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League Information
OrganizerAssociates of Gaming Professionals
Event TypeOffline
Start Date2003-04-12
End Date2003-04-13

AGP 2 was the second event hosted by Associates of Gaming Professionals, taking place in Nashville, Tennessee from April 12-13, 2003. Halo: CE was played in 4v4 and FFA tournaments.


AGP 2 was the second major Halo 4v4 tournament, and as such, featured the first appearance of prominent Halo players including Walshy. Though Walshy's team did not perform well, he turned heads by making it to the finals in the FFA. It was also the first appearance of the revised lineup of The Dream Team, which was spawned from Darkman noticing the talents of Zyos at AGP 1 and recruiting him for a spot on the team. The new lineup took 1st at the event, setting off the first Halo dynasty. It also featured the first appearance of the Shoot to Kill (StK) clan at a Halo event, though lacking the Ogre twins who would make the name famous.


  • Stage 1 - Free For All
    • Players from all teams are drawn randomly into heats, where final placement in FFA will yield points toward's player's team in the 4v4 portion of the event.
    • The final 8 players will battle it out in a single elimination 1v1 bracket.
  • Stage 2 - Pool Play
    • Teams are seeded randomly into round robin pool play.
  • Stage 3 - Bracket
    • Single Elimination bracket.


$7,420 USD in prize money was awarded between competitions.


Place Prize (USD) Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $2,600 Logo std2.png The Dream Team DarkmanAlexMrShizzZyos
Silver.png 2nd $1,200 Logo std2.png LoRdZ EternalPray4USilenceWisdom
SF.png3rd-4th $800 Logo std2.png Arekqatal HammleIceColdInsomniacWeezy
StKlogo std.png Shoot to Kill BigSauceBreseCyraxStrangepurple
5th-8th $160 Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers ClockworkCorrosionLukDragoNSpear
Logo std2.png TMNT DonatelloLeonardoMichelangeloRaphael
Logo std2.png Mc MckickASSMcNUTT ALOTMcDoofusMcJSFWaGS
Logo std2.png ATL AnswerMezumayTekTruth


  • 31 teams that did not make it past pool play were put in a single elimination bracket for consolation prizes.
Place Prize Team
Gold.png 1st 4x Altec Lansing XA3021 Logo std2.png STD-A
Silver.png 2nd AGP Apparell, Case of Bawls Logo std2.png OSU
SF.png3rd-4th AGP Apparell Logo std2.png BOOM
Logo std2.png AT


Place Prize (USD) Player Team
Gold.png 1st $300 Darkman Logo std2.png The Dream Team
Silver.png 2nd $180 Clockwork Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers
SF.png3rd-4th $120 Corosion Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers
Shizz Logo std2.png The Dream Team
5th-8th $60 McNUTT ALOT Logo std2.png Mc
Weezy Logo std2.png Arekqatal
Walshy Logo std2.png GV
Answer Logo std2.png ATL


Stage 1

Round 5

Heat 1
Heat 2
Biff Nasty
Heat 3
Heat 4

Round 6

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Darkman W
  Darkman W
  Corosion W
  Darkman W
  MrShizz W
  Clockwork W
  Clockwork W

