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Background Information
NameMason Miller
Country of BirthUSA United States
TeamClown Fiesta
Social Media
Team History
Logo std2.png Mind Over Matter!!!20082008
Logo std2.png Emphasis20082008
Logo std2.png High Society20092009
ARlogo std.png AR20102010
Logo std2.png The Other Guys20102010
Logo std2.png Empire20102010
ARlogo std.png AR20112011
Ambushlogo std.png Ambush20112011
Logo std2.png Milk and Cookies20122012
Logo std2.png Slaughterhouse20122013
BtHlogo std.png BtH20132013
OpTiclogo std.png OpTicDec 2014Jan 2015
NBL Blogo std.png NBL BJan 2015Apr 2015
TLlogo std.png TLMay 2015Dec 2015
DTlogo std.png dTJan 2016Apr 2016
ELvlogo std.png eLvApr 2016May 2016
Logo std2.png Clown FiestaMay 2016Current

Mason "Aries" Miller is a player for Denial eSports. He is notable for his time on teams such as Noble Black and OpTic Gaming.


Halo 3

Aries began his professional career attending MLG Meadowlands 2008 as a member of Mind over Matter getting 28th with Fugo, Monster and Trojan.

He started to garner attention within the scene at the start of 2009 as a member of High Society. He attended MLG Meadowlands 2009 and earned an impressive 12th place finish. From there he left to join Active Rush and got top 12 in two events with the squad.

Halo: Reach

Aries would attend all 5 tournaments in 2011 while remaining a member of Active Rush. He would prove himself to be very consistent through the year, securing top 12 finishes at the first three events of the year and then managing to earn his first top 8 finish at MLG Columbus 2011 and concluding the year with a second top 8 placing at MLG Providence 2011.

Halo 2 Anniversary

HCS Season 1

At the start of HCS Season 1, Aries joined OpTic Gaming and attended Iron Games Columbus 2014 with Flamesword, Ace and Assault, placing 3rd. The squad returned at UGC St. Louis 2015, this time taking 4th place. Aries was then released from OpTic Gaming[1] and joined Noble Black. Alongside Arkanum, APG and Maniac, Aries placed a disappointing 9-12th at Gamers For Giving 2015, but Noble Black managed to hold onto the 8th seed for the season finals. At PAX East 2015, Aries and Noble Black turned heads, upsetting multiple teams in a huge Losers Bracket run that ended with them placing 3rd. All in all, Aries proved in Season 1 that he was good enough to play with the best.

HCS Season 2

Noble Black went through some changes in the off-season, with Maniac and APG leaving and being replaced by Ninja and Prototype. They finished 7th at Iron Games Atlanta 2015, losing to Velocity and Winterfox. On April 30th, after Noble picked up a new team, the organization confirmed the departure of Aries.[2] Aries then opted to stay with Ninja, and the duo recruited Shooter and Spartan. First competing as "The Other Guys", the team was quickly acquired by Team Liquid.[3] Aries and Team Liquid finished 7th at their first event together, HCS Indianapolis. They followed up with a top 8 finish at the HCS Season 2 Finals. Halo 2: Anniversary was somewhat of a breakout game for Aries, as he solidified his status as a top-tier player with high placings on a variety of teams.

Halo 5

During the offseason, Aries was dropped from Team Liquid as they built a new roster around Ninja. While not having a permanent team, Aries formed Daytona with APG, iTz So Frosty and Rabid for Iron Games Daytona 2015. They finished 1st, giving Aries his first notable tournament win. On January 12, 2016, Aries joined Dream Team alongside Prototype, TireIron and longtime teammate JessePeace. The team eventually qualified for the HWC 2016 NA Regional Finals as the 8th seed. In addition, the team was invited to the X Games Aspen 2016 invitational, where they placed top 8. At the NA Regionals, Dream Team finished top 16, failing to qualify for Halo World Championship 2016.


