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League Information
OrganizerAssociates of Gaming Professionals
Event TypeOffline
Prize Pool$4,420
Start Date2002-11-23
End Date2002-11-24

AGP 1 was the first major event hosted by the Associates of Gaming Professionals, taking place in Nashville, Tennessee from November 23-24, 2002. Halo: CE was played in 4v4 and FFA tournaments.


AGP 1 holds the distinction of being the first major 4v4 Halo tournament. As such, it featured the first appearance of some prominent names in competitive Halo: CE history, including Zyos, Shizz, Clockwork, Pray4U and Eternal. It was at this event that Darkman took notice of Zyos' individual skill in the FFA tournament, and recruited him for a spot on The Dream Team going forward, putting the pieces together for the first Halo dynasty.


  • Stage 1 - Free For All
    • Players from all teams are drawn randomly into heats, where final placement in FFA will yield points toward's player's team in the 4v4 portion of the event.
  • Stage 2 - Pool Play
    • Teams are seeded randomly into round robin pool play.
  • Stage 3 - Bracket
    • Single Elimination bracket. Top 4 ranked teams get a bye.


$4,420 USD in prize money was awarded between competitions.


Place Prize (USD) Team Roster
Gold.png 1st $2,220 Logo std2.png The Dream Team DarkmanChumppDagelShizznizz
Silver.png 2nd $1,000 Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers DragonClockworkLukCorosion
SF.png3rd-4th $600 Logo std2.png Arekqatal InsomniacCqaxIce ColdRo'sh
$600 Logo std2.png LoRdZ CrisisWisdomPrayEternal
5th-8th - Logo std2.png DFD MartyChrisBaijanHicks
- Logo std2.png Been Mawed BbowDolbexLarge UnitYour Mom
- Logo std2.png Bulldogs SimianCorwinAnakinPossumchode
- Logo std2.png Battle Frenzy MattdwallCpt KickassNighthawkZyos


Place Prize (USD) Player Team
Gold.png 1st $200 Darkman Logo std2.png The Dream Team
Silver.png 2nd $100 Zyos Logo std2.png Battle Frenzy
Bronze.png3rd $50 Death Logo std2.png Regulators
4th $50 Big Ol Cdub Logo std2.png 261
5th $50 Biff Nasty Logo std2.png Yeay Heads
6th $50 Pray Logo std2.png LoRdZ
7th $50 Wisdom Logo std2.png LoRdZ
8th $50 _ _ Logo std2.png Bunker Monkeys


Stage 1

Round 5

Heat 1
Big Ol Cdub
Heat 2
Biff Nasty
_ _


Place Player
1st Darkman
2nd Zyos
3rd Death
4th Big Ol Cdub
5th Biff Nasty
6th Pray
7th Wisdom
8th _ _

Stage 2

Pool A
1. Logo std2.png The Dream Team 8-0
2. Logo std2.png Regulators 5-3
3. Logo std2.png Inimicus 5-3
4. Logo std2.png Grunts 2-6
5. Logo std2.png Xbox Union 0-8
Pool B
1. Logo std2.png Lordz 7-1
2. Logo std2.png No Mercy 5-3
3. Logo std2.png Ghetto Smurfs 4-4
4. Logo std2.png No Mercy 4-4
5. Logo std2.png Process & Doo Rags 0-8
Pool C
1. Logo std2.png Yeay Heads 7-1
2. Logo std2.png GoD 7-1
3. Logo std2.png The Flaming Dills 4-4
4. Logo std2.png Our Gang 2-6
5. Logo std2.png The Shockers 0-8
Pool D
1. Logo std2.png Battle Frenzy 8-0
2. Logo std2.png Direct Deception 5-2
3. Logo std2.png Moose Knuckles 4-3
4. Logo std2.png Halo Hillbillies 0-8
5. Logo std2.png BRC 0-8
Pool E
1. Logo std2.png The Snizzlers 8-0
2. Logo std2.png The Reckoning 5-3
3. Logo std2.png Eva 5-3
4. Logo std2.png Foe Hammer 1-7
5. Logo std2.png Teddy Bears 0-8
Pool F
1. Logo std2.png DFD 7-1
2. Logo std2.png Panty Raiders 6-2
3. Logo std2.png 261 5-3
4. Logo std2.png Break Point 2-6
5. Logo std2.png Brothers in Arms 0-8
Pool G
1. Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers 7-0
2. Logo std2.png Team Block Buster 5-2
3. Logo std2.png Wetworks 5-3
4. Logo std2.png Wild Cards 2-6
5. Logo std2.png Zoso 0-8
Pool H
1. Logo std2.png Bulldogs 8-0
2. Logo std2.png Team Slayer 6-2
3. Logo std2.png Tuck Boyz 4-4
4. Logo std2.png Mjolnir 2-6
5. Logo std2.png FORFEIT 0-8
Pool I
1. Logo std2.png Arekqatal 8-0
2. Logo std2.png The Next Generation 6-2
3. Logo std2.png Bunker Monkeys 4-4
4. Logo std2.png Team Default 2-6
5. Logo std2.png Neon Hooligans 0-8
Pool J
1. Logo std2.png Been Mawed 8-0
2. Logo std2.png Loose Cannons 5-3
3. Logo std2.png 142MWL 4-4
4. Logo std2.png Ohio Stooges 3-5
5. Logo std2.png GS63 0-8

Stage 3

Phase 1

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Logo std2.png Arekqatal W
  Logo std2.png Loose Cannons
  Logo std2.png Arekqatal W
  Logo std2.png Team Slayer
  Logo std2.png Panty Raiders
  Logo std2.png Team Slayer W
  Logo std2.png Arekqatal Q
  Logo std2.png LoRdZ Q
  Logo std2.png The Next Generation
  Logo std2.png Yeay Heads W
  Logo std2.png Yeay Heads
  Logo std2.png LoRdZ W
  Logo std2.png Regulators
  Logo std2.png LoRdZ W
  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Logo std2.png No Mercyl
  Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers W
  Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers W
  Logo std2.png Team Block Buster
  Logo std2.png Team Block Buster
  Logo std2.png GoD W
  Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers Q
  Logo std2.png DFD Q
  Logo std2.png Direct Deception
  Logo std2.png DFD W
  Logo std2.png DFD W
  Logo std2.png The Snizzlers
  Logo std2.png The Reckoning
  Logo std2.png The Snizzlers W

Phase 2

  Quarterfinals Semifinals Finals
  Logo std2.png The Dream Team W
  Logo std2.png DFD
  Logo std2.png The Dream Team W
  Logo std2.png Arekqatal
  Logo std2.png Arekqatal W
  Logo std2.png Been Mawed
  Logo std2.png The Dream Team W
  Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers
  Logo std2.png Bulldogs
  Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers W
  Logo std2.png Psycho Soldiers W
  Logo std2.png LoRdZ
  Logo std2.png Battle Frenzy
  Logo std2.png LoRdZ W


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