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League Information
OrganizerAssociates of Gaming Professionals
Event TypeOffline
Prize Pool$9,000
Start Date2004-4-24
End Date2004-4-25

AGP 4 was the fourth event hosted by Associates of Gaming Professionals, taking place in Washington, D.C. from April 24-25, 2004. Halo: CE was played in 4v4 and FFA tournaments.


A notable aspect of AGP 4 is that it featured the return of Halo National Champion Darkman's flagship team, The Dream Team. With a revised roster of Darkman, Alex, Saiyan and Clockwork, the Dream Team took 1st place at the event, the last major success Darkman would see in Halo before his retirement.


  • Stage 1 - Free For All
    • Players from all teams are drawn randomly into heats, where final placement in FFA will yield points toward's player's team in the 4v4 portion of the event.
    • The final 8 players will battle it out in a single elimination 1v1 bracket.
  • Stage 2 - Pool Play
    • Teams are seeded randomly into round robin pool play.
  • Stage 3 - Bracket
    • Single Elimination bracket.


$9,000 USD in prize money was awarded between competitions.


Place Prize (USD) Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $4,000 Logo std2.png The Dream Team DarkmanAlexSaiyanClockwork
Silver.png 2nd $1,800 Logo std2.png Amazing Pickles AntiKillerNShizzZyos
SF.png3rd-4th $1,000 Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers CsquaredGintronKillerWalshy
Logo std2.png US BiggyScytheSlimTupac
5th-8th $400 Logo std2.png n.w.o PoLLo*SexyBeast*!S.y.C.o!VaPoRiZe
Logo std2.png PNV JMBLaughferPray4UStrangepurple
Logo std2.png YSG Dam!enNoOneCanSaveUNowOgre3Ryu
Logo std2.png GC-W CommandoDonnyLEGENDSPESH


Place Prize (USD) Player Team
Gold.png 1st $250 Walshy Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers
Silver.png 2nd $150 KillerN Logo std2.png Amazing Pickles
SF.png3rd-4th $100 Csquared Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers
Gintron Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers
5th-8th - Darkman Logo std2.png The Dream Team
Biggy Logo std2.png US
Scythe Logo std2.png US
Clockwork Logo std2.png The Dream Team



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