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Background Information
Name Thomas Babik
Country Germany Germany
Home State {{{state}}}
Birthday March 20, 1993
Region Europe
Team PENTA Sports
Xbox ID BlizZ H5
Alternate IDs
ESL [{{{esl}}} Profile]
Controller Setup {{{controller}}}
YouTube derblizzzz
Livestream Twitch
Beyond Profile {{{beyond}}}
Twitter @dzs_BlizZ
Team History
2013 - 2013 Logo std2.png SBB
2013 - 2015 Logo std2.png dzs
December 2015 - Present PENTAlogo std.png PENTA Sports
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Thomas "BlizZ" Babik is a player for PENTA Sports.


Thomas Babik was born on March 20, 1993. He currently resides in his hometown near Cologne, Germany.

Halo 4

BlizZ first played for team SBB alongside TriczR, Kiko and Voodoo in June 2013, in the Halo 4 tournament at KoTH CUP PRO by Ludus in Lannoy, France and ended up winning this tournament.

Halo 2: Anniversary

In 2014, BlizZ attended ESL Gamescom Showdown 2014 in Cologne, Germany as a member of dzs. He played alongside TriczR, Speed and Jobst. Their first match up in this 8-teams tournament was against Vibe. dzs managed to win the series 2-0 against Vibe. At the semi finals they met TCM. dzs lost a close Shrine TS game (46-50), went on losing the next game on zenith and finished 3rd/4th place. He also competed at Insomnia53 in Coventry, England with long-time teammate TriczR, Speed and Panic. BlizZ and his team finished 7th place.

BlizZ attended EGL Battle of Europe 2015 in London, England as a member of dzs. The team finished in the bottom two at the event, failing to earn the invite to the HCS Season 1 Finals.

Halo 5

BlizZ currently plays on PENTA Sports, the team which is notably the first to qualify for the Halo World Championship EMEA Regional Finals 2016.


  • Controller Settings: 5 sensitivity, no vibration, bumper jumper

Team and Tournament History

Game Event Place Team Teammates (Coach)
Halo 2a logo.png EGL Battle of Europe 2015 A44th Logo std2.png dzs GunnRKimboPanicWetTiger
Halo 2a logo.png Insomnia53 A77th Logo std2.png dzs TriczRSpeedPanic
Halo 2a logo.png ESL Gamescom Showdown 2014 A33 - 4th Logo std2.png dzs TriczRSpeedJobst
Halo 4 logo.png KoTH CUP PRO by Ludus 2013 A11st Logo std2.png SBB TriczRKikoVoodoo

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