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bubu dubu
Bubu dubu HWC.jpg
Background Information
NameJesse Moeller
Country of BirthUSA United States
TeamFalling Esports
Social Media
Team History

Jesse "bubu dubu" Moeller is an American player for Falling Esports. He is most notable for his time with Nfinite, Lux Gaming, Excelerate Gaming, Splyce and Denial eSports.


Jesse Moeller is from Covington, Louisiana.

Halo 4

Bubu dubu first started attending LAND events during the Halo 4 season and he attended only two events, AGL 5 Nashville and RTX 2014. He played for Paragon and G4C Hydra, and he placed 9-12th and 13th-16 respectively.

Halo 5

Halo World Championship

The first live event bubu dubu played in on Halo 5: Guardians was Iron Games Daytona 2015, where he ended up placing 4th with Halo 5 up and comer, Commonly. He then competed in the Halo World Championship 2016 NA qualifiers with an assortment of teams. He eventually settled on the Disobey roster of ContrA, PreDevoNator, and Call of Duty star Huke. The team was then eventually acquired by Denial eSports because Huke had previously played for the organization in Call of Duty. Denial qualified for the NA Regional Finals. At Regionals, Denial upset 6th seeded, Team EnVyUs, 4th seeded Team Liquid and 1st seeded Team Allegiance, making it all the way to the finals before losing a 4-2 series to Counter Logic Gaming and finishing 2nd. This marked bubu dubu's and his teammates' first ever appearance in the grand finals of a major Halo event. During this tournament viewers in the Twitch chat started the saying "bubu take my dubu" and Denial qualified for Halo World Championship 2016 through their performance. Denial then advanced out of their pool in second after losing 0-3 to Team eLevate at the Halo World CHampionship 2016, but that didn't stop them as the beat Team Liquid 3-2 to advance to the semi-finals. They ultimately ended up losing 4-2 again to Counter Logic Gaming, so Denial placed 3-4 and each player ended up taking home $75,000.

Pro League

On April 10th, bubu dubu was released from Denial along with Huke. The next day, he and Huke joined Enigma6 alongside Cratos and Shooter. Like Denial, Huke had previously played for Enigma6 in Call of Duty, and it was this link which lead to the team joining the organization. Since they picked up Cratos, the team was invited to HCS Pro League Invitational 2016 where all four former members of Team Allegiance had to battle it out for the second qualifying spot in the Halo Championship Series Pro League 2016. E6 and bubu dubu then played OpTic Gaming and Cratos had to play his former teammate, Naded, first round. E6 lost 1-3 and then dropped down to the loser's bracket to play Team EnVyUs, who just got reverse swept by Evil Geniuses and was invited for having eL TowN on their team. Team EnVyUs ended up taking out E6 with a 3-1 victory sending bubu dubu home.


  • "BUBU TAKE MY DUBU" has become a popular meme in Twitch chats whenever his team plays on stream.
  • Bubu Dubu was one of the only players during the Halo World Championship to receive a chant.
  • After the Halo World Championship concluded, ContrA and PreDevoNatoR wanted to drop Huke and asked bubu dubu if he wanted to do that. However, StrongSide told him that his biggest regret in his career was releasing Walshy from Final Boss and because of this conversation bubu dubu left Denial eSports to team with Huke.

Team and Tournament History

Team Competition

Game End Date Event Place Team Prize Team Teammates (Coach)
Halo 5 logo.png May 8, 2016 HCS Pro League Summer Qualifier 2016 I1Q - E6logo std.png Enigma6 Group CratosHukeShooterShowtime
Halo 5 logo.png April 24, 2016 HCS Pro League Invitational 2016 A44th - E6logo std.png Enigma6 Group CratosHukeShooter
Halo 5 logo.png March 20, 2016 Halo World Championship 2016 A33 - 4th $250,000 DNLlogo std.png Denial eSports HukeContrAPreDevoNatoRElumnite
Halo 5 logo.png February 21, 2016 HWC NA Regional Finals 2016 A22nd $10,000 DNLlogo std.png Denial eSports HukeContrAPreDevoNatoRElumnite
Halo 5 logo.png November 1, 2015 Iron Games Daytona 2015 A44th - Logo std2.png The Aquarium Rob The TurtleCommonlyExemplify
Halo 4 logo.png July 6, 2014 RTX 2014 B313 - 16th - Logo std2.png G4C Hydra ExhvLeKrazyyyWinntuR
Halo 4 logo.png April 14, 2013 AGL 5 Nashville A99 - 12th - Logo std2.png Paragon SuspectorTragicRage

FFA/1v1 Competitions

Game End Date Event Place Prize
Halo 5 logo.png November 1, 2015 Iron Games Daytona 2015 A11st $700





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