logo std2.png Infused Gaming 0
  Str8logo std.png Str8 1
  EGlogo std.png EG 3
  EGlogo std.png EG 3
  O2logo std.png O2 2
  Logo std2.png Era Eternity 3
  Logo std2.png Era Eternity 3   TLlogo std.png TL 3
  Vexlogo std.png Vex 0   Logo std2.png ERa Eternity 3
  Logo std2.png ERa Eternity 1
  Logo std2.png Ronin eSports 0
  Logo std2.png Invictus 0
  Wiselogo std.png Wise 0
  Logo std2.png Ronin eSports 3
  Logo std2.png Ronin eSports 3

Final Bracket

From Winners Bracket
Grand Final
  OpTiclogo std.png OpTic 1
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 4
  SPYlogo std.png SPY 4
  OpTiclogo std.png OpTic 2
  OpTiclogo std.png OpTic 4
From Losers Bracket
  NVlogo std.png nV 0
  NVlogo std.png nV 3
  TLlogo std.png TL 2