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Background Information
NameAndy Dudynsky
Country of BirthUSA United States
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Team History

Andy "Bravo" Dudynsky is an eSports caster, member of 343 Industries and former coach. He is currently a member of the Halo Championship Series broadcast team. As a coach, he is well known for his time with teams such as Final Boss and Triggers Down.



Bravo got his start in the Halo scene as a coach, coaching teams such as Final Boss and Triggers Down in the MLG era. During his coaching career, Bravo occasionally had the opportunity to join the casters' booth for matches he was not taking part in, which is where he began to build his casting career.


Bravo became a full time caster near the end of Halo's MLG life, and casted events for organizations such as AGL. Alongside Goldenboy, Bravo is currently one of the premier casters in the Halo Championship Series, with Goldenboy and Bravo being the duo that casts the most important matches.



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