Stage 2

Pool 1
1. Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers 6-0
2. Logo std2.png 101st 4-2
3. Logo std2.png BOOM 2-4
Pool 2
1. Logo std2.png The Dream Team 6-0
2. Logo std2.png TFD 4-2
3. Logo std2.png AT 2-4
4. Logo std2.png SSF 0-6
Pool 3
1. Logo std2.png TRK 5-1
2. Logo std2.png TCT 4-2
3. Logo std2.png IMMT 3-3
4. Logo std2.png EP 0-6
Pool 4
1. Logo std2.png Arekqatal 6-0
2. Logo std2.png WAM 3-3
3. Logo std2.png STD-A 3-3
4. Logo std2.png STD-B 0-6
Pool 5
1. Logo std2.png THJ 6-0
2. Logo std2.png FAT 4-2
3. Logo std2.png BKNG 2-4
4. Logo std2.png KILL 0-6
Pool 6
1. Logo std2.png KK 5-1
2. Logo std2.png GST 5-1
3. Logo std2.png BDW 2-4
4. Logo std2.png UHH 0-6
Pool 7
1. Logo std2.png Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles 6-0
2. Logo std2.png HHH 4-2
3. Logo std2.png CS 2-4
4. Logo std2.png SACC 0-6
Pool 8
1. StKlogo std.png StK 6-0
2. Logo std2.png TRS 3-2
3. Logo std2.png HNB 2-3
4. Logo std2.png BE 0-6
Pool 9
1. Logo std2.png Mc 6-0
2. Logo std2.png GV 3-2
3. Logo std2.png OSU 2-3
4. Logo std2.png TAP 0-6
Pool 10
1. Logo std2.png BD 4-2
2. Logo std2.png GG 4-2
3. Logo std2.png BBB 3-3
4. Logo std2.png TFU2 1-5
Pool 11
1. Logo std2.png ATL 6-0
2. Rxlogo std.png Rx 4-2
3. Logo std2.png TGC 1-4
4. Logo std2.png TGF 0-5
Pool 12
1. Logo std2.png HAND 6-0
2. Logo std2.png MAD 4-2
3. Logo std2.png TC 1-4
4. Logo std2.png SJ 0-5
Pool 13
1. Logo std2.png DOA 6-0
2. Logo std2.png BT 4-2
3. Logo std2.png AAD 2-4
4. Logo std2.png TG 0-6
Pool 14
1. Logo std2.png SSDD 6-0
2. Logo std2.png DD 3-3
3. Logo std2.png TLBF 2-4
4. Logo std2.png SPRT 1-5
Pool 15
1. Logo std2.png LoRdZ 6-0
2. Logo std2.png S&A 4-2
3. Logo std2.png F4 2-4
4. Logo std2.png TPTB 0-6
Pool 16
1. Logo std2.png SC 5-1
2. Logo std2.png PCA 5-1
3. Logo std2.png TSOL 2-4
4. Logo std2.png TCV 0-6

Stage 3

  Round of 32 Round of 16 Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers W
  Logo std2.png DD
  Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers W
  Logo std2.png PCA
  Logo std2.png PCA W
  Logo std2.png GS
  Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers 2
  Logo std2.png LoRdZ 3
  Logo std2.png LoRdZ W
  Rxlogo std.png Rx
  Logo std2.png LoRdZ W
  Logo std2.png S&A
  Logo std2.png S&A
  Logo std2.png SSDD
  Logo std2.png LoRdZ W
  StKlogo std.png StK
  StKlogo std.png StK W
  Logo std2.png MAD
  StKlogo std.png StK W
  Logo std2.png THJ
  Logo std2.png TFD
  Logo std2.png THJ W
  StKlogo std.png StK W
  Logo std2.png TMNT
  Logo std2.png TRK
  Logo std2.png BT W
  Logo std2.png BT
  Logo std2.png TMNT W
  Logo std2.png TRS
  Logo std2.png TMNT W
  Logo std2.png LoRdZ 0
  Logo std2.png The Dream Team 3
  Logo std2.png Arekqatal
  Logo std2.png GV
  Logo std2.png Arekqatal W
  Logo std2.png KK
  Logo std2.png KK W
  Logo std2.png BD
  Logo std2.png Arekqatal W
  Logo std2.png Mc
  Logo std2.png HHH
  Logo std2.png DOA W
  Logo std2.png DOA
  Logo std2.png Mc W
  Logo std2.png TCT
  Logo std2.png Mc W
  Logo std2.png Arekqatal
  Logo std2.png The Dream Team W
  Logo std2.png 101st
  Logo std2.png ATL W
  Logo std2.png ATL W
  Logo std2.png HAND
  Logo std2.png HAND W
  Logo std2.png GG
  Logo std2.png ATL
  Logo std2.png The Dream Team W
  Logo std2.png FAT
  Logo std2.png SC W
  Logo std2.png SC
  Logo std2.png The Dream Team W
  Logo std2.png WAM
  Logo std2.png The Dream Team W


  • AGP 2 is Walshy's first major tournament appearance on record. Though his team lost in the first round, he made it to the final round of FFA.


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