Team and Tournament History

Game Event Place Team Teammates (Coach)
Halo 3 logo.png UGC STL A22nd DNLlogo std.png Denial eSports Str8 SickSheleAries
Halo 5 logo.png HWC NA Regional Finals 2016 A99 - 16th DTlogo std.png Dream Team JessePeacePrototypeTireIron
Halo 5 logo.png X Games Aspen 2016 A55 - 8th DTlogo std.png Dream Team JessePeacePrototypeTireIron
Halo 5 logo.png Iron Games Daytona 2015 A11st Logo std2.png Daytona APGiTz So FrostyRabid
Halo 2a logo.png HCS Season 2 Finals A77 - 8th TLlogo std.png Team Liquid NinjaShooterSpartanElamite
Halo 2a logo.png HCS Indianapolis A77th TLlogo std.png Team Liquid NinjaShooterSpartanElamite
Halo 2a logo.png Iron Games Atlanta 2015 A77th NBL Blogo std.png Noble Black ArkanumNinjaPrototype
Halo 2a logo.png PAX East 2015 A33rd NBL Blogo std.png Noble Black ManiacAPGArkanumYosh
Halo 2a logo.png Gamers For Giving 2015 A99 - 12th NBL Blogo std.png Noble Black ManiacAPGArkanumYosh
Halo 2a logo.png UGC St. Louis 2015 A44th OpTiclogo std.png OpTic Gaming FlameswordAceAssaultElamite
Halo 2a logo.png Iron Games Columbus 2014 A33rd OpTiclogo std.png OpTic Gaming FlameswordAceAssaultElamite
Halo 4 logo.png UMG Chicago 2013 A55 - 6th BtHlogo std.png Furious Believe The Hype ManiacCloudLethul
Halo 4 logo.png AGL 7 Knoxville A55 - 6th Logo std2.png Slaughter House Best ManNeighborRegicide
Halo 4 logo.png AGL 5 Nashville B313 - 16th Logo std2.png Slaughter House FrostyRegicideStr8Sick
Halo 4 logo.png MLG Fall Championship 2012 33-48 Logo std2.png Slaughterhouse
Halo reach logo.png AGL 2 Columbus X? Logo std2.png Slaughterhouse FrostyRegicideThuggishKilla
Halo reach logo.png MLG Winter Championship 2012 65-96 Logo std2.png Milk and Cookies FrostyMilkRegicide
Halo reach logo.png MLG Providence Championships 2011 B111th ARlogo std.png Active Rush ElumniteFrostySneakEBeaver
Halo reach logo.png MLG Orlando 2011 A88th ARlogo std.png Active Rush ElumniteFrostySneakEBeaver
Halo reach logo.png MLG Raleigh 2011 B212th ARlogo std.png Active Rush FrostySKSneakEBeaver
Halo reach logo.png MLG Anaheim 2011 B212th ARlogo std.png TsB Active Rush BatmayneFrostySneakEBeaver
Halo reach logo.png MLG Columbus 2011 B010th ARlogo std.png vVv Active Rush FrostyIcevayneSneakEBeaver
Halo reach logo.png MLG Dallas 2011 C020th Ambushlogo std.png Ambush GuN_ShotInSaiyanMonster
Halo reach logo.png MLG Dallas 2010 B010th Logo std2.png Empire Jesse PeaceThrustZoo Wuu
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Washington, DC 2010 B313 - 16th Logo std2.png The Other Guys FugoJesse PeacePiggy
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Raleigh 2010 B212th Logo std2.png The Other Guys ArkanumJesse PeacePiggy
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Columbus 2010 B515th ARlogo std.png vVv Active Rush ArkanumIcevayneMimic
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Orlando 2010 B010th ARlogo std.png Active Rush FrostyIcevayneMimic
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Orlando 2009 C424th Logo std2.png Clarity CallMeGodJesse PeaceTuSs
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Columbus 2009 C020th Logo std2.png High Society APGMonsterTrip
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Meadowlands 2009 B212th Logo std2.png High Society APGDestinGregor
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Orlando 2008 C020th Logo std2.png Emphasis Ghost AttackSnakeBiteThrust
Halo 3 logo.png MLG Meadowlands 2008 C828th Logo std2.png Mind Over Matter!!! FugoMonsterTrojaNSD

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